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  1. Anyone have experience with the EGW Para magwell?
  2. I bought a single stage press, Bulge Buster, and the Lee 9x18 FCD and since I started using it I have very little if any rounds that won't chamber check. It adds an additional step but for me it was well worth it. Also, like the above post it makes resizing on the press easier so another plus.
  3. I use Bayou's 147 FP and I load them to 1.130 out of my M&P CORE. Great bullet...
  4. This is what I do also.
  5. I'm currently using WST for 124's and N320 for 147's.
  6. OK, so I tried these in the Springfield RO and I didn't like it. The slide felt sluggish so I'll probably go with 124's.
  7. Thanks!!!
  8. I also tried RSC in 9mm with 147 Bayou's and got wild SD's & ES's so I went with N320 for the 147's in my M&P Pro 9. You guys that tried it in .40 mind sharing your starting loads?
  9. This load chrono'd at136-138 PF out of my M&P Pro
  10. Bayou 147's over 3.6 of N320 @ 1.130. Great load in my M&P Pro9. I got a Springfield Range Office in 9mm that I'm getting ready to try these in.
  11. This thread is exactly why I've joined this site! Excellent post and just the push I need to get started in competition shooting. Thanks!