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  1. 4.1-4.2 WST, CCI primer 124 Bayou, COL 1.150 make 132-134. 5" 1911 little higher in Glock 34
  2. Do you still have the set of speed loaders for the 617?

  3. Mine was accurate, smooth and it ran. I used 10mm mags so I could get the OAL I wanted to fit in the mags. Do all the trigger polishing and change the main spring/hammer spring. That got me down to a 2lbs + trigger. I never felt the need to spend all the money on the aftermarket trigger parts. you may want to but do the polishing first and try it Nice pistol for the money
  4. If you don't want PPC to shoot your matches don't have that division; just like Area 6 did not have a revolver division.
  5. 4.0-4.2 WST, 1.180 OAL Some folks feel WST is temp sensitive I've never run into a problem at chrono in temps for 30-85 degrees I load to 170-172 Pf cause that where the gun feels right for me. Never gone below 169+ at Chrono I also set my chrono up about 8 yards from the muzzle due to the range cover where I chrono.
  6. Not a STI fan boy since I've not done well with their warranty dept the last two times. With that said: I've never had a problem with their mags as long as the springs were good. Like the idea of the new mag body shape (i.e. SVI style) but mine all work in my 9mm major gun and the 40's in the Limited guns. So probably won't be buying any new ones.
  7. Cases sprayed with one shot and loaded before the one shot dried?
  8. Nitro fins work well and with 4 screws in the GoGas it should hold fine. pretty much stops you from racking the gun with the front serrations though
  9. As long as it measures, you'll be fine
  10. SVI will square you away with what is as legal. 5.4" fits the box as built by SV for SS. Call them
  11. Sent you a PM
  12. Like Sarge, I've used wac for years, probably over 40 lbs in 38 sc and 9mm open guns without problems. Last cracked slide was with hs6 and 115's . But that was one of sti's junk. But you have to use what gives you confidence
  13. Simplified version is get a 40bbl and keep a note in your gun bag with sight settings. I've shot 10s for years and just figured in the cost of brass. But fitting the 40 bbl made life good since picking brass became a non issue
  14. Dave, just a thought. some of the most accurate shooters we know of are bullseye shooters. Most all of them use 5" guns. BUT being one to never stop a guy from getting a new gun!! you should get one so you can report back to the rest of us how cool your new gun is, go for it!!!
  15. Bayou has 3 + colors and will size to your request, but the note in the memo box what size you want when ordering