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  1. I think shooting 2011's might be where I started liking the feel of plastic triggers, so not replacing. If I was going to replace though, I would want to know that the metal trigger would not add enough weight so that the gun could fire if dropped. Probably not a problem, but something on that particular gun that I would want to think through.
  2. Working to get the mag release comfortable. This feels a lot better but it will take a range trip to know if it is enough. About 1/8"removed closest to grip.
  3. If in doubt I would pocket the $400 price difference .
  4. Sounds like there is a problem with the way the press is set up? I load 9mm also (cheap range brass) and have not noticed an annoying bump. Obviously you do not have to use a swager, I like it partially because it takes a bit more crud out of the primer pockets that does not end up dropping down into your primer slide. Not a big deal, I load Federals (soft) when I can find them, not certain if that is a factor in whether or not the swager is worthwhile.
  5. If I did not show up early at matches and figure out plans ahead of time I would be totally hosed. I do not think much about how other shooters run a stage until after I am done shooting, there are rare exceptions when somebody reveals an ah-ha.
  6. I know CZ-USA could not predict delivery previously, but perhaps they have a handle on how many have been delivered. Seem to be popping up at several places.
  7. http://www.dsperman.com/products/CZSpring/CZSpring.html I think some other folks carry them now too. Buy extra's, they fly well .
  8. Do the DSPerman stronger safety springs work in the TSO?
  9. Thanks!
  10. Now we are talking the same lingo . I do not do well with guns that have near zero take up/pre-travel. I suspect that when the adrenaline is flowing I tend to prep the trigger before aiming is complete. So that is what I was nosy about, take up distance.
  11. How short is the pre travel? Any concerns that you will let a shot go a smidge too soon now and then? That is the only thing I'm cautious about in regard to buying an S2, I like just a bit of pre-travel. Perhaps there is an easy way to add some pre-travel though? Really great photo!!
  12. Not sure if this will help. Am not one of the rotten and spoiled sob's that has a shadow 2 already, but maybe this will give you a flavor of how the TSO's compare to a traditional 75 (seems like everyone has shot a 75 at one time or another so I am making an assumption). Going back and forth shooting yesterday you definetly feel the higher grip with your hand seated into the TSO but it seems like it does not screw up your index. My 75 is actually wider, but that it only because of my choice of grips. Shadow 2 adjustable magazine release would definetly be better I think. Mine (TSO) is digging a tunnel in my left hand.
  13. Stock mag release is digging a hole under my thumb, so you have my curiosity peaked. Else, dremel.
  14. Well, yea, if I made NBA money.
  15. You guys already new you were right I expect, but it finally got warm & I shot the gun without end cap today & yes you were right. Do not understand it. If I had not cleaned the area and made sure it was tight before then it might make more sense to me. EDIT: forgot to add alecmc to the atta boy list. Thanks to all.