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  1. I already sent Rick a question on this...
  2. Not a bad plan to watch but bring your stuff. You may need it
  3. From: Page 3 " your club must conduct and report a minimum of eight matches per year, three of which must be classifier matches."
  4. Having face planted into a door with a rather robust latch, I always try the mechanism. If there is an RO on the stage, I will ask first.
  5. (Illinois is in USPSA Area 5)
  6. Glass hopper?
  7. Hi there, There seems to be a ton of OBD dongles out there. I was wondering if anybody has current experience with a dongle and Android app? TIA, Chuck
  8. Here is something that may apply: From: NROI Level I Range Officer Seminar - 2008v4c Page 81 "15 When you make a call be sure of what you Saw. " THINK IT WAS CLOSE" is just not a good enough observation to DO someone. If you see a safety violation, call it, but don't call something you didn't actually see. For example, there is a big difference between "I saw the finger in the trigger guard" and "I didn't see the finger out of the trigger guard"."
  9. Actually, they seem to be getting better! 2017 12/264 4.6% 2016 14/301 4.7% 2015 16/272 5.9%
  10. Wow. Have a nice day...
  11. The method of cartage should have no effect on stage efficiency. De-bag, de-cart, de-whatever back in the appropriate area, vertical-ize the carbine and politely wait while the on-deck shooter does their make ready routine. At RIC, step into the start position, do your final visualization and make ready when ordered, shoot the stage, and ULASC_ICHDF, shoulder the carbine and go watch scoring. Sign/Tap the scores and go back to the appropriate area to re-bag, re-cart, re-whatever. It takes no more time that a pistol shooter (except maybe for fumbling with the chamber flag ). There is zero need to do the un-stowing / stowing on the stage. This is how I manage the carbine at local matches and the last 2 area matches I shot were heading in that direction also. Later, Chuck PS: I use a cart with a scabbard.
  12. PCCs only compete with PCCs so the playing field is level by default.
  13. Why would you want to do this?