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  1. How many folks do you have for setup? A couple guys can build a field stage in just over an hour, maybe an hour and a half.
  2. Revolver division allows 9 major as well. That said, we have lowered the threshold for​ major scoring to the point where there are factory 9mm +P loads that nearly make major. At 165 power factor, there is not enough muzzle energy to earn an additional scoring advantage.
  3. Last year I got my schwag bag at registration, long before I shot. I didn't see a prize table after the match.
  4. I straighten my bent moons with pliers and check them on the glass coffee table. My wife loves it.
  5. I would love to come, but I can't get more time off from work that close to the USPSA iron sight nationals.
  6. I'm considering driving out next year. I wanted to get favorable reports from this year before I went back to PASA.
  7. Isn't that why we have backup guns?
  8. We've had a couple super classifiers in Colorado in the last 6 weeks. Were you not available for those?
  9. Why only 12 stages?
  10. I'll be at the ICORE Rocky Mountain regional. Other than that, I'll be in production mode thru iron sight nationals. Probably back to Revo after that.
  11. A major gun in the top 10.
  12. How were the stages?
  13. Eggleston lists a 148 on their website.!/38-357-148gr-3-000-Count-Bulk-Pack/p/77695788/category=10873435 I plan to try so some later this summer when I finish up my last box of plain lead.
  14. .40 caliber is the minimum caliber to score major in limited division. 9mm would score minor no matter how fast you push it.