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  1. You can buy a swage tool a couple different ways, one the Dillon 600 that is complete on it's own. Personally I had one didn't like how it swaged. Second is Hornaday makes a swage tool that supports the brass upside down for a single stage press. I got some brass that was swaged on the Hornaday tooling on their A&P press, nicest swaged brass I've used. The tool is under $60 at Midway if you already have a single stage or turret press. Last is a Hornaday or Lyman Crimp cutter for $10 threaded into a 8-32 coupling nut run in a drill or drill press, This is what I use really does a nice job on all 223 brass. Also swap in a Griard Tricutter to cut and trim the brass.
  2. Factory follower is fine, been shooting a 1301 for close to 5 years, It takes a beating and comes back for more, has never let me down. Just add a tube and spring, XS sights if you shoot a lot of slugs, and when you are ready open the loading port.
  3. I started out using my 550 like a turret press on rifle ammo, sizing/depriming. Then detail/clean the brass, the hand prime and charge, Then seat and crimp on the 550. Now I do all that on my T-7, the 550 is for only 6.8 and 45. 9mm and 223 is run on my 650 except my long range 223 which I load on the T-7. If you what a single stage, get a turret press instead, that way your dies are always set up.
  4. I wonder if the detent holes are too deep, stopping the safety from moving with the detent pin/spring in.
  5. Did you contact Tooth & Nail? I'm sure they would be glad to help you out, But possibly not till Monday after their big match.
  6. I locktite mine and tighten them with a 3mm allan wrench before a match or practice.
  7. The M2 is a much better gun for 3 gun. If you want a gas shotgun for 3 gun get a Beretta 1301. Most of use use 24-26" barrels now, the M4 has a 18" barrel, also pistol grips, well suck for 3 gun. Plus you can buy a used M2 or 1301 and have money left over for modifications.
  8. If you finished it correctly there shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I had the case feeder not feeding all the time, had to slightly adjust the ramp that moves the arm that gets the single case from the tube.
  10. You may need glasses to 'crisp up' the picture of the front sight. Front sights are right in the area just about anyone over 40 has issues with. Throw on a pair of 'cheater' (inexpensive reading glasses) and get some sight pictures when dry firing.
  11. Check out Hayes Custom Gun, he did my Beretta. Very good work and decent turn around.
  12. Faxon just came out at SHOT Show with a super light handguard. It's isn't cheap, but sure is light, it is carbon fiber.
  13. My out to 200 yd. is the exact same as loaded605. I've even hit 'C' zone targets at 500 yds. with that if I do my part. I got 6000 Hornady 55gr. FMJ from Brownells on sale. I just run prepped brass though my 650.
  14. Different anodizing. Some anodizing varies more than others. Black is pretty forgiving, but as you can see there is slight differences. If you want them perfect have all the parts you want the same color stripped and anodized in one bath. I used to build a machine with gold anodized parts, only way to have the machine look right was have every part anodized gold done in the same bath.
  15. On the enforcing the rules, yes BUT you need to explain the rule and sometimes why it is used. A good R.O. for a squad of first time shooters is you need to be a bit of a teacher too. At a gun club I used to be a member of I put on 2 entry to IDPA and 2 entry to USPSA shooting classes a year. The classes would fill up within a day of being offered with a limit of 10 students. I spent most of the time on the basic rules to shoot the sport safely, what to do when you get to a match. Basic drawing and shooting and going through a simple stage. Bad part was a couple members got on the board and did not like action shooting sports, so they made it next to impossible to put on classes.