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  1. Th Red Oktober match from last year was a blast! Here is my build thread and match video from last year's match: If you want to see how it is done watch Samuel Travis' match from last year. He won HOA with a chopped, pinned and welded iron sighted 7.62. I shot Heavy Kalash, so I used irons and 30 round PMags with the Magpul coupler. I used HSGI Taco pouches, which work pretty well, but can snag on the lip of the AK mag. I used the coupler for most stages but most guys I saw were reloading from the belt. I monopodded on one stage and the 30 round mag height was great (I'm 6', 220 lbs, for reference). The ALG AKT is very good for the money. I'm planning on doing some work to my front sight base to get it square and pinning and welding one of the SJC AK Titans to replace the stock AMD65 comp. The big differences in setup for next year depend on if they do a night stage again. IIRC last year's was tossed due to the light not being controlled to provide competitive equity. If they do, I would strongly consider some flash suppression and definitely get some white light on the gun. The guys with good lights and/or dots were ripping through the stage with no issues like it was broad daylight. After 6 or 8 shots my eyes were toast, and I don't think I even cleared half the targets before I timed out. I probably wont get anything fancy, maybe just rig up a handheld Surefire but that light makes the sights stand out on the plates. In terms of safeties and other details, I went with the stock parts for now. They had a lot of cool vendors last year with demo guns, suppressors, parts, etc which might give you a chance to go hands on with some of the other parts you are looking at. It sounds dumb, but I would take whichever of your AKs is most reliable. Lots of guys had gun or mag issues. I liked the light, stamped, and shortened gun I shot because it let me run coupled mags without getting too heavy.
  2. A big plus one for the LSI here. I'm going to have to disagree with my good friend kneelingatlas here. While I appreciated the extremely light weight of the CFD comp TO ME it felt noticeably harsher in the hand than a similarly configured blaster with an LSI comp. After trying both I had Glenn at LSI build me a midlength, steel gripped 9 major with his comp and 3 ports. I'm no Open master but I have had some die hard 38 shooters blown away by how my gun tracks and handles.
  3. Tactical Micropockets was the Goldilocks grip for me. I prefer it greatly to the standard or the aggressive. A lot of guys consider blood and scrapes from the aggressive a badge of honor. I prefer to grip my guns so the Tactical seems to be good for that.
  4. No. The metal grips are metal grips. Mainspring housings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The SV Ergo and maybe the PT Evo both have a more CZ-ish back strap profile. The SV comes with a custom MSH that matches the grip and beavertail. Maybe that is what you are referring to. Either way, they don't match the profile of a standard arched MSH. I do greatly prefer the ZM/Dawson metal MSH on a plastic grip to the plastic MSH. I like the SV Ergo even better.
  5. I agree with you on this point. The difference is we aren't talking about an AR chamber and bolt. There are no locking lugs as these are straight blowback. Also, unlike a standard AR bolt where the firing pin can't reach the primer unless the bolt is in the locked position the blowback ARs will fire out of battery. You could have over 30k psi supported by nothing but the brass. I've seen enough blood on multiple occasions from out of battery ignition that I wouldn't do it. If you want to that's cool but think about who might be to the right of you. For me, as a right handed shooter an OOB incident would likely spit brass at the RO. It might be worth it to you, but personally I'll just get the defective round out and keep shooting.
  6. The Red Oktober match allowed any ammo, which was nice. Barring that I would try to use Yugo M67, which, I believe doesn't attract a magnet. As an update, SJC now makes a Titan comp for the AK so I think mine is about to get louder and flatter shooting than ever before.
  7. Here is a thread with a few different angles of it: http://forums.brianenos.com/index.php?/topic/244227-9mm-lsi-ss/ I like the Romeo3. I have been using one for PCC where it is perfect. I like it on the Open gun and the brightness seems good. I like it as much as a standard, vertical CMore with the benefit of reliable 9mm ejection and less height over bore, and much better than a 90 degree CMore.
  8. I am using the Double Tap RTS2 mount with my Romeo3. The blast shield just needs 2 holes drilled to be able to mount it to clear the extended front profile.
