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  1. You might want to look at the new Remington V 3 when it comes out. Same gas system as the Versa but 3" chamber and about 1# lighter. Recoil springs are in the action, so no worries about cutting the stock.
  2. With all due respect, what does "Performance Center" mean if it's not about performance? I had four stock 625's that took a LOT less work to get to run right than did the PC 627 38 super I had. S&W is charging extra for the PC stuff, I just wish I could see what the extra gets you.
  3. Yeah, I had 2 of these. When the first one started short cycling with the gas block fully open, I called J P and told them of the problem. The guy I talked to asked how many rounds thru it? I told him max 3 K and he told me that's all I could expect out of them!! Looking at the last one now, which I know has less than 2 K thru it before it died ,and the black coating is gone for about 1/4 " on the upper receiver contact points at the forward end under the key. These always were run WET. Running the SS lo mass now. Would try the new one but would like to know the expected round count life if properly lubed.
  4. Just got and returned one. I could not get a clear focus and the brownish tint was very distracting, it was like looking through a pair of glasses with one clear and one tinted lens. I really wanted to like this scope but compared to my Burris tac 30's (3) it didn't cut it.
  5. how many entries in this years event. Can't find results on the net, do you have a link? Thanks
  6. The Versa max will run Very light loads after break in. I am loading 15 gr PB with 1 oz 7.5 shot that chronos at 735 fps. Runs the gun great and I have had no problems with steel including texas star and spinners. Apparently the lower velocity patterns tighter as I am getting approx 12 " patterns at 20 yards w/ IC choke. Spreaders are about 20 " at that distance.
  7. It could be that ammo. I have never shot them as I reload but my reloads are VERY light (725 fps/ 1.1/6 oz) and I don't have a ejection problem. A friend shoots the Win feather lite ammo @ 950 fps that is advertised not to cycle semi auto and has no problems.
  8. We here in northern Indiana are fortunate to have a 4 club 14 match multi gun series this year with a high 16 shootoff at the last match. I have shot USPSA for years but 3 gun is definately my go to match if there is a schedule conflict. I love the challenge of being proficiant in all 3 guns and agree with Cha-Lee as to "generalist" vs "specialists". The prize table thing means nothing to me. I can afford to buy/shoot what I want and grateful that I can compete without embarassing myself at my age.
  9. About 2 K through mine and it will run anything! I tried the Win AA12fl featherlite's that Win does not recommend in semi's. They chrono at 960 fps thru my 26" My reloads are under 750 fps with no function problem.
  10. I reload and have had the occasional Rem gun club case lose it's case head at the prime/powder drop stage on my Dillon 900. Only the nickle case head, never the brass. Going to recycle.
  11. As fast as I could . And , no, I'm not Jerry M. i will have to do it on a timer to see what splits I got. Some may be ,but I'm not faster than this gun. I did a couple of 8 shot runs today and my splits averaged .18. Thats as fast as I can get this trigger finger to go. Need more practice!
  12. As fast as I could . And , no, I'm not Jerry M. i will have to do it on a timer to see what splits I got. Some may be ,but I'm not faster than this gun.
  13. Whatever floats your boat. I'd rather buy more boolits.
  14. My Versa has the stock bolt with about 2 k through it. In an effort to see just how low a velocity load it will shoot reliably, I just ran 50 15.0 gr PB 1 1/16 oz loads. These chronoed at 728 fps and and ejected cases 4 to 5 feet. I still haven't found that limit. Can't see the benefit of lightening.
  15. PM me if you need some.