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  1. Triangle shooting sports gets my vote.
  2. Mine are just regular screws fromlowes. They works and they are cheap. Found some thumb screws off of e bay they they were 11 dollars for a set of six.
  3. Found replacement screws at lowes.
  4. Cr speed for me.
  5. Off of ebay? I saw one on ebay but it is a little longer.
  6. Anybody know the size of this. I lost one of mine. Ordered a set from Stoeger shop but I dont know if it going to here by this weekend. I am looking for a local source. Is this 8 32 x 3/4 inch?
  7. It would be sweet in production division.
  8. 3.3 titegroup with BBis coated in stock 2 was pretty soft. Did switch to a 165 for more snap.
  9. Lol
  10. LOL!!!!!
  11. One piece sear makes it easier.
  12. I shoot a stock 2 in 40 minor. I bet ya, it will last me a forever. I also have a back up gun.
  13. Nice grips indeed. I need one for my other stock 2.
  14. no pressure signs on your primers? Never had a problem with ramshot competition but I was Loading to 1.190 oal. Then again it could be your firing pin as you said.