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  1. I have a Gen 2 model. Would not run with my competition pistol loads using Titegroup or N320. I had to add an extra four tenths of a grain to make it run. Nothing wrong with that route, but I prefer to keep things simple - one load for all my guns. So I did send mine off to Taylor to have the gas port opened to Gen 1 size. Got it back about a week ago, so far, it's having no trouble running the same load I use for production and SS minor.
  2. Heard back from Scott today. He's sending me a replacement set of grips. Pretty awesome customer service. So I'll be sticking with those for now.
  3. Thanks.
  4. Interesting. Thanks for the link.
  5. Went ahead and contacted him, just to see. I don't expect him to. Maybe I just overtightened them.
  6. Anyone know if that techwell grip will work with a Dawson Ice magwell? Or do you have to use the techwell magwell?
  7. Thanks. Will check these out.
  8. Looking for recommendations on thick 1911 grips. Something with a lot of texture. I've been using the 2011-style grips by Perman, but I can't seem to run them without cracking them. My current 1911 came with a set that was cracked. I replace them - and now that set is cracked. Maybe I'm just tightening them down too much. However, I really like the way they fill up my hand. Maybe someone else has come across another option for shooters who don't like thin grips?
  9. With my PM9, I've only tried Dawsons and Tripps. For my particular gun, I found the Dawsons to be slightly easier to seat. It's just something you have to work on during dry fire (with dummy rounds of course). I just made the switch to SS last month and decided to shoot the Indiana 400 with 9mm. I must have done 45-50 reloads during the match without a single problem. But then at a club match last weekend, I failed to seat the mag twice out of maybe 10 reloads for the day.
  10. While I love my Dan Wesson PM9 for SS minor - I would go for an STI Eagle if I were planning to shoot IDPA ESP. For the simple fact that reloads will be easier. You'll have a bigger hole to aim for - and the mags will seat easier. Outside of that, there's really no difference. ( I have a set of Perman grips on my PM9, so the gun feels like a 2011 in my hand.)
  11. Yup. I run into the same thing with my Dawsons. They load easily. And have performed flawlessly. But removing the first 2-3 bullets from a full mag by hand is not much fun.
  12. Having troubles using the PM system. So hopefully you'll get this message.

    paypal is fine: tim@timbarker.com

    1. Qoo


      Payment sent.

      Kenny Huang

      32700 Capitol St

      Livonia, MI 48150


    2. tbarker13


      Thanks. i will mail the grips tomorrow.

  13. I will take the following -

    3. 1911 Grips. VZ Carbon Fiber Operator II model. Cut for Ambi safety and magwell. $60

    Please PM me with your PayPal info.


  14. Great match. Sure hope to shoot it again next year.
  15. will you sell 2 - 126 mags?