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  1. I'll try and remember to measure tonight and post.
  2. I reload standing and have my 650 on a strong mount. When I mounted my case feeder, I believe I cut 1.5" from each end of the support and 6" off the feed tube, keep an eye out, one end is beveled, cut the OTHER end. I have maybe 4-6 inches above the press, but I have a drop ceiling in my man cave so I just have one of the ceiling tiles slid out of the way. I like to use a pretty big cut to portion out brass and dump into the feeder, so you just need to have enough room to fit whatever method you use to fill you case feeder.
  3. Have you tried this ammo out of a different gun? Same issue? It very likely has to do with the seating of your primers. I would think it highly unlikely but try another package of primers, someone COULD have swapped the primers in the box out for something else with a harder cup, (or just mis-packaged) highly unlikely though...
  4. I think what we all really want to know is what kind of ice cream you got??? Welcome to the sport from another Illinoisan! ( I think that's how you spell it...)
  5. Now to find a trail running shoe with a 4" lift!!!
  6. The spring and plunger should be peened in meaning the metal of the safety body is slightly deformed at the outer most edge to keep the parts from coming out of the bore. I think I can kid of see the the mark at the bottom in your photo, unless your type is different from the larger ones...
  7. As I see it, this would mean someone considering entering the sport, will now look at other shooters and the rules and feel that they can not be competitive without investing in a new hammer for their gun. This will usually cost over $100 extra, and if they are just starting will probably have to pay someone to install it which means more $$. The more $$ it cost for a new shooter to get into what is supposed to be the 'gateway' division of USPSA, the less new shooters we are going to be seeing in the future... Yes, Indian not the arrow and all that is true to an extent, but there are certainly some guns that do benefit from a hammer of different weighting or different hammer hook configurations, which makes a very obvious different to the feel and reliability of a gun. Yes I understand that it is hard to enforce, but those people that need enforcing are cheating, and my hope is that most people in USPSA are not intentionally cheating. Making this change for that reason just seems wrong to me.
  8. My understanding the pin and spring are supposed to be peened (permanently captured) by the safety. You shouldn't have to do anything with it for it to properly engage the notches on the frame, for the tactile feel you are looking for. Sounds like you may have gotten a bad safety? How old is the gun? I have heard of a Limited owner wearing out the frame notches over time which makes the tactile feel lessen.
  9. I completely agree...
  10. I actually just saw some on the shelf at a local gun shop. Wonder if they are becoming any more available?
  11. Just for the record, I am friends with Steve, and he is shooting major PF hand loads, with a pretty quick powder, ramshot comp if I recall. I also don't recall him having to get two warranty replacements, I know he bough a 'backup' right before sending in the first one that had the crack. I admit EAA did drag their feet on it for a while. He actually just broke an extractor at the match last week, but honestly, its an easy part to keep a spare. In my experience, I would not consider Tanfos prone to failure, certainly not minor PF ones. My Stock II has never broken anything, but I only have maybe 5-6k through it.
  12. Definitely just have a .40 barrel fitted to the gun, as said, you can probably keep using your 10mm mags, though loading long may keep things cycling more reliably. Post a WTB add here for a .40 1911 barrel, I'm sure you will get responses with good prices.
  13. My though exactly, if you're going to try it, start with a really really low on the powder and watch VERY carefully as you go up... EDIT: ...And, you best be loading LONG.
  14. Where did you get them, straight from the Netherlands? I really like the look of the contour and texture. Are you happy with them? Any how idea how they compare to the grips available locally?
  15. I use the canik pin in my stock II, and Just ordered one for my new Lim Pro. If I recall, if your trigger pin holes are a little small, just chuck the pin up in a drill and hit it with some fine sand paper, checking frequently until the pin snugly fits. I think I used 320 for fitment then went 600 and 1500 to polish, and finished up with a paper towel with some mothers polish for a mirror finish.