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  1. At long last, after about a 7 month wait, I received a shipping notice my 100 .308 bullets were on the way. I'd given up on them
  2. Is there such a thing as too much gear?No, but I have discovered there is such a thing as too little money
  3. Never pass up a chance to go shoot!
  4. "Common denominator: 55gr through 1:7 barrels." Have you run across any one having trouble that didn't have 1:7 twist? Or more with 1:7 barrels with the problem? 55gr not the problem. Read through this thread. I've shot plenty of 55s through 1:7 barrels. Never been an issue as evident in the picture below. This picture is the exact same load, 10.5 barrel, 1:7 twist. Only difference being I used a Hornady 55 instead of the MG 55. JDR 10_5in 24_5gr TAC 55gr Hornady (Large).JPG I don't have any problem with 55 in 1:7 either, its 95% of what I shoot thru it.. Let me restate the question - is the problem with MG, whatever it is, limited to just 1:7 barrels or is it occuring in all twists. If no one is having trouble with 1:8 and 1:9 I can still use the 2 unopened cases of MG I have, otherwise, I can't use them in anything I've got There isn't much if any hard info to be had and I'm just trying figure out which way to go, although at this point I've very little or no interest in opening up a case of this stuff.
  5. "Common denominator: 55gr through 1:7 barrels." Have you run across any one having trouble with MG that didn't have 1:7 twist? Or more with 1:7 barrels with the problem?
  6. 'Jensey', on 18 Feb 2013 - 10:10 PM, said: Way to go Jensey - I can see you and your xdm are getting along real good! Sounds like you're a natural.
  7. Somewhere over 10,000 thru M&P9 5" Pro bought 12/11 with the only replacement being the tube for the fiber optic front sight. Very reliable, it always works.
  8. It should have been shut down a while ago..especially when the negative IDPA/USPSA comparisons became an factor in the discussion. Shoot IDPA and USPSA and I haven't seen anything to warrant shutting this thread. If all there ever is, is positive comparsions of this or anything else, not much communication is actually occuring,
  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question but with the new classifier times for SSP and ESP so close together why not just merge them into just one class and be done with it?
  10. I'm sorry y'all didn't get the $100 a case discount -- but, I was really bummed that I'd missed it, so I am some cheered that I actually didn't miss out on anything after all. I know that's terrible!
  11. Do you know what the manufacturing/shipping dates were for the bad lots?
  12. Sister-in-law ordered JP-15 in late January and received it last Thursday. Call it 90 days.
  13. Delivered today - things sure have smoothed out. Well everything hasn't smoothed out, my account lists today's delivery as still processing.
  14. You gotta keep checking their website and don't hesitate when something comes available or it won't be the next time you look.
  15. Ordered case of 9mm 124g JHP yesterday afternoon, received tracking info this morning.