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  1. Must have for me...left side of my open gun.
  2. I had a signature series grip on my open gun for a little over a year and thought I would never go to a plastic grip...After it cracked and they wanted $825+ to fix it, I went to an aggressively textured plastic grip and am just as happy with it...
  3. I tumble brass and sort by headstamps that I use with major, same as the ones mentioned above...toss out the IMT, ammo load and other cheap stuff...if I see one with a super flat primer I'll toss it as well...I shoot it until it cracks, usually it's lost by then...
  4. They get cleaned if they hit the ground and stay in my range bag...springs are cheap.
  5. I sort my brass after its been cleaned with a wet tumbler and sort in several piles using crown royal bags or plastic bins... Headstamps for 9 Major Headstamps for 9 minor Crimped primers And junk brass I usually sit in front of the TV for an hour or so and sort as much as I can stand to...
  6. I had a signature series grip and loved it until it broke...I opted for a plastic grip rather than spend the $$$ and it didn't take long to get use to...If money is no issue and you can afford to replace it when it brakes, I'd go with the steel grip...
  7. I've been using spacers loaded to 1.170 without any issues.
  8. I also like 9, 45acp and 44 mag!
  9. Correction, it's IMT I was thinking of...it gets tossed.
  10. I found some on amazon that work just fine, I think they were for a dog collar...10x for $17...
  11. I've also been noticing a lot of new headstamps...Tulaammo, perfecto, IMI...I toss anything with the internal ledge and put all the othe weird ones in a separate bin for Minor loads...
  12. Ha, dang...made it all the way to the line before he realized he didn't have his gun? That's pretty bad...
  13. I use 9.6ish grains of AA7 with 124 MG...It fills the case up pretty good but also provides plenty of gas...I've tried WAC, HS6, CFE...etc...it seem's to work the best in my gun.
  14. I have the same tumbler...I don't deprime handgun rounds before tumbling but precision rifle cases I deprime first...As far as the tumbler goes, I really like it...
  15. I've bet match fee's before with a buddy, on overall finish...made it more fun for sure!