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  1. One big thing I tell new shooters all the time is this: -drive to range -get out of car -go find MD immediately! Don't get started putting your gear on or grabbing your gun, etc. Just go find the match director and he will instruct you on what to do next. The "Safety Areas" in USPSA have their very own set of rules. Just don't touch your gun until you are in a safe area or are instructed by the RO to do so.
  2. I have tried a nitro fin and it was pretty comfortable. However, the gentleman who let me try it, informed me that he can't shoot weak hand only with it because it will go into slide lock on every round. I think he said his hand pushes up on the fin. Is this something that can be prevented?
  3. @aandabooks This is Matt Lee here on the forums. Great guy to deal with and excellent craftsmanship. A lot of people at my local club use his hangers.
  4. Has anyone installed a DAA thumb rest on an STI DVC Limited? My concern is that the frame inletting below the slide doesn't leave much metal to drill and tap for the screws. I may end up trying out a Nitro Fin or something similar if drilling is not the best option. Thanks!
  5. I run 200gr SNS coated without issue. All of the bullets I have measured are .401 or a hair under. I keep them at 1.15" oal and they have run 100% through my DVC.
  6. I love my 200gr SNS coated bullets out of my DVC. But I use WST powder. It is a SUPER soft combination.
  7. That I'm not sure of. You may need to call down there to check. Or................you could justify another gun purchase
  8. Ha! I hear ya. It sounds like you're going through all the right steps to get where you want to be. PS, if you're into shotgun shooting, The Old Barn sporting clays is about a half hour south of you. That's a real good time, too!
  9. Are you shooting the match this Sunday at CISS?
  10. Holy crap! We have THE Jimmy Muller on the Enos forums giving sporting shotgun advice! Well this is exciting. Yet another big name in the shooting industry cruising the forums. Welcome!
  11. I have a JP case gauge as well and the only rounds that will chamber in my WYLDE will slide all the way in and drop right out with zero assistance....Apparently my quality control is not up to snuff as a very VERY small percentage of my rounds will achieve this. I am ordering a Sinclair shoulder bump gauge right now.
  12. That does help a ton1 Thanks for posting. I will get a bump gauge on order and start reworking my brass.
  13. I'm at 3.4 gr of TG with SNS LFP 147's. That gets me about 145 PF out of most of my 9's.
  14. All of the matches I mentioned are Level 1 club matches. There isn't anything too intricate about any of them. Mark puts on some good stages at CISS; so its pretty much just 4 or 5 more of those. That being said, do take things at your own pace. Just feel free to stop by any of those clubs for their matches. Everyone is very welcoming to new shooters wanting to learn.
  15. Ha! I just read through most of this thread before I realized you are shooting in Bloomington! Just wait until it warms up around here! 1st weekend: Loami USPSA 2nd weekend: Havana USPSA 3rd weekend: Bowling Pin then Steel Match in Chillicothe 4th weekend: Chillicothe USPSA 5th Sunday: Chillicothe 3 gun (when applicable) If you're over at U of I, it will be a bit of a drive for you. But we have a lot of shooting going on in the area!