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  1. I will have to try this, thanks for your suggestion!
  2. I have only ever had experience with Hard Chrome, this is the reason for this post. I have 2 Open 2011 guns, both have the same barrel (KKM) both have the same general round count, different builders, different style comps. Both guns were purchased new. Gun #1 was plated/coated with NP3 after approximately 2k rounds, (it was previously Cerakote), and it was built on an STI Slide/Frame. Gun #2 is DLC Coated from purchase and it is a CK Arms Thunder, CK Slide/Frame. Over the course of the last 2 years I have noticed that the gun that has the NP3 coating is significantly more accurate than the gun with the DLC coating as they get dry and dirty. Test 1 -Both guns started cleaned and lubed with “light” Oil only, both guns grouped 2~3” at 20 yards, (same ammo) both were alternately shot using the same method. Test 2 – Both guns were allowed to run without cleaning or lubing for a period of approximately 700+ rounds in 90+ degree weather. (Note: The DLC gun was significantly dry). Gun #1(NP3) still held sub 3” groups. Gun#2 (DLC) accuracy degraded and was averaging groups of 5~6”. I have repeated this test approximately 4 times over several months and have seen the same results. Questions: Does this make sense? Is the gun with NP3 just develop a tighter lockup after re-finishing from the Cerakote? Does DLC require more lube or “thicker” lube than other coatings? Is Gun#2 just bad? Thanks-
  3. Hi there, there are several pages of discussion for this topic already:
  4. I have mine installed in a Sig MPX with factory ambi-safety, it made the safety a bit stiff at first, but loosened up over time. You shouldn't need anti-walk pins, I'm curious as to why others feels they need to run them?
  5. Gen2 gun: 124g RN X-treme plated bullets @ 1.150
  6. That is not surprising, 9 of the top 10 golfers use Titleist its all about the balls
  7. Give it another year...
  8. Boom...9mm surpasses 38 Supercomp
  9. Im using the #12 Plain toggle spring which produces the "Light Trigger Weight", and it's breaking right at 2lbs on my scale, the G-SSA was breaking at just over 2.5lbs.
  10. THIS: +2
  11. Yeah, I ran it with the shoe (but it's not red) I have the ECL model And I'm running the light springs...
  12. Just switched to the 24C this week, shot it for the first time this weekend at a local match, 2nd overall and 1st PCC very happy so far with the trigger, insane splits with it!
  13. PD 124’s JHP are $89/k if you buy 2k or more PD 115’s JHP are $85/k if you buy 2k or more EA 115’s JHP are $87.25/k if you buy 4k and Yes, Im assuming the better accuracy may be due to your rule of thumb principle/
  14. And then there is the 1 4 7 enigma, Mr Muneki Samejima seems to think this is the way to go for 9mm Open
  15. I load 9mm major- I loaded extreme 125g heavy plated for a long time, those are just BAD in my gun's, I could never get them to run accurately, so I switched to the MG 124g JHP until 2011BLDR suggested the MG 125g SIG bullet, the round nose profile seems more conducive to better feeding. I ran those for about a year, but I could never load them as "l o n g" as I would like for 9mm. In 2016 I switched to the Precision Delta JHP 124g bullets (as everyone else on here has). They are great with regards to reliability and can be loaded out to 1.175 in my KKM barrels without any issues. Recently I tried some Everglades V2 bullets (due to Gooldylocks harping about 'em) and they are very accurate in BOTH my open guns, I would say 10~15% more accurate than the Precision Delta's based on groups I shot at 25yards the very first time out. But that may be just my guns, my barrels, my powder my crimp etc etc...Also they are 115g and not the 124g that I normally run, this AT MAJOR may produce better accuracy? For now I am going to continue with the Everglades, assuming I can continue to get the same price as the PD, and see how they run for me over a few months’ worth of matches, we'll see...