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  1. 9by, It's foggy here today, I will gladly keep your primers safe for you
  2. FWIW, there were 4 guys shooting major out of 80 shooters at the last revo nationals...
  3. To quote the late Eddie Rhodes: " 9mm makes you weak."
  4. Found it: The nail polish remover trick does work!
  5. The was at least one thread on this. I am on a tablet in line at the store so I can't search for you. Look for Chicago Screws.
  6. Maeva ! Welcome to the forums! We visited Bora Bora a few years ago. Beautiful!
  7. Not "Probably". From the Complete Classified Rules: Posted December 23, 2008 Contributing to the Forum The Classified Forum was originally created to serve as an outlet to allow contributing members to buy, sell, or trade their equipment and supplies. This Forum, in general, was not intended to be free place to buy or sell firearms, shooting gear, or unrelated items. Meaning, if you're only here to sell your goods, you are not welcome. :
  8. Yesterday, 18 June was the first NRG USPSA match since the tragic accident on 14 January * . After some searching for a new home, Prado Shooting Park (Built for the 1984 Olympics) took an underutilized action pistol and training area and built new berms for practical shooting! We had 130 shooters shoot the match. It's great to be back! So far: NRG is the first, second, and fourth Saturday and third Sunday. Prado Running Gun is the first Sunday. IDPA on the third Saturday. Join us if you are in the area!,-117.6614403,684m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dccc107ddae21f:0x86b3ee94e47b72b5!8m2!3d33.9368523!4d-117.6595039 *
  9. So, I guess I answered my own question by asking it. That's kinda Zen
  10. Do two posts about another thread beating a dead horse qualify as beating a dead horse?
  11. I think we are already flogging the inert equine here:
  12. Brass case volume differences can matter. Try to stick to one head stamp to eliminate that for now. The 5.5 load looks very consistent.
  13. Jim, There is some wide variation between those two loads. The ES/SD on the first is 98/33.2 while the latter is 22/9.4. You need to figure out why the 5.4 gr load has 1/3 the standard deviation of the first load! Even throwing out that 891, the 5.3 SD is still 2x the 5.4 load. But in the general sense, you want to load 2 or 3 SD's above the required velocity. If your SD is 10 and your bullet is 180 gr, your load should yield 964-974 FPS. Also, be sure to check your bullet weight. There is a tendency to use the cheapest bullets around and you may find some weight variations. Weigh 20 or so bullets and calculate your SD for them and use the nominal weight minus 2 or 3 SDs to calculate your power factor when you chrono your next loads. Later, Chuck
  14. Or trade it for something you really want...