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  1. I used to load 9/38/40/45, plus I had handguns in half a dozen more calibers. Today, every center fire pistol I own is 9mm and I load two loads: 9 Major for Open and 9 minor for Production.
  2. If you're even considering Open, you'll love it! Poor eyesight? Even more reason. Welcome to the dark side
  3. I've found when I have a pistol which can be set up two ways, I find my favorite and never change back, leaving me with a bunch of extra parts.
  4. In Open the minimum caliber for Major scoring is .38, in Limited it's .40 (.357 sig included), most people shoot .40 in Limited for the Major scoring, most people shoot 9/38 in Open for the capacity advantage. While it's tempting to put together a presto-chango, caliber-swapping, one gun fits two divisions pistol, I don't advise it. It's more than just caliber which separates Limited and Open guns, Limited guns used added weight at the muzzle to mitigate muzzle flip whereas Open guns use a compensator, so more weight in the muzzle just slows you down.
  5. I shoot 9mm exclusively at this point, although in the Gold Team I think 38 super performs better than 9 because of all the holes. I've owned a 9mm GT, shot a GT in 38, but I prefer custom Open guns based on a 9mm Limited. There's actually a pretty nice one for sale right here with everything you need to shoot Limited and Open in 9mm:
  6. Welcome Stuey, San Diego here! Where are you shooting?
  7. Try a large charge (8gr+) of a slow powder like 3n38 under a 95gr bullet for maximum fun
  8. If you have a 9mm Limited now, the best way to shoot Open is to buy a 9mm barrel/comp for it. Are you currently looking loading your own ammo? I don't suggest shooting factory ammo in a Gold Team of any caliber, you'd be better off adding a dot to a Limited gun.
  9. So I understand your question Sean, You don't own the pistol at the moment, but you intend to buy a Gold Team in 40, a Stock II barrel in 9 and switch back an forth between shooting 40 in Open and 9 in Limited is that correct?
  10. How long are the rounds in your stockpile?
  11. Your eyes are unique, you should adjust the sights to produce the desired effect in combination with your pistol. I find it very hard to believe there's a fundamental flaw in your technique you could reproduce consistently enough to shoot the group above at 10 yards. If it were true that shots should hit dead center for every individual what would be the use of adjustable sights?
  12. Agreed, black nitride with a titanium nitride barrel would be hot shit!
  13. The most popular CZ in USPSA is the SP01 Shadow
  14. I'm looking to hack an ounce from a hybrid bull barrel, does anyone have some pictures of aggressive cuts in their bull barrels? Here's what I've seen so far: I'm thinking of something a little different though
  15. That's one helluva first post! Welcome to the forums Jeff