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  1. Then try being the first shooter for every stage the next 2-3 matches you shoot. It's just like dry fire practice the more you do it the better you will be.
  2. yes Forget about the Co Witness sights, they will just slow you down.
  3. You need to practice your draw 15-20 min a day , draw and find the dot, re holster and repeat... for 3-4 weeks. then practice transitions.
  4. extractor pin was not milled on the Accu-Shadow milled by CZC, or the 85Combat milled by Springer Precision.
  5. In my Accu-Shadow I use 125gn Blue Bullets, 3.8gn N320 @ 1.110 130pf
  6. In my CZ Accu-Shadow I use 115gn Blue Bullets, 3.2gn N310 @ 1.130 114pf
  7. They are both cut 0.250" deep. CZC has the best cut as it is a Multi Optic Sight Cut. you can mount, Leupold Delta Piont, Leupold Delta Piont Pro, C-More STS, C-More RTS II, C-More STS II, Vortex Razor, Burris FastFire 2 & 3, Docter, Vortex Venom.
  8. CZ-USA posted it on their FB page
  9. They will start shipping in late April
  10. check the edited post
  11. It's an opinion about the definition about port arms and a statement about rules some ranges have. From best practices: Start Positions • Default/normal start position: Facing downrange, carbine held in both hands, stock on belt or shouldered, muzzle downrange. Fingers will be out of the trigger guard, and the safety must be applied if the carbine is loaded. This equates to either “port arms” or “low ready”. NO uprange starts while holding the carbine! • Muzzle downrange means generally downrange, and does not have to be directly horizontal, pointing at the backstop, unless the WSB specifies it as such . • At ranges where muzzle direction is specified by the range(not the USPSA club) then that restriction must be followed . • Ultimately, the start position should be up to the stage designer, but must be clearly stated and able to be safely assumed by the competitor.
  12. Port arms definition is left vague as some ranges have rules about muzzle above berm = DQ If port arms had to be muzzle high up around your chin or nose, then some clubs would not allow PCC.
  13. No! if you are using a barrel longer then 10" no matter how slow the powder is it's done burning after 10". try your 147gn with N310 about 2.5gn-2.6gn will do. you might need a lighter buffer spring. it shoots soft with little to no dot movement.
  14. You better start dry firing and concentrate on your draw and finding the dot, 50 reps 2 X a day for two weeks is a good start. If not you will be doing the dot dance on every stage when you draw. Don't forget to practice off hand finding the dot.