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  1. You might ask the Glock shooting team! 😱
  2. I just shot a match using the left eye correction. I did pretty well but I had 3 variables, new glasses, new gun, new load, so I can't say which variable made the biggest difference. I found a guy online that makes custom readers with sunglass tints. Tried a pair, 1x left, uncorrected right, $39. I may try a few more shoots and order another pair that fit my nugget a little better.
  3. I have the GLS on an Invictus hanger. It is not state of the art in custom fit but fits about 10 of my guns, even the 1911's. Makes it handy when you like swapping them around.
  4. Cleaned brass ready to load I use this: Crappy stackable shelving for shoes. followed by crappy plastic shoe boxes $1ish:
  5. I run the harbor freight dual drum. I can keep ahead of brass needs by washing early. I cleaned out the dry media after my first batch. 1.5 hr run with dawn and lemishine, 1/2 pound pins, 10 oz cup of brass in each tumbler. I pour the pins thru a strainer that fits over a 5 gal bucket., rinse 2x, shake out cases on to a towel, shoeshine treatment with towel. I have a homemade dryer that runs air thru them for a day, store. Rushing them into service resulted in wet primers.
  6. I just chrono'd some minor loads using 180's and Bullseye. 5" 1911. 880 fps with 4 grains. 158PF.
  7. I will cut you a good deal on this one.
  8. I have the LOK palmswells and they have a lot of grip, so I have not experimented further. They measure 1.466.
  9. I like the Parallax. No guessing with lining up the gas block.
  10. I just ordered a left eye 1x front sight lens (my non-dom eye) and a plain right. Gonna try shooting the pistol with my left eye. I will let you know how it works.
  11. Of course you would destroy the ambi safety but have you considered shortening the right side safety mount to flush?
  12. Some large blank plastic ones for shaping/stippling would be cool.
  13. I understand that.
  14. The altitude must really effect speed here but I load 124 extremes with 7 grains of HS6 and make major.
  15. I had a few beers and it is hard to comprehend your post.