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  1. 0.345-.350 on 10 of mine.
  2. Anyone know where to find a couple?
  3. I have a low profile and high profile sight for the witness. Roughly 3/8" dovetail, 70 degrees. Measure the depth and width And I can give you an idea if they drop in.
  4. I will load any 30 cal bullet I get cheap in the BLK.
  5. I donated my gen 1 ipad to the club and it is the easiest and most reliable and visible. You can find them on ebay for $100 or less.
  6. It should be 15mm.
  7. 23+17 is 40. Standard course of fire is max 32 rounds. If you are trying to save a few bucks, one extension will suffice.
  8. With Glock mags being so reliable, you really only need one plus 5. Use factory or plus 2's after that.
  9. I don't think you will find the price worth it. I assume you were shooting at the small squares? It seems that you have it figured out...
  10. If you are stuck with L10 or production you can even go with a Single stack if that fits your hand better.
  11. I would image a hardware store magnet on a tec lok would be pretty versatile
  12. Do a 30 and a 20 for giggles.
  13. If you are going to run FO front and rear, I would suggest different colors. Red dot between two green dots for sight pic, vs three green dots.
  14. I milled rear sights into two shotguns. Amazingly they look good and hit poa on both guns.
  15. To run with the 3d printed theme, I picked up a printed loader for the scorpion. It is equally ugly to the Taccom parts but it works well. Loaded the 51 round mag easily and no sore fingers. Basically a Glock loader. It was $16.