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  1. If you were tuning a Glock 9MM how far would you want it to kick out the brass and expect it to be a 100% reliable? Thanks.
  2. It just is.
  3. This thread is kind of creepy now.
  4. Well I have to ask... would the installation of the BUIS be legal? How would you go about installing one in a CO pistol that would be legal? 21.2b Milling of slide — only as required to insert optical sights And removing the front sight... is that legal? — UNLESS a modification is SPECIFICALLY authorized in the rules or SPECIFICALLY authorized in an official, published NROI interpretation, it is considered a PROHIBITED MODIFICATION.
  5. Yes. Double stack. Single stacks are plentiful.
  6. Looking to buy some 10 round only mags for my 9MM Para. Not finding it at Midway or Brownells. Anybody know where I can get these type of mags? Thanks.
  7. yeah! Fix the problem by getting a new gun!!! I do it all the time.
  8. 1200 FPS, 1 1/8 oz and 3 DRAM loads... will work any stock inertia gun? How about a 1 oz load, 3 dram? How fast should that load be? Why do a lot of shops lighten the bolt on the M2?
  9. Wow. That's crazy.
  10. Cool. I'd agree that it was probably just a bad case. Only feasible way that you can check that is mic the rounds and/or inspect the case. Or just buy new cases. If I was in your shoes... I'd steer away from Ramshot Competition for this application. Max load for .40 in their book is about 4 grains for plated 180. For LC laser cast 3.3/3.5 is the max. I know a lot of people use it at 4.6-4.7 grains. But now that powders are available... I personally wouldn't use it. Nowadays I don't see enough benefit vs. the risk.
  11. Which press were you using? Powder used? Charge? Bullet weight? Model of gun/barrel?
  12. From a factory connector (on a non-long slide Glock)... night and day difference. Long slides (at least the 34/35) already come with the 4.5 from the factory.
  13. Anybody messed around with bullet weights for .40 S&W for Production? What bullet weights did you try and what weight did you choose? And why did you choose it? What was your load (powder, primers, COAL, etc.)? PF? Gun, barrel and your spring set-up? Thanks.
  14. Have no idea. My M2 has had a welded lifter for probably 10+ years.
  15. They are originally designed for hunting. Some people wear gloves when they are in a cold wet blind. Wear some gloves and try reloading the shotgun as originally manufactured vs. one with a competition lifter.