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  1. They are here but still awaiting approval
  2. They will be posted once they are approved probably on here and the match website
  3. We need more wheel guns fella's
  4. I will if I remember will be in a BBI Secondary shirt Look forward to shooting against some other wheel guns for a change.
  5. Well let's do this thing Willis lmao
  6. I'm a C class bring it on loo
  7. I love revolver because it's fun not always to win prizes and money. I do love beating other shooters.
  8. Not sure they can do that. I know they dhave not have to give an award since less than 3
  9. Trying to figure out how to cover up my range cart. I have this one as show. I obviously would have to adapt it to fit the cart by making a racket or mount. Main objective keep my gear dry and as cool as possible.
  10. click my post above the stages are hyperlinked into my post for everyone's view pleasure.
  11. 1. Click Competitions 2. Jabs Extreme and Precision Tactical Alabama Section USPSA Championship 3. Scroll all the way down and you see the below Held at the Dothan Gun Club, 372 County Rd. 560 Midland City Al. GPS will take you right to the gate. Match fees are $140 and $70 for juniors. Dates are March 10-11th Shooters meeting at 7:30am. There will be 10 stages including a chrono stage, all shot in one day. Prizes are done by a blind draw and given in the shooters bag at registration, Cash prizes and trophies awarded for placement at the end of the match Saturday. Jeremy Brannon will be cooking some of his famous BBQ for lunch both Friday and Saturday, cost will be $10 a plate. The Stages are : Angles, Better Aim, Bridge The Gap, Cluster, Corners, Not Home Alone, Sneaky Pete, Speed Trap, Windows, and Zoom. These are clickable links so everyone click them opens the PDF Learned something new with that one lol.