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  1. where do you think the term power factor came from? the bench
  2. how is that creepy? a lot of restaurants have bathroom attendants! I am willing to tip accordingly! I feel, as long as we don't make eye contact in the port-potty then it is ok! the bench
  3. I agree..i switch back in forth...recently had a bicep reattached at the shoulder...It still hurts and fatigues and I have to switch to the bearable position mid match/range visit. the problem is that the bearable position switches on me the bench
  4. can I have an RO enter the port-o-potty with me to hold the weapon if I request it? that could really save me some time and hassle! the bench
  5. they are both pretty much just happens to be a little easier to reload and ejects its own shells lol the bench
  6. believe whatever you want...but power factor is holding the uspsa back. of course they conformed to major! what choice do you have? the reasoning behind major is even a joke "bigger holes means bleed out faster" if its so practical then why have major in open division? please tell me how all these open division handguns that cant even be traditionally holstered are practical? its a complete joke...and it always will just happens to be accepted by most. the bench
  7. I did single stack a couple of times just for the hell of it...had a blast! I personally would never invest money in it, but it is fun to dust off the grandpa guns every once in a while. there is nothing wrong with single stack at all...I just prefer to focus on other divisions. the bench
  8. I don't even know anymore...I see straight arm guys rocking the hell out of it..then I see bent arm guys like frank proctor killing it....whatever you prefer, just practice it a lot the bench
  9. that's the easiest and fastest part! lol the bench
  10. yup...its damn sure not rewarding the best shooters....which I thought was the point of the game.. the bench
  11. and the problem is? there is not a single reason to have a major power factor except for people crying about how the 40 and 45 have too much recoil a long time ago....its a joke to the sport and a huge turn-off to potential sport participants. the only reason I am even returning to USPSA is for carry optics...and the second it becomes a power factor division I am gone...
  12. I wish it would! its the biggest turn-off to the sport. major power factor is a complete joke. its like giving participation trophies..just completely wrong. if you cannot handle your 40 well enough to hit A zones, you need to pack up and go home or switch to something you can handle instead of punishing shooters of the most common handgun round in the world. the bench
  13. You know...the market has come a long way since this thread was made. what are you guys rocking now? the bench
  14. tequila is a drunk white girl drink.....I expected better from you... the bench