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  1. What JPB55 said. Except if you like a smooth rolling break try a TTI connector. For a striker I've had good luck with the IDP, then if you want you can run the 4 lb striker spring with any primer. This combo should get you into the 2.5-3lb range.
  2. Been reading about 115's being more accurate because of the higher velocity. Is anyone using them? If so how is recoil being that you have to push them at 1150 fps to make minor. Any trouble knocking down steel? Widner's has the hornady 115 hap bullets on sale for 300 bucks for 3000. Thinking about trying them but don't want to drop that much cash if they don't work. I'll be using a g34 with a kkm, and a Barsto barrel. Currently running MG's cmj and their hp.
  3. No, Barsto seems to have taken the middle road as far as twist rates go. His 1 in 16 will probably shoot all weights well. I'm not that well versed in this, but the general consensus that I have read seems that the faster twist rates shoot 147's better than slower rates. And vice verse for the lighter bullets. Don't know about fluted in carry optics, but I know not legal in production.
  4. I have a KKM, a S3F and a Barsto semi fit. I measured the KKM and S3F against each other and they are almost identical in hood width, bottom lug to hood, and hood length. The main difference is twist rate. They are both better dimensionaly than oem. So I think load development is the key to getting better accuracy. The barrel testing that everybody does is not testing the barrel but testing the load they are using in that barrel. I also have a Barsto semi fit that is close to the others but you get a much better fit in all 3 places as you have to file a little material off. Barsto is 1in 16 twist. I would say the Barsto is the way to go if your going to get a after market tube. if you are loading 147's the S3F with its fast twist is probably your best bet. KKM doesn't give out there twist rate, but some say it's 1 in 32, if that's correct then 115's is the way to go.
  5. I use the Redding micrometer taper crimp and still get inconsistent results with 320. My crimp is Bullet dia +2x case wall thickness. I'm switching over to wsf for a while.
  6. My powder drop with 320 was always dead on. I have a uniquetek micrometer powder measure and I could switch powders and then go back to my dial setting and it would be correct. I never let my hopper go below 1/2 full. Go back and recheck everything. However with this said I still got all over deviations. I went back to my notes and one time I had over 60 fps deviation in 5 rounds.
  7. Even though I am using n320, it's not what is is all hyped about, at least for me anyway. The accuracy in my g34 was at best average. It meters great, and is exceptionally clean. I had standard deviation in the 20's and 30's. With TG I had a deviation of 6, and accuracy was better, and for a lot less money, however it ran hot and dirty. Also wth n320 I was always at the fringe of max loading to make minor, with TG I had a little wiggle room.
  8. I am interested in your results also. I bought one of these barrels for my g34 based on the results of testing by the primary secondary article. So far results are pretty good but I'm not a good group shooter. I have a barsto, and kkm and so far I think the S3F beats them both.
  9. Uniquetek makes a tool head that screws down with Allen screws. Does not modify the frame, but you would need a tool head for every caliber. You can also drill and tap the tool head next to the pin and screw a bolt down until it hits the head.
  10. The 3 after market barrels that I ran are a KKM, S3F, and a Barstow.
  11. I have an apex extractor in my g34, and used with a total of 3 aftermarket barrels and never had a problem in five years of shooting glocks. In fact this is the first time I've heard this mentioned.
  12. I just ordered a set from Red Hill Tactical, haven't got them yet as there is a 3 to 4 week turn arround. I have one of his holsters and it was top notch. I' had the Racer, the cr speed, I didn't like either one. I think when companies try to make a one for all there's always something lacking. Right now I'm running 4 center of mass pouches and they were made to fit glock pouches, and they are excellent, but I believe they are no longer in business after Rick passed. The Red Hill pouches you can order them with an open front or closed, I got the open because they are supposed to be faster.. if you can wait and the pouches are for one type of mag, go custom.
  13. Try a wood burning iron. You can put the tip directly on the screw and heat only the screw.
  14. It's always," the gun isn't loaded". Then right after someone gets shot, it's "I thought it wasn't loaded".
  15. Why increase your risk at all? Plus I've been shooting for about 30 years so the exposure is a lot. If there wasn't anything else available no problem, but if you look at the industry now, they are all moving towards being green. Also I think you mentioned that for long storage the lubes might get rancid. That is not the case, most of them are synthetic so no worries.