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  1. Look for a used M2 field then send it to Taran Tactical. His work makes loading easy.
  2. Shot the match Saturday it was lots of fun. Great stages and staff. Very well designed stages to test all 3 gun skills. Squad 2 was great to shoot with. Thank you Howard for another great match.
  3. Buy an M2 Benelli in your choice of barrel length then send it to Taran Tactical. His work is incredible and so is his customer service.
  4. I am still recovering from setting so much steel on stage 4. Three blisters on my feet. Had alot of fun watching people shoot and reconnecting with people that I haven't seen for a while .
  5. I have a TTI M2 with quad loading mod. It is great, a pleasure to make quad loads. Every edge in the loading area has been smoothed. His mods to shell latch also makes big difference. Taran called me several times to make sure everything was done as I wanted it. I recommend his work to everyone that asks about my shotgun.
  6. I saw photos of the slide, it's plastic, or maybe painted metal? Better hope it is plastic, ever sit on a metal slide in the sun? If the slide survives the RO match it will be ok for the rest of the match
  7. Would not call it unproven. It has already been in combat with the Israeli Army and India. There are now two infantry brigades that have replaced their m4's with it. The design of a bullpup rifle is not condusive to speed reloading like we do in 3 gun, It was designed to fit into tight spaces like tanks and APC's and be handy for urban fightiing. It is highly accurate there is a designated marksman version.
  8. Direct from Glock. They replaced one of mine.
  9. It was a great match. Stages were a challanging and fun to shoot. Got to use my new Vortex 1-6 for the first time in a match, it worked great. Best scope purchase I have ever made. Thanks to lancer for their prize donations that allowed everyone to leave with a prize. Thanks Dean and crew for all the work.
  10. I liked the yellow backers to. They also hold up for the whole match. I think lime would be a problem in the rain.
  11. They were in use at the FNH 3 Gun and were not a problem.
  12. The flashers were at 200yards AR500
  13. Thats funny at Topton it made holes in our steel when a competitor used it by mistake. Destroyed our flashers.
  14. Normally sunday is not as busy but turnouts have been setting new records this year so be prepared to wait until 2:00 to shoot.