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  1. Looking for an affordable tablet good of Practiscore use. To be used outdoors. Screen hopefully won't be too glary in sun. Doesn't overheat too easily. Somewhat tough enough to be carried in a range bag. Good battery life. Reliable. Durable. No problems with synching. Etc. What would you guys recommend? What models have you guys used and how did it go? Thanks. (Note: Wasn't getting relevant hits on this sub forum when I searched. So sorry to the search Nazis if there are already a bunch of threads on this)
  2. So the advantage is to the club? They get an extra $3 for when they have to reshoot the classifier to get an L10 classifier? Shooters won't be able to shoot in L10 to begin with?
  3. OK I read the rules in more detail. They don't consider the target neutralized with just one A, A/B or head shot? Do we start with the safety on? Or do we start with the safety off? Thanks.
  4. I'm not seeing the advantage or the point of getting rid of L10. Keep both and let the shooter decide what division they want their classifier to count in. If you get rid of L10 that means they can't get a classification in L10. They can only get classified in Limited.
  5. Well then there you go. 5 Dogs will be all ten round.
  6. 5.2.8 Competitors deemed by the Match Director to be full-time law enforcement officers with arrest powers or military personnel on current active duty orders, may be entitled to use their duty holsters or similar holster and related equipment when such equipment does not strictly satisfy the equipment or other requirements of the declared Division. The Range Master will remain the final authority in respect of the safety and suitability of using such equipment at USPSA matches. The use of such equipment, except as otherwise permitted in the rules, is restricted to Level I matches only.
  7. The wording over years and the section may have changed. But see 5.2.8. I'm just saying that LEOs have been given and are given leeway in terms of equipment.
  8. Probably. I guess you can hash it out with the Director.
  9. And you know there is precedent for having LEO's be different. I don't know if it is still in the books but drop-down holsters were OK to be used if it was their duty gear. Couldn't use them for regular people.
  10. Well it's your choice. Be sure to offer your membership the new divisions solution. And FYI... the WEGC 3G director has said 10 round only.
  11. Yup. One of my local clubs has said that. They are semi-USPSA. I don't know what the other 5+ local clubs are planning. I'd guess they would need to make a CO 10 too. If they choose the "new" divisions fix for this problem.
  12. I believe current LEO's are exempt. I'm not sure if you can do it in practiscore but I'd see if you can create Open 10, PCC 10, etc. Since there is L10 and Production already I think those are the only two that you would need to make. Let the shooters choose their poison. I mean if you just say the whole club will be 10 rds... you are restricting LEO's from using their duty mags. Which club is this?
  13. Weren't you in Socal? He's talking about SWPL.
  14. Looking to set up one of my bone stock AK47's for 3 gun / tactical rifle type matches. Specifically I want to set it up for Red October type matches --- AK vs. AK (etc.). Have a WASR(10) and a C39V2. Looking for experienced opinions/advice: Mag length for monopodding? 30 or 40 round? For a fat American. Would a different floor plate (like the Magpuls) help for monopodding or reloading (as in grabbing)? Best mag pouch? Best mag couplers? Best tactical legal (1x3") compensator for AK? I think my barrels have the smaller thread. Best safety? Is the Krebs the only one? Iron sight mods? Best mount for 1-4/6X variable? Both rifles have the factory side mount. Any other mods? Any AK specific must have accessories? Thanks.
  15. So your problems are: 1. Not chambering your reloaded rounds. 2. It's popping primers. Right? Measure the cases from the factory rounds that you fired from your rifle. And then measure the cases of any unfired reloads you have. I personally like the 308 RCBS mic. But a number of people get the Hornady because it covers more cartridges. For a semi-auto I usually do .003" bump. So whatever your fired cases from the factory rounds are measure at... you bump the shoulder .003" back on your reloaded rounds. See if that fixes your problem with the popped primers and chambering problems.