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  1. True but a shorter barrel should be less powder and HP-38 is close to W-231 wouldn't it? I might be crazy today though been a long one
  2. I run 3.2grn of W-231 with 160grn BBI at 1.135 and have no issues and I haven't cleaned my gun in 500rnds and it made 133PF at the Alabama Sectional
  3. If you need some in MD let me know lol
  4. I have a holster and setup for my glock 17 if u shoot any matches with me just need ammo
  5. I shoot all over the area just shoot me a PM I can send you some links
  6. I'm right handed left eye dominant I just draw when I push out the gun is over my left side and I have never had a problem. My gun while shoot is just to my left side an extra inch or so.
  7. I found even in my bottom feeders this would happen. I presently use an EGW U-die and don't have this problem any longer. If I do I take one round at a time off untill it drops in. That round usually was buldges more towards base
  8. Do you have the chambers chamfered
  9. Ah you got me that match by 87.3406 points. Stage 1 destroyed me that match them long 4 targets.
  10. But this happens in every division. I just don't understand why everyone is so mad about 8 shots. Guns evolve just like the sport
  11. Okay, staff though you are all shooting Friday. Did you shoot the SC Sectional?
  12. This is true. I love shooting for the people and fun, I don't give a #$%$ if I win just good shooting and stages is enough for me.
  13. I'm trying to get a squad together that's going to shoot Revolver on Saturday AM who is in. Serious Inquiries only need a count by 24 May. Also If you are near Glen Burnie, MD looking to split the cost with 2 or 3 people for hotel and gas PM me for the breakdown if interested.
  14. I love shooting my revolver especially when I can beat bottom feeders. I try to use Single Stack results for my division and class since not many revolvers show up to the match