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  1. Finally got out to chrono a couple of Longshot loads... G17 open gun with KKM barrel SJC comp MG 124 CMJ @ 1.145" oal 7.5g Longshot = 169pf 8.0g Longshot = 176pf
  2. Lol. No thanks. But unfortunately that's what the rulebook says.
  3. Unfortunately appendix D specifies no restriction on position of holster...
  4. Interesting, says "except as specified in appendix D," which says "no restriction on position of holster."
  5. Specified holster position in open?
  6. Looks like if I lowered my gun 2" on the mount, I could start with my hand around the grip not quite touching the gun. Just pointing out the facts...
  7. Same draw stroke, just 1/3 the distance... My fingers are about 3" - 4" from the grip instead of 10" - 11".
  8. Wrists below belt allows me to get my hand a lot higher and closer to the grip than hanging naturally at sides. My elbows are seriously bent... It gets me about 6" closer to the gun.
  9. The bore expands as it heats up.
  10. Or the rounds were a touch long and the bullets were in the rifling...
  11. Use the insert in the funnel for 9mm.
  12. MG HP
  13. Yup, happens on PC and Ipad.
  14. The delayed opening or failure to load has been getting really bad the past week.
  15. Yup!