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  1. Well, you seem surprised or frustrated that many, many people like the rules of the single most popular division in USPSA as they are, and that many people believe that the original, founding concept of USPSA requiring a balance of power with speed and accuracy still has merit. If you wanted to hear your own views echoed, you probably should have found a different group of people to discuss this with. I'm sure that a bunch of IDPA shooters will happily nod along with your sentiment that 9mm is now best millimeter and that anything else is dumb and certainly shouldn't be rewarded. As for the extra recoil being a non-factor... I have seen many shooters who have been shooting 9mm from day one in production pick up a major-PF gun, shoot it, and concede, "OK, yeah, that is a little different..." Maybe that's not materially different for very strong shooters with excellent recoil control. This sport is not composed soley - nor even primarily - of very strong shooters with excellent recoil control. For the B's and C's and D's that make up most of any match, the extra recoil does have an impact on their performance. Again, if you don't want to hear that opinion, you will probably need to find another audience.
  2. Don't like the peaches? Then don't shake the tree.
  3. Setting aside the rules question (already answered) - The whole dang point of a star is that it is self-activating!! Why would you mess with that jamming a stick in it? That seems like the height of a stage designer outsmarting himself.
  4. There is no need to adjust power factor. Properly built guns are handling current major PF rounds just fine and for a long time. Major provides enough additional recoil management challenge to make it "worth" having some premium over minor, but not so much it's tearing up guns or shooters on the regular. Other than some relative noobs crying that 9mm can't be major in Limited, I don't hear any clamor for changes to the caliber rules.
  5. Yep, those are the old-school grips that used to be standard OEM. They're fatter than the plastic factory grip panels that are now standard, and more like the LTD's wood grips in terms of girth.
  6. Stoeger's Pro Shop seems to have at least one in stock:
  7. If I were the MD and 8 people showed up to shoot the match, I would ask myself some questions: 1. Was there something about the scheduling of the match that made it near-impossible for people to attend? For instance, did you try to hold a match Mother's Day morning? If so, give some thought to whether having a completely fixed schedule is sensible or if you need to consider those kind of conflicts. 2. Am I in an area where USPSA is, for whatever reason, just not a game of interest? (Maybe the population is declining and there just aren't people around, or maybe everyone is completely fixated on Precision Rifle or something else such that USPSA is just not going to be viable as anything but a very small endeavor for the amusement of me and my buddies.) 3. Is it me and/or the match? Am I designing stages that just are not fun to shoot? Am I personally fascinated with some particular shooting task that others just don't want to do much of? Am I filling matches with lots of long range weak hand only shots? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, am I just offering a bunch of 5-yard hoser targets that are pretty much the same, stage after stage, match after match? 4. Is it the match administration? Is there something uniquely onerous about the way the match is run from a participant's standpoint? Is it exceedingly expensive relative to the value provided? Is the match widely scattered over distant bays with lots of mud in between them? 5. Is it the "culture" of the match? Do the most regular attendees of the match make other shooters feel unwelcome? Are they driving other shooters away? As someone who MD's and sets up a weekly match, I sympathize with the frustration of having insufficient assistance. But if overall attendance at the match is weak, some serious, critical evaluation of the match and those running it is in order. A temper tantrum on the 'net seems unlikely to fix things, and may make things worse (see #5).
  8. It's "not requiring" people to shoot L10 in the same way that a law banning all semi-automatic handguns and opitcs is "not requiring" everyone to shoot Revo. You can still technically declare Open and shoot your iron-sighted wheelgun. But your equipment and choices on how to shoot the stages are still Revo. Like I said, it matters none to me. If you guys still want to say you're shooting LTD, that has zero adverse impact. I just wouldn't expect L10 to be kept alive for much longer if the most favorable conditions possible for its success still sees it shunned.
  9. OK... but will they be buying special mags for that match while out of state? Or finally retrieving the ones that were lost in that tragic boating accident? Or will most of them actually go shoot L10, since that's the (legal) gear they have on hand? Like I said, no skin off my nose either way. I just would expect a big surge in L10 in CA; otherwise, it needs to go away. I mean, if the law basically requires people to shoot a division and they still don't shoot it, it just can't be a very good division. You know?
  10. My reaction is that, if you want L10 to be available when you travel outside the restricted-cap states, you guys need to support/participate in it while you're in the state. Also, L10 is what you're actually shooting, in terms of stage planning and gear. I mean, I can shoot a 10-round, 9mm, DA/SA, mass-manufactured, non-modified plastic pistol in Limited or even Open if I want. But why would I do that? Similarly, if (whether for legal or preference reasons) I am shooting a gun/gear that fits in L10, why would I shoot Limited? The only reason would be if nobody else has gear that can fit in L10. But your whole dang state can now fit in L10! It doesn't really matter to me, of course. I'm just saying that if a law passes that basically forces people to comply with L10 rules, and people still don't shoot L10... I wouldn't expect L10 to be available for long.
  11. I thought the primary rationale of L10 was so that shooters in capacity-limited locations could have a division available nationwide that they could shoot using their "home" gear. In other words, make sure that CA or MA shooters could shoot a match in GA or AZ using their "normal" gear and not be at a disadvantage. You restrictive-law guys are (almost) the whole reason we have L10! If you guys stop using it, then there truly will be no reason for it to exist.
  12. Are you looking for ideas for stages? For an empty stage description form that you would fill in? Directions on how to build stages generally? You realize that most stages in a match - all of them except for any classifier - are "made up" for that match specifically? And that - except for classifiers - there is no standard/uniform set of stages that you are supposed to use?
  14. You'll likely have to have them ship the replacement to an FFL, who will want their usual transfer fee.