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  1. Thanks Rowdy
  2. Rowdy, Is the rifling nitride coated? Curious if you had to do anything special to ream the throat of the barrel.
  3. Thank you, adamge
  4. Once you guys start getting the shadow 2, could someone post whether the inside and outside of the barrel is nitride coated? More interested in knowing if the inside of the barrel is coated. Thnx
  5. Any chance of getting a video with the hammer included in the video?
  6. Here is an old post that has a wealth of info.
  7. This should help.
  8. Thank you PatriotDefense for the response. That makes sense.
  9. Waktasz or PatriotDefense do you recall what modifications, to the BOLO, were required to fit with the EAA #9.1 sear? This question is just out of curiosity since the #9.1 is the long sear.
  10. Has anyone taken a shadow, with the bushing, to a major match and got any push back from the crono crew?
  11. Here is an older thread with a pic.
  12. Is your stock 2 running a factory plunger spring? A week plunger spring can allow the trigger bar to slip off the disconnector to soon during DA
  13. What is the advantage of a disconnector with only the left wing? That is, what is the advantage of the Xtreme disco over the stock disco? A disco with only one wing can equate to less friction. The advantage to having only one wing, a left wing, allows the disco to be used with either the one or two piece sear.
  14. The extreme disco has the same dimensions as a standard factory disco. The only difference between the original disco and the extreme is, the extreme only has the left wing.
  15. The Tanfo pilot will be smaller, a loose fit in the CZ barrel, allowing the throat reamer to wobble while you turn it creating an uneven cut. Call Dave and have him add one or more larger pilots. My stock 2 reamer pilot measured .3425. A standard .345 throat reamer fits my CZs. Best way to get the right pilot size is to slug the barrel