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  1. Hand loads. Fed primers.
  2. No, the inside part that falls into the catch on the magazine.
  3. 8.5 CGW hammer spring / 11 CGW recoil spring / CGW TRS / CGW ultralight kit. With the help of a friend, a little grinding on the mag catch. My next modification will be a few cases of Bayous. This gun is a pleasure to shoot.
  4. LOK palm swells for the old timey SP01 were an easy fix.
  5. ^^ you forgot to amortize the cost of the 1050. 20k rounds to break even (vs 115 Tula) But yes, cost isn't the driving factor for most of us. Availability and better quality ammo is the ticket.
  6. .245 works for me with 147s. Confirmed yesterday. What is the height of your current set-up?
  7. H110 was an absolute mess until I switched from the small to large powder bar. Appears reasonably accurate now and with significantly less spillage. Titegroup and Bullseye are the other powders I use. They meter very well.
  8. Same. Just got back from chrono. 16.6 H110 under 158 XTP gave 1200 but 16.2 grouped and "felt" better. Blue Dot meter alright? H110 was a mess in the Dillon.
  9. This. Back when I bought 1 pounders id mix the last of one bottle with the next bottle. I chrono'd after each new bottle and not experienced any deviation at the chrono.
  10. Not a straight wadcutte but I recently got a .38 and can't stop shooting SWCs. 158 gr SWC (Bayou) over 3.5 Titegroup. ~1.5" rested at 15 yards out of a 4" 686. Titegroup runs like water through the 550. Accurate and super soft. Doesn't make PF but that's not what I use it for.
  11. I have the Talon rubber and Dawson grip tape. I prefer the Dawson. You can also make your own very easily with a roll of Jessup skate tape and an exacto knife.
  12. I load mine at 3.3 and 1.135 and they will one hole the target.what gun? I used a G34 and tested at 15 yards. Crimp wasn't an issue. No marks on pulled bullets and no key holing. Accuracy was ok but wasn't better than jacketed.
  13. Ever had a 9mm separate or rupture?
  14. Is there a way to remove the trigger bar? I don't see any pins to push and replacements are sold as a combined (trigger and trigger bar) unit. I have a third party trigger bar and trigger. The trigger bar is highly polished, better than I could polish myself. The plastic trigger is now cracked and should be replaced. Is there a way I can swap a new plastic trigger with the existing bar? New triggers/trigger bars are cheap ($14) and I don't see triggers sold separately.
  15. I finally got a round to shooting a few of these. 1.135 at 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 (129 PF). 3.2 was the most accurate but it wasn't anything to spectacular. I'll probably use these for plinking and use MGs for matches.