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  1. Pull the slide and see if the mag follower is contacting the slide stop/mag release
  2. I change recoil and FP spring (wolff) every case of bullets. springs are cheap, Malfunctions are a PITA
  3. Ignition parts alone are worth the extra money. Better CS due to smaller company etc. etc Used to be a fan of STI, not so much after the last couple of years with bad slides etc. My experience has not been good with warranty/CS with STI in the last few years but others have had great success with them so maybe a mixed bag there. I would again at least look at the CK's before buying In the long run both will make a good pistol for you!
  4. Dawson used to be willing to make special sizes. Not sure if that option is still available. Should be worth a phone call though
  5. Nowlin BBL are real nice and are well proportioned for fitting
  6. 4.0 to4.2 is the so calledd standard for WST and 40S&W OAL anywhere from 1.150-1.220 I'm at 4.1 WST S&B Primers (yes and getting super low ES and SD) 200 gr Bayou (bbi, SNS, pick your well made Hy-Tek Bullet) 1.180 AOL PF 172 very stable at PF , never gone below 169 at Chrono Stage
  7. You're beveling the bottom of the ramp. Where the ramp transitions into the magazine opening. So as the rounds come up the mag tube, "IF", they hit the bottom of the ramp they slide over it and are lined up with the ramp. VS. Hitting the bottom edge of the ramp and hanging up there, causing what appears to be a nose dive into the ramp. Usually solve by one of several changes that can help or alleviate the problem. 1. bevel bottom of ramp and / or load longer OAL rounds, Put new guts in the mag tube and tune said tube, find a bullet the gun likes (i.e. will feed without problems) As an example one of my guns would feed anything out of an old set of SV mags but wouldn't feed any of the same rounds out of my STI mags. Final fix was new springs and followers, Tune mag lips and change from flat points bullets to hollow points with a smaller ogive or RN bullets
  8. Your very welcome, always good to find people who care and do things right! My pleasure!
  9. 625 got big holes to reload Hope that doesn't make me a grand bagger! LoL
  10. Over 11ozs Funny man I can modify caspain, ck slides and have them cover them! But OH, they're not cracked since I've used them to replace the other companies slide. If you can't flat top and put serrations on a slide we all better start shooting factory guns! Not I'm done with this conversation. Good fortune to all
  11. Depends on what classifier is being used at the match.
  12. Glad it worked for you. BUT STI has lost my business and several local shooters for NOT backing their product like they should. When a slide is cut the same as a DVC and then they say it was cut too much for them to back it up I personally don't like that style of CS. So my money will and has been spent with other makers. Again I truly am glad it worked out for you.
  13. Since the basic start position is standing erect , I would venture to say yes
  14. 120/124 TC Bayou's run great Yes start with cast bullet info and work up on chrono to you preferred PF. OAL depends on your mags and chamber