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  1. 30 round division capacity makes little sense in the "defensive" IDPA game. PCC/30 would work so much better in USPSA or even in (gasp!) a new shooting sport. IDPCCA! I do realize all of this is because the major sports are trying to attract this whole new money stream from PCC but I'm just not thinking PCC/30 is a good fit for IDPA. AD (like anybody ever asks my opinion on anything)
  2. Every fifth guy at your local range has a chrono. The range may even have one stashed away in the back. Just ask around at your next match and somebody will have one you can borrow for the time it takes to check your stuff. Then skip one match and buy a chrono. AD
  3. Oh man. That's truly sad to hear. Rest easy, Don. AD
  4. The wife and I have been pretty serious backgammon players for quite some time. AD
  5. Not sure what the problem is but I've been seeing this all week: Display of classifications has been disabled temporarily Hopefully the system will be back up soon. AD
  6. Yes, I remember shooting that Postal Match and then it was gone. If we're taking a vote, I'd say do it after the rules changes. Looking forward to it. AD
  7. The Classifier has never required a cover garment. AD
  8. Perfect. Best description of BUG to date. AD
  9. Yep. Load it to six and you're good to go. AD
  10. Ditto. AD
  11. Whatcha need? Try and that will give you a calendar of events. There's always the Thursday night USPSA match at 6pm. The 9th has the monthly IDPA match at 9am and the 10th has a USPSA match at 9am. Monday nights are IDPA. Cowboy and 3-Gun are weekend events. That should get you started. AD
  12. Probably the best idea to date. AD
  13. Kraj, You'll find that having the side bags will greatly expand your options when riding with "your equipment" for a match. Just being able to carry weather gear on one side will change the way you look at travel to matches. I just ran 440 miles (round trip) to shoot a USPSA Classifier match down in Homestead this weekend. That green bag on the seat was in the right side bag. The weather gear is in the left side bag. Spare ammunition and all that (drinks, sandwiches, bundles of cash for the casino later, etc) are in the rear top pack. 400 miles for a match? It was a good day for a ride, the weather was nice and I got to shoot a match half way through it! If I would have had to drive a car to the match, I wouldn't have gone! Get the side bags. You'll use them a lot. And as in my case, they come off quick so when you want to RIDE, you can still do it! AD
  14. That pretty much describes the way we do it at our club also. The online registration has really saved us a ton of time on shooting day. AD
  15. Hmmmm, good point on the email thing. I haven't had anyone mention that to me yet, but I can see where it could be problematic. Thanks. AD