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  1. He has a $3k suppressor?
  2. Correct, Mec Gar 17's. I can try one and toss it in the gauge if you like.
  3. Yes, L shaped base plate. The TF pads use a set screw which I like a little better.
  4. There is a guy on ebay selling pinned ones for $40. Greg Cote has mec gar ones.
  5. Doublestack I assume?
  6. I run the GLS. Fast, requires no special technique, cheap. Fits a lot of guns. CZ, Tanfo, 1911/2011 with minimal adjustment.
  7. I put together a Stoeger 3020 for my kids. Super light weight and reliable. They now have a compact as well.
  8. Not sure if this is on topic but CZ-UB has a long reach trigger.
  9. Pic from JandL site. I have not found this slot cutter as of yet.
  10. I just received these springs and installed them on already polished parts. I must say it is very smooth. No gauge but sweetened an already nice trigger.
  11. 18 round with CZC long (not 140)
  12. Sorry to be helpful.
  13. $499 9mm and $530 40 RIA nib doublestacks. They run and shoot well. Much better start for your project.