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  1. The dot is the biggest advantage in Open, next comes the big stick, then the comp. I would run a dot and no comp before I ran a comp with no dot.
  2. You can do both with a file, I don't recommend a Dremel
  3. I haven't had my hands on a Shadow 2, but I would suspect it uses a barrel with a 14mm OD, like the TS, CM, Shadow, and SP01, so it shouldn't be a problem although there is some fitting at the front of the lower lug required when using a TS barrel in a regular 75 frame to ensure a tight lockup.
  4. You say you want to shoot what you carry right? Do you really want to carry an all steel gun?
  5. Shorten the hammer hooks and/or grind the underside of the sear.
  6. Small frame barrels are threaded M14x0.75 and large frame barrels are threaded M15x0.75; the only place I have found them for sale is on eBay, the good news is they're pretty cheap. Wait a second!?! Steve, is that you??? So this is your Enos screen name? You can use my dies anytime!
  7. JHP are way more accurate past 10 yards at major velocities.
  8. It really is no big deal to ream the throat.
  9. Just paste the text into Google translator
  10. Slides are also different between small/large frames
  11. I suspect the sear spring is not in right, you said you removed the firing pin block, did you remove the lifter or switch to a pre-b sear?
  12. I've shot plenty of 9mm with a 40 as long as you don't have extraction issues you'll be fine
  14. An SP01 all tricked out will run about a grand, but if you're on a budget all you really need is a 13# hammer spring and some sand paper.
  15. The broad concepts are the same, with only a few slight differences between CZs and Tanfos