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  1. On my Mark III the biggest changes that improved reliability were 1) removing the LCI (just left it out); and 2) replacing the extractor. After doing those 2 things - and staying with ammo that I know will work well - I have 100% confidence in the gun for steel challenge. BTW - I shoot CCI standard velocity and Federal Automatch almost exclusively due to reliability and availability.
  2. When I use the Microsoft Edge browser I can't enter anything into the text section on either post replies or new posts. It does allow me to enter tags & titles. Any ideas (other than using a different browser) ? Not only is it the default browser for Windows 10 but other than this problem on this site it works better than Internet Explorer. Thanks in advance.
  3. +1 on Beef15's advice to push the handle all the way forward. Only time I ever have a problem with primer seating is if the shell plate has loosened up. I have loaded over 30k rounds of pistol and a few k of rifle on my LNL.
  4. The action target store (formally LE Targets - ) has paper versions that are as low as $0.22 in bulk.
  5. I usually stock up based upon whichever component gets changed. For example, I have a case of 9mm bullets coming in and will load about a 100 with my existing powder & primer batches and if all is well will go on to load the other 3,500 from that order or until I have to start with a new batch of primers or powders. This reduces the possibility of introducing an unexpected problem due to a component change.
  6. I run these exclusively in 9 & 45 and load with an LNL - no problems. Only residue is in the bullet collator drum but that wipes off easily and hasn't caused any problems for me.
  7. I use old Tupperware containers (for shoes) for sorted, dirty brass and gallon ziplock plastic bags for clean, ready-to-load brass.
  8. Sent them an e-mail last week with a question and received a response within 24 hrs. I've always communicated with them via e-mail without a problem....never tried calling them.
  9. The blue comes off of your fingers quite easily - I just use a paper towel and some hand cleaner/goop and it comes right off. I doubt it is any more toxic than any other coating and would always clean my hands before touching my eyes, eating, etc. while loading. As an FYI - I notice less of an odor when shooting indoors with the Blues than with some of the other coated bullets.
  10. I like and shoot the Blue Bullets. My preferences are 125gr in 9mm and 230gr in 45acp. I shoot the 9's in both my Glock 17 and my 1911. Haven't had any problems whatsoever with leading or fouling. I will typically go about 500 rounds before performing a field strip (1911 or Glock) with only adding lube (1911) every couple of hundred rounds. No lube and the Blue's have no lube groove.
  11. I like RNFP in 230gr. I know you don't care about the brand but as an FYI the ones I use are the Blue Bullets.
  12. I agree - one of the better zombie movies out there; even if it made me "work" by reading the subtitles.
  13. For 9 & 45 I usually reload 750-1,000 in a session and will normally do 2 sessions (different days) in a week before cleaning the press and changing calibers. That gives me about 2 months worth of inventory for 9 or 45. Other calibers I usually only do about 500 at a time only because I don't have enough brass to do more and don't shoot the others - 38, 357, 44, 308, 30-06 - as much. FYI - this is on a Hornady LNL AP. BTW - I always like to have at least 1 months' worth of ammo in each caliber already loaded so that if life gets in the way I can still go to the range.