  9. When you say a 5" gun you mean a full length, government slide, correct? In that case the barrel would be 5.5", and you would need to add a .4 to a half inch to all of your other numbers to include the part of the barrel that is threaded unless you are talking about a cone comp gun. Just trying to clarify so nobody orders the wrong barrel. My understanding is that the IMM barrel is around 5" to the crown. I don't have one here to measure but someone probably does. I tried to reach out to Schuemann about ordering a 5", threaded IMM length hybrid barrel and didn't have any luck. I tried to order or backorder a 5", plain hybrid and didn't have luck with that either. You may have better luck, and if that is the case I wouldn't mind ordering one and I can think of some others who would probably want to order as well, if they do a limited run.
  10. Last I heard they do not typically sell the IMM length barrel (appx. 5"). They sell a 5.5" for a full length slide. IIRC the IMM has is an AET configuration and the barrels they sell separately are not. Glenn Rasch at LSI was able to confirm adequate material for lockup, mill a portion of the rib off and thread a 5" Schumann hybrid for a SS (midlength) build. I love the length and balance of it and lockup is perfect.
  11. That's if you aren't completely sold on jumping in to Open. If you are sold on Open skip the 40 and buy a 5" to 5.5" 9 Major 2011. Resale on a 40 caliber Open gun is terrible and if you have a competitive personality I doubt you would be happy with it. My rule of thumb for gun selection is to pick something similar to what the super squad uses. That way you never have to wonder "what if I had x gun". Right now in Open that means a mid or full length 38sc or 9 Major, split between plastic and metal grips. Most have some holes, some have smaller RDS like the RTS2 and everyone else runs a vertical C More. The further you deviate from that the more excuses you have, which I feel is detrimental.
  12. 40 Open and ideal don't belong together. If I were in your shoes and didn't know if I wanted a competitive Open gun I would play with CO more and if you like the dot (even if you don't like the trigger, grip angle or whatever) then invest in a competitive Open setup.
  13. I think there is a lot of ambiguity in what a "short" open gun is. Some consider it to be anything less than a 5.4. The general consensus seems to be that a gun using an uncut Government length slide is a full size gun, with the barrel being 5.4 or 5.5 inches. A shorty would be a gun with a Commander length slide, with a barrel length of 4.65 to 4.75 inches. Something in between (like the IMM, LSI SS, a lot of the Akais, Brazos Pro Sx) usually starts with a government length slide cut back about a half inch, for approximately a 5" barrel length. The midlength seems to currently be hot with the top shooters (and some super squad shooters are using shorter open guns in 9mm). I think a lot of people state their gun lengths relative to how much gets cut off a government slide, i.e. a government length slide cut back a half inch would be called a 4.5" even though the barrel length is closer to 5". A cone comp is an exception to this as the thread engagement can be inside the slide. I have tried to follow what the top 16 are shooting, and I haven't yet seen a top shooter shooting essentially a steel challenge gun at a major USPSA match. Can you make major with a 4.1" SC gun? Sure. But I am inclined to believe there is a reason none of the top guys seem to be using guns that short for major PF.
  14. The shorter the barrel the less buffer weight you "need". The bolt/buffer mass in a blowback gun is designed to keep the bolt closed long enough for pressure to drop to safe levels that the case can withstand. The shorter the barrel the less mass you need for safe operation because the pressure in the barrel drops sooner. If you look at an SMG design book you should see the formula demonstrating that this is the case. I've tried removing the mass from the bolt and running a 9mm buffer in a 16 inch barrel and I liked the combo a lot. I would like to go lighter, eventually, but with a 16" barrel I don't want to get too close to the edge.
  15. I would not want a 9 Major gun that short, personally. I would contact them and see what loads they can recommend that make PF and see if you are willing to accept that limitation. I just got an LSI SS, which is a 5" mid-length 9 major and the balance and dot tracking is perfect for me. It already takes a fairly heavy and compressed charge to make PF at that length (albeit with 3 popple holes) at 9.3 grs of HS6 with a 115 Precision Delta.