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  1. What are the recommended upgrades to a CZ75 BD to get it in top shape for Production. It looks like the sights need to go for sure. Does it come with an Ambi safety, I'm a lefty? Is there some sort of trigger work that needs to be performed, or internal parts replaced? With the asking price I could easily put in $500 in upgrades and still save quite a bit over the Tac version.
  2. I just tired 4.2 grs of TG with 230 grn Blue Bullets, and I have to say I really liked it, and am about to load up a couple hundred more. Normally I use Clays, but this load is working quite well.
  3. Are you using reloads? If so what weight and type of bullet. What is your powder and weight? Also, what brass are you using. I found in my XDM, a combination of Unique, 180 grain lead bullets, and PMC brass would lead to a case head blowout consistently.
  4. Well, I think I will send it back for repair, my rounds still run flawless in my old DPMS which has well over 5K rounds through it. Its way beyond my abilities to fix if the group here does not know of any quick fixes. Now I have not used a new mag, is that something that could cause it? Again, the same rounds in the same mags run great in another gun.
  5. Thanks for the replies men, here's what I have. The same issue is present with factory loads, but not as bad. Maybe 1 out of 8. Brass length is 1.76, OAL is 2.19, but that's because the ogive is set to crimp the round on the 55 grain Hornady's. I use a Williams case gauge and I reject any rounds that will not go flush into the gauge completely. The shoulder measures .357. I use standard Lee .223 dies. I also used completely resized brass, not just neck sized since none of these rounds have been fired through this rifle.
  6. Had a new M4 .223 built for 3 gun, and it ran great for two matches, and now I am having serious case issues. It has a Proof research barrel and a Dixie Works receiver. It was set for .223 Wylde. I reload my own ammo, and case gauge every round. The rifle just started to refuse top go into battery about every 3rd round. I had to slam the butt to get the stuck round out. The case does not matter, I had PMC brass, Lake City, and Winchester. When it happens, hitting the forward assist does not help. I took pictures of rounds that were painted in Perm marker, and found a series of three concentric scratches in differing spots on the brass. (See pic). What in the world causes this. None of the rounds fails a Williams chamber gauge, and my DPMS eats them like candy. The rifle is super accurate and I have run out of ideas. Brand new ammo does the same thing. As you can see in the picture, this set of marks can be found near the top of the round, or closer to the rim. Any ideas? The snow has melted and it is time to get some rifle time in.
  7. For sure to reduce recoil while remaining major, go with the 180 bullet, and a fast power. I recently worked some chrono numbers at the range with another shooter, and the obvious winner to reduce recoil was VV N320. While it is expensive, we are only talking about 1.5 cents more per round. And the difference in recoil? It was incredibly easy to fire a mag without knowing what bullet had AS, Bullseye, or N320. Every time a 320 round was fired, there was no comparison. 320 is the winner hands down. I had read on this forum many times how well N320 works in .40, but I cannot believe the difference. Too bad I do not get the same results in .45. When I worked up loads in the .45, the same rules apply, heavier bullets with faster powders make major easier with less recoil.
  8. My Eagle in .45 is not a bull barrel model, it has a bushing. Just an FYI.........
  9. I was hoping to do the same thing with my XDm .40, convert it to 9MM. Oh well, loading to minor and having two less in the mag will not win me the gold anyway. Since I am just trying it out for fun, I'll hold off on getting a 9MM, still love the old L10 division...............and yes the dreaded .45.
  10. I have seen this when the crimp is too tight, or with plated bullets that are.not quite correct. 1 in 20 is way too high. The other time I have seen this is in a RIA with a shot out barrel.
  11. Use the hair dryer, but one caution, be careful on how aggressive the tape is, I just got some on Ebay and I'm telling you it will blister your hands. Get some local at the skateboard shop and make sure it won't remove all of your hide.
  12. It does happen to me, I have to slam that first mag in pretty hard, and use the same 17 count in my next two, To me it is not worth trying to slam the mag in on the run. I am thinking the round is a little thick near the back of the .45 causing a minuscule loss of mag space, but at 18 rounds I bet it adds up. Perhaps if the round could be totally resized, it would fit the 18 in the tube, but one round will not win or lose a match for me. Where I shoot there is a lot of hard rock surface, and these mags have taken quite the pounding. They have retained their shape, and even the blue basepads have weathered well. I really like them for L10, they are easy to grab for reloads, and the 10 rounds run flawless. Never had a failure in Limited, except for not getting the mag in when loaded to 18. my fellow shooters continually tell me, I am hard headed for shooting the .45, but I certainly prefer it to the .40. As a matter of fact getting the Eagle Cerokoted this week at High Score, so I will be back at it again with L10 and Limited, with an occasional CO for fun.
  13. You are right, I meant to say slowest, sorry on that one.)
  14. With the powders you have on hand, I'd go with Red Dot, I have not had good results with Titegroup in the .45. HS-6 is going to be somewhat slow for the heavier .45 bullets. After you try Clays I think you will want to find more of it. It is about the softest powder out there with WST and Nitro 100 close behind. (I am correcting an error when I said fastest, it is the slowest, sorry for the mistake, thanks njl)
  15. Tried it.out and used the slide rack on the top of the frame move. Works.just.fine, just.need to.practice.and.memorize the manuver. say I never.never . thought much of CO, but with the XDM in.40 at.minor round limit, it.looks like fun to me