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  1. I am being fussy. I've only got one mag so far that lets the round out enough to cause problems. With 2011's & Dawson tuning specs I just got into the habit of getting the feed lips blueprinted to spec once a year. With 75 mags probably much more something I prefer to do than something that needs done.
  2. 2 clubs do idpa in Eville, Riley in Terra Haute does great USPSA matches, else the pickings are slim unless you head further east. Orpci.org would likely be about a 2 hour drive for you which you might find reasonable.
  3. Thanks both. Just to be certain, if you can open/close the door/port without interfering with other competitors then it is aok? Leaving them open is just a matter of courtesy or time efficiency (or because nobody cares) ?
  4. Not sure if a door or port that does not work as an activator is considered to be a 'stage prop', or if practice opening them during a walk through would be considered 'altering'.
  5. This is an old and dead thread but I figured it was better to resurrect it than to start a new one. In any case, any recent experience with CZ 75 magazine tuning? Best specks for distance between feed lips, best methods, etc. ?
  6. I dunno, they are selling them as fast as they can make them & are giving priority to their more local market. Not the most convenient thing for USA but not such a bad looking business plan.
  7. I think you have a valid point on the not a super gun thing. There are a lot of good arrows out there. I'm not sure about the trying them out part though. In this case (very good gun vs very good gun) how much can somebody actually tell without owning the gun for a while & seeing how things shake out after they adapt to it?
  8. Hard to sell any gun quick at msrp after you get the fanboy orders filled, and when you can get a stock 2 for $850-950. I think right now future supply is still a bit sketchy so folks are keeping prices up. If/when they get plentiful I think you will see them priced lower and moving faster.
  9. Could be that I am just being a sissy. That happens. Fiddled with mine today. Put in the DSPerman extra power spring & ground off the leaf for lefties. Was more of a pain in the butt than anticipated, the rod of the safety was wedged into the leaf on the right hand side of the gun, so the safety did not want to be pulled out & you needed 4 hands to tap the rod while holding everything else. Polished the rod-leaf contact surface smooth so that issue won't come back. Also found that the safety detent spring had been mangled at the factory, probably one reason my safety has always felt a bit mushy. Stock spring - mangled spring found - DSPerman. A
  10. That don't happen much
  11. Smart. Would be interesting to have 3, two of the same weight, and compare results.
  12. https://www.tintoyarcade.com/cowboy-strip-caps-208-shots?language=en&currency=USD&gclid=CKbGs_WRtNMCFQEPaQodIKUDWA Not recommended for major power factor.
  13. Not causing trouble, & I respect everyones right to follow their own path, but I personally would not make the alteration shown. If you are bumping the safety on my first option would be to install the DSPerman extra power safety springs, my second option would be to confirm that the problem can not be fixed with a simple change in grip and my third option would be to get the dremel out and modify the external leaves of the safety at the points where you are contacting it while shooting.
  14. There is likely much to that. Will give the S2 a fair chance & then follow suit & sell one or the other.