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  1. Pls. Give us a review and your thoughts on this gun.
  2. Yup, i do use 165s though in my stock 2.
  3. Mine dropped right in my 2 stock 2s.
  4. Need to try ramshot again when my titegroup is gone.
  5. Ramshot competition? I have used ramshot competition when I started playing with production with my glock 22 and then a 35 but i was loading about 3.4 grains if I remember right.
  6. I just looked at Shooters connection and they have a 10 mm 10 rounders that will fit the box on " most guns".
  7. Will the Tripp 10 round mags fit the box?
  8. Surprised me too but have a couple of K of s bs for practice. Have a lot of Feds for matches though. Good for the next 2 years.
  9. Thanks.
  10. Finally got my set up to work with the s &b primers. 13 pounds hammer spring with judicious polishing, pd springs, Titan hammer and bolo. Only 1 light strike in DA but probably a high primer. Will use s bs for practice.
  11. LOL that's what I thought.
  12. That's too long . Doubt that would fit Cz mags. 1.2 is sv/ sti lenght