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  1. Your thread.
  2. At least now I know why you sometimes see r.o.'s hanging around public restrooms.
  3. Interesting, if the external surface of the slide gets hot enough to melt the sight after heat is conducted through the barrel and inner slide/frame (and while the slide is being cooled by contact with ambient air) I wonder what peak temperature the inner surface of the barrel reaches.
  4. Particularly when there are 20 stages, I assume.
  5. Have only used it on shooting glasses. Seemed fine.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/EK-10003C-Cat-Crap/dp/B002ZNA488 Sold at Walmart. No idea where they got the name.
  7. This explains some things.
  8. For what it is worth, a klutz like myself either needs to commit to a race holster or to a traditional style holster. The draw stroke you learn when using a race holster can make you end up with a dropped gun when you switch back to a holster that requires 'up - then forward'.
  9. Are the blue grip guns showing up anywhere?
  10. Don't know about Bucky. My task is to decide between S2 and CTS LSP, like the S2 grip but the LSP is a lean mean alpha machine. Decisions, decisions.
  11. This thread just got boring. Think I'll go see if I can revive the one about flip and catch.
  12. If it is a kid from the wife's first marriage then I could see that, especially if he is red headed.
  13. that still hurts
  14. Available.
  15. No, did not pester him about other guns or any other rumors of past history, he did volunteer the comment that CZ USA is being honest in regard to the question at hand. In my opinion, high marks for CZ USA, would much rather buy from a honest outfit even if that means a bit of a delay.