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  1. So to answer my own problem LoL. Take station 3 and back it off a few turns lol.
  2. So far my Mr. Bullet feeder has drastically slowed down my reloading process on my 650. Every 10 to 15 pulls it drops the entire magazine of feeded bullets onto my foot and floor. I'm using 160grn 9mm bullets by BBI and they feed perfectly. I just can't seem to understand why they are all dropping on the floor I have it set to feed low the first number 6 I believe. I also only have 2 bearings in the tube tried 4 still same issue. I also have ensure it is not rubbing on the powder funnel. I think it might be to much tension on the spring that feeds the bullets keeps it in the up position maybe? Station 1 Resize Station 2 Powder/Primer Station 3 Mr. Bullet Feeder Station 4 Redding Micro Seater Station 5 Dillon Crimp.
  3. I would love to go but I can't this year. I will make it next year I hope got to get my gun and myself ready
  4. I just dropped in an Apex N-Frame IV and a Wolf spring kit and extended pin I'm down to the below. The hammer doesn't really move much but still punches out the same distance so I hope it work testing it in the morning. Update: The sear is not catching back to work I go.
  5. Looking for a starting point and what those who load it think. I was going to use as my lvl 2 and 3 match load
  6. Looking for a starting point and what those who load it think. I was going to use as my lvl 2 and 3 match load instead of 231
  7. Did you every try the 160's?
  8. I agree with the first point 110% they did a great job. What changed? I'm just curios didn't get to see them on Friday?
  9. I went to this match because it was close match and a level II. I shot it about 2 or 3 years back and had the same problems. Pro's: The Staff Was Great Pro's: No Pasting Pro's: Stages Pro's: Food truck was good and people were nice. Pro's: The RO's never let out one complaint about the long waits they just kept pushing people thru. Pro's: The Hearing Guy was on site Con's: We waited over 2hrs to shoot Stage 1 after completing Stage 9 Con's: I waited until 8:15p.m. to see awards got tired of waiting and left not sure when it actually happened or if it even did. Con's: Didn't see much of anything on the prize table for a match with 250 people.
  10. They are here but still awaiting approval
  11. They will be posted once they are approved probably on here and the match website
  12. We need more wheel guns fella's
  13. I will if I remember will be in a BBI Secondary shirt Look forward to shooting against some other wheel guns for a change.
  14. Well let's do this thing Willis lmao