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  1. It's compounded by the fact that there seems to be very few reviews of that particular model. That should have told me something but I had to try it myself.
  2. I bought and then immediately returned a dual illumination RMR. I really wanted to like it. I really did. It seems to work great in good lighting conditions but the second the light is dim it turns to shit and washes out a lot. I have a Mepro 21 optic on a rifle and that works well even in low light that I have it on my HD rifle so I thought the Dual Illum RMR would also work well but the Mepro 21 is a giant optic with a huge fiber window thing to collect light and the RMR is a very small optic with a very small light collector. If you are only ever going to use it in daylight where both you and the target are in day light I might suggest giving it a try but if you are ever in less than ideal lighting conditions; your in a darker area than the target I think you'll likely be disappointed.
  3. 0 deg cant. Not 15 degree. It looked like stealth gear did end up having one that was 0 deg but it looked very bulky and not really what I was looking for.
  4. You can't. That's why I returned it. It's a shame because it would have worked well otherwise.
  5. What size belt do you use? I tried that with the 42 and their clip was so narrow and large that it flopped around on my belt when I tried it.
  6. They don't seem to make a holster with a straight drop either
  7. None of those do a straight cant though that I know about except blade tech and the only one the make the Klipt didn't work for me.
  8. Just got a Glock 42. It's just a but too big for most of my pockets but it's so light and shoots so well I'm thinking about carrying it IWB. Anyone have some suggestions for something with a straight drop cant that doesn't have a 2 month lead time?
  9. Just from looking at the pockets and configuration the DAA bag looks like the best option so far. I just wish it wasn't so much. Does it ever go on sale?
  10. For those of you that have bags, could you post some pics of the interior of your bags? Some of these it's really hard to tell what the inside configuration looks like.
  11. Right now my primary range bag is a Midway Competition bag. It's a fine bag but maybe a bit big for what I do. I just became a member at a range where I have to walk down a large set of steps to descent into the pits where we shoot and I was thinking one of the back-pack styles might work well to make carrying the weight a bit easier so I'm leaning towards that style but I can't find one I like that would also do well at a USPSA match... at least not yet. Any suggestions?
  12. Oh. Their website says that the Venom is available in 6 MOA so that wasn't obvious.
  13. It looks like the Vortex is the most appealing option so far among the ones listed. I played with an RMR and the window was too small and too tinted for me to like it. I am looking at the Venom and the Viper but it's hard to tell what the difference is between them in terms of function. I can't tell which has the larger window. They both weigh the same and are available witha 6 MOA dot which is appealing. The only obvious difference that is standing out to me is that the Viper takes a CR 2032 Battery at the base meaning you'd have to remount the optic to change the battery and the Venom takes a CR 1632 Battery in a compartment at the top allowing you to leave the dot mounted to change the battery. What else am I missing?
  14. I totally agree with that point. I find co-witnessing a little distracting on rifles and on a pistol it just seems even more cluttered.
  15. You really like the triangle that much? I tried one on a rifle a while ago and I found it very unintuitive.