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  1. Want to get some non steel bullets for 7.62x39. Primarily to be used for 3 gun. Looking to Mexican match some Wolf. Or just do a new load out right. What do you guys use? Thanks.
  2. Colorado has drive thru pot dispensaries. California will soon follow suit. LOL. The Piru range got sold. Listing I saw was for $4M. No more 3 gun at Piru. The MD of the 3 gun match said F' it and is moving to AZ. Back to WEGC and Pala as the only 3 gun matches in So Cal.
  3. What do you mean by "primer seating cup"?
  4. You guys are like car salesman. Oh for only 3% more per month you can have this and that. But when you look at the final #'s that's going to be $100's if not $1000's more being added to the total. The bottom line is $720 is $720. If a shooter thinks it's worth it... great.
  5. Whatever. Back in the day it wasn't unheard of to shoot 80K pistol rounds per year. Using your #'s that $720 a year in savings.
  6. Huh? I was asking if there was a gauge to measure the FP hole. I wasn't asking for help diagnosing the problem.
  7. Well in case someone has the same problem... I check for firing pin hole size, though, to make sure it is, ideally, toward the small end of the blueprint tolerance, and never over that amount (0.058-0.060). A bolt with an oversized firing pin hole might tend to produce pierced primers at lower cartridge pressure levels, so check it out if you’re having chronic episodes. A larger pin hole encircles more primer surface, and can then act more easily like a cookie cutter around the firing pin. Specs call for 0.029 protrusion, so consider that also if you’re having a perforation session. 1/16" drill is supposed to be .0625". I measured a drill that I had on the shank and it says it is .060. So if you need to check your FP hole... try a 1/16" drill using the shank. If it fits... that bolt is a no bueno. The 1/16" drill fit in with plenty of room. I have roll pins that measure around .063 and those fit in the problem bolt as well. Problem I had was light strikes and stuck case on the bolt face while shooting a match. It was during a match so I couldn't exactly pick up and examine every case fired. Shooting factory PMC ammo (not known to be hot) and some Israeli Independence ammo (known to be very hot). When I took it out to clean I had "cookies". Basically what Zediker was saying above. Little round disks from primers. The cookies also locked up the safety and the trigger group. Couldn't fire the gun or put it in safe (to ditch it). After shaking it I guess it shook loose and started working again.
  8. I was having problems with my AR. Was told to look at the FP hole to see if it was too large. It looked larger than the new spare bolt I had. Swapped out the bolts and the rifle began to work properly again. Used same FP and carrier. Anyways... is there a no go mic/pin or whatever that I can use to check if the bolt's FP hole is to large? Any other way to check other than firing and seeing if it malfunctions to see if the firing pin hole is too large? Are there any oversized AR15 firing pins being sold? I want to see if I can continue using this expensive bolt until it breaks a lug. Thanks.
  9. If you were tuning a Glock 9MM how far would you want it to kick out the brass and expect it to be a 100% reliable? Thanks.
  10. It just is.
  11. This thread is kind of creepy now.
  12. Well I have to ask... would the installation of the BUIS be legal? How would you go about installing one in a CO pistol that would be legal? 21.2b Milling of slide — only as required to insert optical sights And removing the front sight... is that legal? — UNLESS a modification is SPECIFICALLY authorized in the rules or SPECIFICALLY authorized in an official, published NROI interpretation, it is considered a PROHIBITED MODIFICATION.
  13. Yes. Double stack. Single stacks are plentiful.
  14. Looking to buy some 10 round only mags for my 9MM Para. Not finding it at Midway or Brownells. Anybody know where I can get these type of mags? Thanks.
  15. yeah! Fix the problem by getting a new gun!!! I do it all the time.