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  1. Mine isn't a recessed rod like the Dawson sights, I suppose I could recess it myself with a drill bit, but I'm lazy
  2. Anyone know if the Dawson front sights will still fit? Looks like they will, but wanted to ask and see if anyone had fit one to the gun. I prefer the recessed fiber on the Dawson's compared to the CZ stock sights.
  3. I've got one but I haven't tried it. I put an extended firing pin in with the 11 # spring and it has plenty of snap (pencil test) I'd bet the 8.5 would be fine with Federal primers
  4. I resprung mine today, huge improvement on trigger pull. Not quite as light as my Shadow 1 but I haven't polished anything yet. also checked barrel to bushing fit and mine is pretty decent.
  5. There are some YouTube videos with weights on them, I think DA was coming in around 10 and SA was almost 7. Quite a bit heavier than my 4 1/2 DA and 2 SA on my Shadow 1! I'll of course be changing some springs and polishing asap
  6. They aren't as bad as the Shadow 1 triggers. But they are a bit heavier than most of us would like.
  7. Yeah just send them an email, I've done it before and they accepted the score for me
  8. Yep saw that after I google fu'd around. Thanks for posting it though!
  9. Disregard Google Fu has saved me once again
  10. Where did you pre order from? I want to give one a try as well but no where around me has a clue how to get one......
  11. I'd like info on this, and the source considering I've heard it the other way around. And I shoot Blues with no troubles after 10k rounds + (And I have heard no bad mouthing in this timeframe either...just saying)
  12. I'd really love to see Nationals at a weather neutral place - Utah, Colorado etc, it was the same mess at Prod Nationals the last 2 years. Really doesn't decide the matches on shooters abilities currently - it's more about luck and missing rain, humidity, crappy light, etc.
  13. Swap the head and calibrate that's it. If you have 2 heads that is. The Mark 7 just attaches to where the handle was so it doesn't affect cal change
  14. Saw that, I went Mark7 and glad I did. I don't have experience with the AmmoBot so can't weigh in on that but the Mark 7 is a remarkable machine. On top of that the customer service from Mark 7 is literally some of the best I have seen ANYWHERE. (I've been in the customer service industry in some capacity for 25 years now). I'm sure AmmoBot is good too, but Mark 7 has knocked it out of the park for me so far