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  1. so are aftermarket hammers allowed in production now ( ie - apex / tk hammer )
  2. Delete
  3. David Olhasso @ TK Custom @
  4. Look into purchasing a Bowen, they are superior to the factory sights, and come in a few different variations to choose from. Very high quality and heavy duty.
  5. I do not think there is really anything to be gained using a bullet weight over 160 grain in a revolver. Your cost per round is going to increase over using a 160 grain or lighter bullet, which I doubt would be offset by using less powder. I'd also be concerned with a bullet moving that slow would be more prone to "bounce" off steel rather than shatter. I believe in steel challenge they recommend all bullets to go at least 800-850 FPS for this very reason. And i'm sure you'd have a hell of a time getting a 200 grain bullet squeezed into a short colt case and not be way over pressure.
  6. Except that it wouldn't change anything, since everybody would be forced to shoot this "optional " major PF to stay competitive. We'd all be then shooting major. Might as well leave it at minor since that's what we are all shooting anyway and save on powder and recoil.
  7. No, You do NOT need to load 38 short colt to be competitive.
  8. The stages were absolutely worlds better over the ones in recent years, I'm glad the style of the match changed. The stages were interesting, had some options, and were challenging.
  9. Fixed time , misses are No Penalty.
  10. Look into getting your Chambers reamed, those guns had alot of out of spec (tight) Chambers which might make reloading troublesome.
  11. sarcasm meter is off. Many people dont bother loading up 50 or 60 moon clips for an entire match, i'll load up 9 or 10 for my belt and just reload during the match as necessary.
  12. Sure, i'll just go over to the safe table and test load all my loaded ammunition during the match.
  13. You should always be using a moonclip checker, found here : before any moonclip makes it onto my belt for competition it first gets tested through a moonclip tester.
  14. OK. serious question What is the jump test. ---- Plenty guys use holsters similar to that one, including myself. (DAA)
  15. nope - never switched to shorts, bought 500 shorts to test around with last year I think it was, after some comparative testing between long colt and short colt I decided short colt wasn't worth it at all.