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  1. I am running the Racemaster. I'll have to look into the Alpha-X for 3-Gun.
  2. I had an issue on the first 9mm ar I built with a mix of parts would do the same thing in regards to the FTE's. The extractor was not hooking on the case until they would fire. If I had a round left I had to pull it free with my finger nail. I cut my extractor a little thinner and have had no problems since.
  3. I run a DAA and when it is locked it is not coming out. The one issue I have run into is with a full mag and a heavy gun, the holster can work its way loose on the pivot and the gun will move around a little. This has only happened a couple of times in the past few years and is the result of a full 170 mag and the pistol part of the stage was after a long with both other guns first.
  4. I am loading 1.164 OAL with 124 X-Treme RN Plated and getting 1376fps with AutoComp out of my CK in 9mm. Are plated bad? Why does everyone use JHP?
  5. I have been running a 100 round beta mag for the last 3 months without a single malfunction. It sits up well when staging a gun and I can leave it loaded so their is no rush between stages when I am ROing. It has not been left unloaded in 3 months with no issues. Cost is a little steep but 3gun isn't cheap.
  6. This looks like a good deal on UMC. https://www.remington.com/sites/default/files/rebate/file/Remington_BlackFriday_Ammo.pdf
  7. Mine broke at 2000 rounds and I replaced it with a JP I ordered both but the JP worked. It was $2 more and I hope it holds up a little better.
  8. I have several of the 31 round mags with +5/6 from a few different makers and a couple of the TF+10 which are great but the best mag I have is a beta. I can load it when ever and be able to run most of a match with it. So far it has been running for two months and I have let a few other people try it with no malfunctions. I have been running reloads for 825 fps to 1505fps and all have run with out and issue. I don't recommend dropping it.
  9. You can't beat the JP silent capture. I have also used the 7.5 oz buffer and extra power spring and it has been reliable .
  10. I got a batch of FC brass mixed in with a blue tint around the primer that were all crimped in August of this year.
  11. The hyper fire 24C will work in JP rifles. I think this is because of the JP buffer system. It was also worked in a random build, once I switched to a Kaw Valley Precision Solid Stainless Steel Blowback Buffer - 7.5oz and extra power buffer spring. With the 5.5 oz and 9mm buffer spacer I was getting hammer follow with no doubling. It was just a dead trigger.
  12. I recently purchased a C-Mag 100 round mag for my 9mm Ar. The mag has run really well. It looks well built but I would not thing about doing a mag change and dropping this mag. The mag is shorter then the 33 round glock mags but it hangs out to both sides of the rifle by about 5".
  13. Shooting PCC will actually save you money. For anyone who is still reading this is how I justified it. My wife and I both shoot 3gun and we go through a considerable amount of ammo. Most of the ranges that we shoot on are less then 100 yards and in 3 gun nation PCC has its own division. I reload a lot of 9mm and it costs around $0.10 per round. If I shoot PCC I can engage most shotgun steel with 9mm at less then half the price of 12 gauge shells $0.23 shot shell (Walmart Value Pack). Any rifle targets are now engaged with 9mm instead of .223 at $0.33 per 223 rifle round a savings of over 66%. At this rate a JP-13 will pay for it self in 6,750 rounds.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I worked out a load of 3.9 grains of Longshot producing 815 fps. It has very soft recoil and makes power factor.
  15. I was testing a few loads in a glock 26 and 6.7 grains of Longshot pushed a 124 Plated to 1215 fps. No pressure signs but didn't run anything hotter.