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  1. Thanks Southpaw, I'm using this set up for CO and 3 gun, so I need the good front sight.
  2. Whayever comes from the factory on an MOS configuratuon.
  3. What would the correct front sight height be for a G34 MOS so I can order a fiber optic front site replacement?
  4. The best bullets IMHO come from Montana Gold. I prefer the 124 grain, but use 147's for spinner targets. But, they are not cheap, so my go to for steel matches, practice, or high volume shooting, Blue Bullets are great. The 130 grain works very good in both my 4.5. I have used 147's from Blue also with good results.
  5. I too had some TG sitting around and decided to use some of it up for practice rounds in my STI Eagle with 230 grain Blue Bullet's and MT Gold's. Actually I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Between 3.6 with the Blues, and 3.8 with the MG's and it works pretty darn good for 3 gun rounds. I need to chrono any rounds for major PF, which will be around 4.1 to 4.2. The recoil impulse seems to be excellent, and accuracy was very good. I did not have any soot issues, and no silver spots at all. Having purchased a pound of the VV N320 to try out, I found it does not work very well for .45 major loads. The weight charges listed by VV got me no where near major, so I moved on. No sense buying expensive powder when others at less cost are far more reliable.
  6. Well, I tried CO on my XDm at a steel match, and finding the red dot learning curve at speed is tough. Lots of dry fire is going to need to be had in order to be any good at this division. I did enjoy it quite a bit, and will give it another whirl soon.....but I sure do miss my L10.
  7. In an effort to get rid of some free CFE which did not work well in .45, I experimented with Blue Bullet 135 and 147's. Using 4.1 grains of CFE over the 135 has led me to my new 3 Gun load, it has the lowest recoil I have felt and reliably function a 4.5 XDm slide. I used 3.5 of the CFE over the 147's, and it is just as good. I have not chrono'd them, but will at the next chance. I really recommend you give it a try.
  8. Broncman, I was under the impression conversion barrels are illegal in both Production and Carry Optics divisions. From the USPSA Rules book, Production and CO division, " USPSA.Current rules remain in effect - you may replace the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel which is of the same length, contour and caliber as the original barrel for that model of gun." I am not sure if that rule has been changed. If I am incorrect, I have a 5.25 Xdm in .40 I would love to shoot in CO with 9MM. I am trying it in .40 to see if I like the division, but getting a .40 to shoot like a 9 is rather difficult, plus you lose 2-3 rounds in the mag, which really is not that big a deal. What I think most will agree with here is that the first thing to do in a new XDm is to replace the trigger with Springer Precision aftermarket kit from Brownells. Makes a huge difference. One really fun aspect of the XDm is you can buy a rear sight replacement CO mount from Springer and can shoot CO without milling the slide. I am not sure if the same option applies for CZ.
  9. Bullets made for the British .303 (.312) are the correct size. I would bet you could buy some bulk .303 from Seiler and Beloit, or perhaps Magtech or one of the other importers.
  10. I have used three different types of XDm holsters, and settled on the Comp Tac model. Retention type holsters had had more problems then any other holster I have seen. While they are very functional in law enforcement services, for competition I think they lack any value. I simply made sure the XDm is tight enough in the holster that you can literally jump up and down, slap the butt of the pistol around, hold the holster up side down, and then run like a rabid ape to make sure you have it tight enough. As far as DQ's, I know of two with retention holsters. I personally had one in a 3 gun match with the XDM. Stage 1, just fired my first 20 M4 rounds, grabbed the shotgun and was running forward. Felt this weird metal object hit my back then drop down my leg. Yep, that was my gun hitting the ground. Lesson learned, make damn sure the gun is ALL the way into the holster.
  11. I was going to give it a try next match, that was until they threw in a Texas star and a double spinner. No need to embarrass myself the first time out. With my eyes getting fuzzier I thought I'd try it out. Of course I now shoot in a crowded division, so shooting against myself would not be a first.
  12. This weekend I am going to shoot CO with my 5.25 XDm in .40, with a Burris II, and a mount from Springer that fits into the rear sight slot. Yesterday was my first real practice with minor .40 rounds and the dot, and other then losing a few rounds versus the 9MM, I think it will be fun. Normally I shoot L10 or Limited with an STI .45, so this will be totally new to me. I personally feel the longer barrel helps keep the barrel down, I also have the 4.5 XDm and it feels snappier then the 5.25. Sooooo, I doubt I will switch to CO, but with my eyes headed towards old man vision, it will be CO or Open......................
  13. Sooooo, wanted to let all of you guys know the results. A very tight chamber is the reason they were sticking, the shoulder on my reloads was just a hair out of spec, and the should would not chamber all the way, getting stuck, After firing a couple of hundred PMC factory rounds without a single failure, I went back and checked the difference. I looked at know rounds that would fail, and re-checked them in a case gauge. Sure enough, the rim as not 100% flush in the groove of the gauge. These rounds will fire in my DPMS all day long without a hitch, but the Proof research barrel is cut that tight that it would not accept the bulged shoulder. Thanks for all the responses, and as usual, you guys are right. Live and learn................
  14. What are the recommended upgrades to a CZ75 BD to get it in top shape for Production. It looks like the sights need to go for sure. Does it come with an Ambi safety, I'm a lefty? Is there some sort of trigger work that needs to be performed, or internal parts replaced? With the asking price I could easily put in $500 in upgrades and still save quite a bit over the Tac version.
  15. I just tired 4.2 grs of TG with 230 grn Blue Bullets, and I have to say I really liked it, and am about to load up a couple hundred more. Normally I use Clays, but this load is working quite well.