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  1. Spoken like someone in the gun sales business . Wonderful luxury though, nice to be able to test things like sights back to back and to have a workhorse dry fire practice gun & then a match gun. I attempt to get a lot more trigger pulls on the backup & when something breaks put a new part in the match gun and the match gun part in the backup.
  2. Got some free samples of the red at a match, tried it and liked it. When I replaced it I got the green because the store did not have the red. Based upon use with my guns (cz pistols mostly), the two oils are very different, one is red whereas the other is green. I will replace the green with either red or green depending on which is cheapest.
  3. I would have more money if people weren't so damned helpful with this type of information.
  4. Is that even possible?
  5. If legal that would be a way cool drool over IDPA gun (although it seems like those guys tend to drool regardless).
  6. Sure going to be a lot of nice guns for sale cheap when Troy retires . (All kidding aside, it would be very nice if we could persuade him to clarify the rules officially. Maybe if many folks keep asking.)
  7. OP Have you tried fiber from another batch? Side issues, forgot the link, but you can get 3 foot of fiber pretty cheap.
  8. "sight tracker" Not an insignificant detail when you are talking about heat transfer.
  9. Not sure that they would work well or be needed with guns that have longer slide to frame contact area??
  10. Thinking might have made you wonder if I was serious?
  11. T1 or T3 , or old style disco from cz custom, is more about what you prefer than what is best. I like a smidge of pre-travel and have both the T1 & CZC disco's, they work fine for me. Put a bushing in my S2 & it helped, but my most accurate CZ still has the oem bushing. I'd shoot the particular gun and then install the bushing if I was not entirely happy.
  12. +1 40 minor, 180 gr bayou & Clays is a really fun load.
  13. Wonder what he was compensating for?
  14. They will love you folks for stepping up and helping out. So much more fun to be one of three carded r.o.'s on a squad than to be that one person, with three it is like you get to enjoy being a shooter again.
  15. Old school , think I will do that and also double check using mm's machinist approach. Might as well order a spare bolo from Patriot defense . . . .