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  1. Can you post a pic?
  2. Just shot this one recently 3.61 sec HF of 8.321 which is showing 108% Ill take it!
  3. For my Shadows - I run 125's at 1.09 and it's 100%, but I have tried other Ammo and it's 100% now with that too. My S2 I need to test more but so far it's 100% with just dryfire and dunno Ammo loaded to the same spec as above
  4. I only use mecgars now with the + springs and only load 10 unless I'm practicing. I noticed with Stock springs the auto forward of the slide wasn't 100% on picking up a round each time when I slapped in a new mag, and I had some nosedive jams on stock CZ mags.... I wanted to make sure the jams never happened and I wanted to be able to auto forward and not use the slide release and have a round loaded 100% - so the + springs remedied all that for me lol
  5. I get the wolf +10's
  6. Hahahaha
  7. You're penis is obviously much larger than mine. You're budget as well 🤣🤣
  8. Not recommended but I shot my Shadow about 20,000 rounds before changing springs or really cleaning it at all, other than adding more oil and chipping the carbon off the breech face a few times Not the best idea but she never stopped running! Took me almost 3 hours to clean it though
  9. Didnt say you did. And again It depends on your style to which gun you'd prefer. I can shoot them equally well, but I prefer the trigger on the Shadow 2, it doesn't stack like my S2 did. Maybe tracking on the S2 is better for you, that doesn't mean it is for all of us
  10. I'd say the lowest hanging fruit is #1 get rid of the gear issues, #2 get some time on the gun so you are used to it. Being unfamiliar with it had to be frustrating in its own right
  11. I've owned both and disagree. Both great guns, but depends on what kind of trigger you prefer IMO
  12. LOL, I've had these guns apart so many times I could do it in my sleep now. There are a lot of parts, but there are also tons if videos and such available if you forget where something goes.
  13. I thought so too until I polished the sides of the frame and trigger bar, much smoother! Also I polished my strut as well, but may need to do a little more on it as there were some edges id like to knock down.
  14. I won't be able to shoot on Sat, but I am planning on the Weld Super Classifier on Sun.
  15. Family in MI, and when I visit I have care packages Plus a lot of folks on a certain forum don't care and will ship mags to you.