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  1. I love the design, the fit and finish.
  2. For a reasonable, solid, light weight mount check out the Aero Precision mount. Granite Ridge Outfitters has them at 25% off right now.
  3. Couple clubs I shoot with have different Texas Stars. One has a couple of the originals that Terry made, springs if replaced yearly give no problem, plus they are available at a hardware store. One club has a Redstich, easy reset, you need to make a solid hit to knock the plates off. The last club has a MGM, always needs springs, or hand full of shot gun hulls. That club just got a Redstitch. One thing I like about the original Texas Star is being 2 pieces one person can set it up, or load it in a truck.
  4. I wouldn't weld the lifter up on a 1301, the very small 'V' on the 1301 is perfect unless you have real small fingers. I load deuces weak handed, I did have the port opened a bit and it helped, big difference is at the front of the receiver.
  5. How about just using pizza boxes? 2 hits anywhere, or one hit on the grease stain.
  6. A friend of mine is using the same scope in Tac Ops, has a set of iron offset sights on his rifle.
  7. Was a great match, all 10 stages were natural terrain so they were very interesting. Squad 1 was a great squad.
  8. I have an 18" GUNNER, shoots under 1 MOA and is pretty light. I bought a couple more Faxon barrels
  9. Just to confirm, we won't need carts to carry gear?
  10. With a 650 set up a head with a de capping die, a Dillon trimer/sizing die and a Lyman M die. They you just need a drill with a Hornady primer crimp cutter.
  11. I have had the same scope for years, only the dot lights up, call Vortex
  12. If you are local, or just decided to spend a week in Central Texas, the local TX3G match is shooting 3 of the stages this weekend.
  13. When I read the above posts, I wonder if these shoe companies are missing the boat. I wear 11.5 4E too. There are a lot of us with wide feet.
  14. Was wondering, this going to be a half day format, or all day?
  15. I shot the match with the R.O.'s Wednesday and Thursday, since things came up that I needed that weekend free for. Really good stages, that flowed very well. Good job to everyone involved.