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  1. revolver is growing in area 8, we had 17 or 18 revolver shooters at a local match this past weekend.
  2. You want a Smith and Wesson 627 or 929 , done up with new sights, grips , and trigger by the gunsmith of your choice Don't bother looking at anything else. Have a nice day.
  3. i'd be more concerned with - all cylinders timing up correctly. forcing cone crown
  4. Weld it in place ? Just spend the 3 dollars on a bottle of blue loctite.
  5. i use this for steel challenge, works very well and is convenient.
  6. Very common
  7. You technicallyonly need one speedloader. Get a loading block from North Mountain that will hold all your rounds and pick them up and load after each string.
  8. I just like popcorn.
  9. I've had excellent results using .400 tall rear sights on most all my guns with either a 250 or 300 tall front sight. Measure the height of your current sight, figure how much more you might need and go to the closest size bowen offers. Alternatively, give them a call / email and see what they recommend for your application.
  10. makes rear sight replacements with taller rear sight blades
  11. This. As simple as it sounds, it is the root of alot of issues.
  12. 60 degrees cold? You must live in Nevada or something.
  13. How cold we talking ? I've successfully made Federal primers go bang in temperatures between. 20-105 degrees.
  14. The 929s also have (excessive) ball detent lockup , the notch on the barrel can be worked a little to make it easier to open.I'd look at that first.