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  1. I believe Open HHF is now 16.06 so about 2.49sec to hit 8 alpha. This was an almost +19% shift in HHF.
  2. Any difference between Grams and TTI followers? Preference?
  3. HS6 6.40gn with 147 Berrys RN plated 1.200" HS6 8.05gn with 124 MG JHP 1.170" HS6 8.65gn with 115 PD JHP 1.170" 3 small barrel holes
  4. Muneki Samejima uses 147 FP Berrys for 9 Major
  5. Not sure if it is useful information but at this years Open Nationals I believe 7 of the top 10 were shooting steel frame guns.
  6. I wet tumble without the pins. Speeds up the process and still works great. I use one shot lube after drying.
  7. I am glad they made the change.
  8. Does USPSA arrange for discounted hotel rates?
  9. X Carry maybe a good option for Carry Optics division since site radius is not important. Shorter and lighter slide might track better and it seems the grip is the same as the XFIVE minus the magwell.
  10. P320 X carry
  11. Romeo 3 -- RTS2 -- DPP -- slide ride I use the DPP. I like it a lot better than the others. The glass is way better, the battery replacement is slick and the zero adjustments are great. All of these have similar size windows but the DPP is a more rectangular window and probably has the largest total area. Another minor difference is the DPP is not as long as the RTS2 so that, depending on the mount, allows the glass to be closer to your eye which makes the glass window appear larger.
  12. really nice looking gun.
  13. 1st Place Open Division A Class 91.3% 5th Place Open Division Overall out of 70 shooters 8th Place Overall Combined out of 290 shooters
  14. 1st Place A Class Open Division 3rd Place Overall Open Division at 96.7% 5th Place Overall Combined
  15. 1st Place C Class Open Division: 2014 Handgun Nationals