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  1. Why not use the Lee trimmer on the press opposite the size die? Then you do the processing in one pass. Tumble the lube off, then change to the loading head... I do this on my 650 for 260 precision ammo; one head to process, and one head to load. My powder drop is trickled individually and added to the primed case in the press before seating...
  2. Trouble is, its not comparable. Espcially with stick powders. Good luck...
  3. I use a RCBS powder measure with the case activated linkage for 223, 308, 9mm, 40, and 45... jj
  4. I wouldn't use a Dillon powder measure for precision ammo. I don't even use them on my 1050 for 3gun rifle ammo, or competition pistol ammo, I use a RCBS measure with a case activated linkage... You would be better off using a scoop and a trickler... jmho jj
  5. Mine did about the same thing, gave it to Matt at a match we were both at, heard him do a bit of dremiling, he gave it back to me and it has worked great ever since. I suspect there is something in the transition between the two mags that needs some attention... jj
  6. Just a few days ago I could see hits on paper (white cardboard with shoot n see stick ons) out to 400 yds in bright sunlight at our backs with the 20-60 Razor, but that's about it for distance on paper. 200 yds is pretty easy on white cardboard. Steel hits or misses out at 1100+ on a 1moa tgt were also observed fairly well at the same time, even thou mirage was kicking pretty hard. For those distances i wouldn't mess with anything less than the 20-60 Razor. imho jj
  7. After a wet tumble, what do you do with the hazardous waste water? Pour it down the drain? Isn't that contaminating the waste water system with lead? Whatever is down stream is out of sight out of mind? I dry tumble in a separate room outside, old green house room... I live in a very dry climate and see no dust when i seperate the media from the brass because i use a lot of polish, and a dryer sheet. The media comes out slightly damp. No dust. No pia wet tumbling... I do not get wrapped around the ocd axle making my brass shiny new. If its clean its good. Primer pocket cleaning is a waste of time as well. I tumble clean, load with lube, and tumble the lube off. No muss no fuss. More time to shoot, less screwing around with loading prep...
  8. Yep, tmz is correct, that screw holds the top adapter in. Put enough hot glue on to hold the primer mag away from that screw.
  9. I think the spinning primer is a primer issue, even thou I prefer them, Winchester primers give me the most grief. CCIs seem to run fine. To do the hot glue mod, you have to remove the clear cover and turn the unit upside down. Right next to the red or blue adapter where the top of the primer mag inserts I put just a small dot or hot glue to keep the top of the primer mag away from the metal of the platform. 1/16 inch away is enough. And put a small torpedo level on all 4 sides of the square tube that holds the platform up, and make sure it is plum. Also, I weakened the bottom spring in the cup that the primer mag sits on, not too much as the spring still needs to hold the mag up against the top. Other than that, its just a matter of adjusting the vibration speed... Mine works great. Good luck! jj
  10. The Dillon FL are good dies. Just have to use lots of lube when doing the entire case at once. I recommend a lanolin based lube like Dillon, and lots of it! Eta; send the stuck case to Dillon, they will get it out
  11. I like win primers, but have had a lot of trubs with them lately in their sizing and just general assembly. The cup could be undersized or oversized or even stamped off center. And the anvil could be sticking out a bit too far. I would try some different ones, at least a different lot number...recommend CCI.
  12. The only time I have problems like this is when a primer gets cockeyed in the wheel somewhere and locks it up. Have you tried different primers? The lot you have could be oversized or out of round... jj
  13. Just use the FL, need lube either way... jj
  14. ^^^ That's funny... I have loaded thousands of rounds with Varget in 223 and 308 for 3gun on my 1050, and know lots of people who also do it on progressives for bulk loading. I also use 4895 with 308 for 3gun ammo. I just finished 2k rounds today with varget in 308, getting throws +- 0.1 grain. All you have to do is polish the powder funnel and the slide in a Dillon powder measure, or use a RCBS powder measure with case activated linkage. There is no reason not to use the powder you want to use because of people spreading a misconception thatextruded powder will not flow well in a progressive...it can be done and done well. jmho jj
  15. Looks like somebody is wanting to post something in the classifieds... 😠