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  1. Mag springs?
  2. I did what Practical Man suggested. Both of my pins walked on my g34. Took both pins to work the other day and flattened one end of each pin on a vise. Not much just a good squeeze. Shot my monthly match yesterday and both pins stayed put.
  3. We do this all the time. It is announced before the stage begins, and if the shooter wants a delagate to follow the scoring then he makes sure it is correct. Everyone on the squad has to agree and if there are penalties then the target or targets are not touched until the shooter has a chance to view.
  4. Read this.
  5. Red Hill, didn't like his mag pouches, but his holsters are excellent.
  6. Plunk test a round in your barrel, then your gauge if it passes both you know that you can now use your gauge instead of barrel. Better yet get one that does not fit the gauge and see if it fits your barrel. The EGW gauge is the best gauge, they use clymer reamers that are set to minimum sammi specs to make them. If they pass in the EGW they will fit your barrel. I know your barrel is the sure test, but if you know what you can get away with then you can use the gauge. When I was using my stock glock barrel I could get away with a lot oversized rounds, when I switched to a Barsto I have to use the EGW gauge. I could no longer get away with the larger tolerance, even rounds that would pass the Hundo would not fit the Barsto. You have to know what you can get away with.
  7. The PD's have a pronounced shoulder. It is what it is. If you want to load longer have your chamber throated, or load them that short. I find the max oal and then subtract .015- .020 to allow for oal variance.
  8. Stay with the stock trigger spring, then you can pretty much do anything you want with the stock striker spring. The little you gain with the 6 lb trigger spring you will loose the tactile reset and a host of other trigger problems.
  9. I just bought the uniquetek powder drain gizmo. Works like a charm. Especially if you change powders a lot. Even let's you change powder bars if necessary. Kind of pricey with 10 bucks for shipping, but really convenient.
  10. Titegroup, cheap, available, accurate, and a lot of data. WSF, same thing.
  11. How would this work out? At major matches everyone goes in unclassified, you shoot the match and your classified based on the percentage you shoot for that match. That way no one knows where they are going to finish, if you happen to be a gm and you shoot bad, things go wrong and you only shoot 65%. For that match and that day you are a B class shooter. If your c class and happen to have a kick ass day and you shoot 76% guess what your A class for that match. No one can sandbag because you have no idea where you will end up. If your a gm and you shoot well you will be where your supposed to be. This idea was just a thought, there are probably things wrong with it, but could it work?
  12. The End by the Beatles on Abbey Road. The drum and guitar solo kicks ass. Actually pretty much anything by the fabfour.
  13. I loaded up some of the 115 PDHP, with 4 grains Titegroup at 1.100, and shot my first match with them yesterday. They were snappy but no big deal. I had some really nice hits, groupings were very nice, didn't miss any steel. I haven't chronoed yet, I think I can go up to 4.4 grains. I got some wsf to try but haven't loaded any yet. Been lurking over at a bullseye site and for accuracy 115's seems to be the way to go, but you have to push it fast. These guys are grouping 1.5 inches at 50 yards. I would like to get that at 25, I'd even settle for 2 inches. I'm shooting a g34, and I've tried a lot of different variations and can't seem to get below 3,3.5 inches. I don't see too good anymore so I do most of my testing at 10 to 15 yds and I'm about 2 inches but out at 20 to 25 they really open up.
  14. I'm getting rid of my last 6 lbs of n320 this weekend. I've tried different bullets, charges, oal's and it never worked out for me. It is clean for sure, accuracy was so so, and its expensive. My sd's and es were all over the place. Wsf and tg were more accurate, a hell of a lot cheaper, and my spreads and deviations were way better. This was in a g34.
  15. Good Morning, please send me, the URL for that video on how to set-up the micrometer seating die. Thanks