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  1. PD 124’s JHP are $89/k if you buy 2k or more PD 115’s JHP are $85/k if you buy 2k or more EA 115’s JHP are $87.25/k if you buy 4k and Yes, Im assuming the better accuracy may be due to your rule of thumb principle/
  2. And then there is the 1 4 7 enigma, Mr Muneki Samejima seems to think this is the way to go for 9mm Open
  3. I load 9mm major- I loaded extreme 125g heavy plated for a long time, those are just BAD in my gun's, I could never get them to run accurately, so I switched to the MG 124g JHP until 2011BLDR suggested the MG 125g SIG bullet, the round nose profile seems more conducive to better feeding. I ran those for about a year, but I could never load them as "l o n g" as I would like for 9mm. In 2016 I switched to the Precision Delta JHP 124g bullets (as everyone else on here has). They are great with regards to reliability and can be loaded out to 1.175 in my KKM barrels without any issues. Recently I tried some Everglades V2 bullets (due to Gooldylocks harping about 'em) and they are very accurate in BOTH my open guns, I would say 10~15% more accurate than the Precision Delta's based on groups I shot at 25yards the very first time out. But that may be just my guns, my barrels, my powder my crimp etc etc...Also they are 115g and not the 124g that I normally run, this AT MAJOR may produce better accuracy? For now I am going to continue with the Everglades, assuming I can continue to get the same price as the PD, and see how they run for me over a few months’ worth of matches, we'll see...
  4. I have noticed the firing pin hole becoming deformed and burred to the point that the firing pin will not come out, Still running the GSSA, I cleaned and de-burred the hole, keeping fingers crossed while looking for to buy a 24c...
  5. I guess I was always assuming that the OP's question had to do with Rifle "type" mags for PCC like MPX/Scorp. But seriously, don't bother with reloads, they just slow ya down...
  6. With MPX, "beer can style" bullets facing down, but who needs to reload?
  7. I'm running the Geissele SSA, but I've seen more guys running the HF 24c at our big matches around the state, I will most likely switch to that if I start seeing any issues with the SSA.
  8. I run both springs right out the box all the time, no issues...
  9. I shoot range brass, but I go through it 100% to make sure it's not stepped brass, I have blown a few of those apart and it's not fun taking the ring out of the chamber. I don't check "headstamps" I just look at all my brass (inside) under a bright light and discard any of that stepped crap. I typically find 3 or 4 out of every 500 pieces. Also, I don't mark the brass, just shoot and release, I only pick up brass from practice session, typically I come back with more than I shoot...lol
  10. Same here, my CK Thunder is about a year and a half old. Im loading either Montana Gold or Precision Delta JHP at 1.160, very accurate, no issues. The HARD plated Extreme RN are just not accurate, it's not worth the $5~$8 savings in price per thousand. As for powders, I use SIL, AutoComp, HS-6 and 3n37 in order of preference. Haven't tried the CFE Pistol yet because I have tons of the others, and they seem to work great for me as well as other 9major guys.
  11. I saw as many MPX's as AR platforms at the Area2 Desert classic this month, and I saw or heard of no reliability issues with the MPX's although all of the folks we spoke to were running Gen2 guns with Gen2 mags. My buddy shoots an MPX Gen2 with Gen2 mags, he runs whatever factory stuff he can buy cheaply and has never had a malfunction @1k plus rounds in matches. I just purchased a used MPX Gen2 (the previous owner was having issues trying to run Gen1 mags) and have had zero issues, again using Gen2 mags. Im loading 147 and 125 gr round nose at around 150~155 power factor, 400 rounds only so far, but no issues, using 3n37 with no port modding.
  12. Very light and clean looking setup for your MPX, have you weight it? I'm curious....