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  1. Was a great match, all 10 stages were natural terrain so they were very interesting. Squad 1 was a great squad.
  2. I have an 18" GUNNER, shoots under 1 MOA and is pretty light. I bought a couple more Faxon barrels
  3. Just to confirm, we won't need carts to carry gear?
  4. With a 650 set up a head with a de capping die, a Dillon trimer/sizing die and a Lyman M die. They you just need a drill with a Hornady primer crimp cutter.
  5. I have had the same scope for years, only the dot lights up, call Vortex
  6. If you are local, or just decided to spend a week in Central Texas, the local TX3G match is shooting 3 of the stages this weekend.
  7. When I read the above posts, I wonder if these shoe companies are missing the boat. I wear 11.5 4E too. There are a lot of us with wide feet.
  8. Was wondering, this going to be a half day format, or all day?
  9. I shot the match with the R.O.'s Wednesday and Thursday, since things came up that I needed that weekend free for. Really good stages, that flowed very well. Good job to everyone involved.
  10. You need to use the shim on 2011's too.
  11. You can buy a swage tool a couple different ways, one the Dillon 600 that is complete on it's own. Personally I had one didn't like how it swaged. Second is Hornaday makes a swage tool that supports the brass upside down for a single stage press. I got some brass that was swaged on the Hornaday tooling on their A&P press, nicest swaged brass I've used. The tool is under $60 at Midway if you already have a single stage or turret press. Last is a Hornaday or Lyman Crimp cutter for $10 threaded into a 8-32 coupling nut run in a drill or drill press, This is what I use really does a nice job on all 223 brass. Also swap in a Griard Tricutter to cut and trim the brass.
  12. Factory follower is fine, been shooting a 1301 for close to 5 years, It takes a beating and comes back for more, has never let me down. Just add a tube and spring, XS sights if you shoot a lot of slugs, and when you are ready open the loading port.
  13. I started out using my 550 like a turret press on rifle ammo, sizing/depriming. Then detail/clean the brass, the hand prime and charge, Then seat and crimp on the 550. Now I do all that on my T-7, the 550 is for only 6.8 and 45. 9mm and 223 is run on my 650 except my long range 223 which I load on the T-7. If you what a single stage, get a turret press instead, that way your dies are always set up.
  14. I wonder if the detent holes are too deep, stopping the safety from moving with the detent pin/spring in.
  15. Did you contact Tooth & Nail? I'm sure they would be glad to help you out, But possibly not till Monday after their big match.