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  1. Is there more information you're looking for on the topic Jared, or are you just in a hurry to sell something?
  2. The factory plastic grips are pretty thin, I have a pair I'll sell for $20:
  3. Only the left side safety detent uses a spring.
  4. There are two springs at the rear of the sear cage of the TS, that might be one of them.
  5. When I shoot a steel match I shoot it with my USPSA Open gun with major loads; with two different loads, you're only half as familiar with each.
  6. Very cool, I wasn't aware
  7. The barrel and bushing has a smaller OD on the PreB than the SP01 or Shadow
  8. It should work on the longslide, but not the 85, the barrel is a small OD
  9. At minimum you need an SP01 9mm barrel and 9mm mags, maybe modifications to the extractor (I've not ever needed to), or a 9mm top end complete and 9mm mags (this I'd be willing to sell to you)
  10. In my experience, accuracy at 15 yards + is horrible with plated bullets, how do your groups look at longer distances?
  11. The wood grips tend to crack right there if you overtighten them
  12. "That punk pulled a Glock 7 on me, you know what that is? It's a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn't show up on your airport metal detectors and probably costs more than what you make in a month."
  13. Very strange, I load 115s at 1.165" all the time, plenty of people load even longer, I've loaded as long as 1.190" with 115s, 124s can go even longer.
  14. This one is a better deal: