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  1. Wilson Combat AR9, 16" barrel. 2.5gn N310 147gn Blue Bullet @ 1.140 132pf. Soft and quiet, shoots like a 22.
  2. It sounds like you do not have enough bolt travel and the trigger is not resetting. Check your tube and make sure that there is not a rubber bumper in the bottom.
  3. I run 147gn Blues in my 16" PCC. 147gn 2.5gn N310 @ 1.140 132pf 900fps. Why are running yours at 1200fps?
  4. How long is your barrel? with a 16" barrel you will need to cut your pistol load by .5gn from what you use in a pistol. A load that is 130pf in a 5" pistol will be 150pf in your 16" carbine.
  5. 8lb
  6. You want clean. try 2.5gn of N310 with a 147gn Blue Bullet 132pf Very clean and soft shooting.
  7. What is your crimp?
  8. Then try being the first shooter for every stage the next 2-3 matches you shoot. It's just like dry fire practice the more you do it the better you will be.
  9. yes Forget about the Co Witness sights, they will just slow you down.
  10. You need to practice your draw 15-20 min a day , draw and find the dot, re holster and repeat... for 3-4 weeks. then practice transitions.
  11. extractor pin was not milled on the Accu-Shadow milled by CZC, or the 85Combat milled by Springer Precision.
  12. In my Accu-Shadow I use 125gn Blue Bullets, 3.8gn N320 @ 1.110 130pf
  13. In my CZ Accu-Shadow I use 115gn Blue Bullets, 3.2gn N310 @ 1.130 114pf
  14. They are both cut 0.250" deep. CZC has the best cut as it is a Multi Optic Sight Cut. you can mount, Leupold Delta Piont, Leupold Delta Piont Pro, C-More STS, C-More RTS II, C-More STS II, Vortex Razor, Burris FastFire 2 & 3, Docter, Vortex Venom.