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  1. Jake and crew, This was my first SNS 400 and it certainly won't be my last. You guys had some awesome stages and I know squad 25 had a great time. Thanks for all that you and your crew did to make it happen!
  2. I'm running an SNS 200gr RN at 1.15" over 4.0gr WST. It shoots really well out of my STI DVC.
  3. I run 147gr SNS coated round nose over 3.0gr of Titegroup. The coated bullets are cheaper than plated and Titegroup is about the cheapest powder you can run per charge! I have no experience with a bullet feeder like the above comment. So if you do have one, coated might not be the way to go. But if that's not a concern, take a look at SNS bullets.
  4. I'm with Grumpy on this one. Now let me ask, is there any reason you want to stay within production? If production is your thing, then yes you should probably look towards getting a 9mm M&P. If you just shot production because you're starting out and not exactly sure what to shoot, then give limited a try! You can buy 2 or 3 magazine extensions to get your factory mags out to 140mm and then drop in an APEX FSS trigger and roll with it! Magwells, sights, springs, etc. can all come at a later date if you want to stick with limited.
  5. I've shot quite a few SNS bullets without any long term issues. They did have 1 batch where a sizing die was worn out and I think some of their .40 bullets were sitting at .403. I gave them a call and they corrected the issue immediately. Ever since they've switched to their new "brick red" coating, I've had no troubles.
  6. I have only dry fired the S2, but I REALLY liked my LS-P. I would have to give it to the LS-P. I agree with Gcarr, though. It does feel top heavy, I just prefer it that way.
  7. This thread was an interesting use of my lunch break. I don't move very fast. It's just not much of an option for me. Because of that, I have to shoot fast to stay competitive. With minor scoring, I have to shoot fast AND have really good hits. With major scoring, I have to shoot fast and have pretty decent hits. For this reason, I take advantage of major scoring. I understand my limitations and go by the rules set by USPSA to try and achieve the most competitive platform that I can. I don't think major is going anywhere for quite some time!
  8. Dan, you obviously just need to go back to your DVC and give me this CK to fiddle around with. That seems like the most logical step to me!
  9. I would supply some of the 45/70 ammo as long as I could load it to 125 PF.
  10. I'm still fixin on having a blast shooting to match! So we'll stick to that, I guess.
  11. Crap.... Thanks for the info!
  12. Is that not a thing??? I come from the land of corn fields, so I have no idea!
  13. What are some of the local hang outs around this place? I'm coming from central IL. Two requirements this trip: 1. Safely complete the match. 2. Eat crawfish. After that, I'm pretty much open to suggestions.
  14. I'm excited to be part of a match that everyone else is this excited about!
  15. Made it! That was close.