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  1. I run 2 zip ties, one between the 1st and 2nd station, sizer and swager, (swaging rod doesn't hit the case mouth on 223 or 308 anymore). And between the powder and seat die to eliminate powder slinging. It keeps the case fully seated in the shell plate so the case doesn't rock around, and it smooths the advance. Win-win! jj
  2. Yea, fixed it...autocorrect strikes again...
  3. Hummm... How history repeats itself... Back when I got my new 1050, I spent a few hours fussing with my original primer slide with rubber hose...then it hit me. I took the hose off, and have been running on the roll pin ever since. Not worn or anything, removing the hose did the trick. you don't need to replace the roll pin, it works just fine. Oh yea, i removed the hose 10 years ago, roll pin is still good. And I am not an engineer, nore did I stay in a holiday inn last nite... jj
  4. For your info, I did watch the video. And I don't need to be told to calm down... Your conclusions are pretty sound except for steel jackets or bi-metal. They will crater or even penetrate depending on velocity or barrel length. 308 steel jackets will always penetrate even at longer distances. Most MDs have ROs use a magnet to check on stages to verify steel or not. Problem is, you can't tell the difference between steel core and steel jackets with a magnet. Every spring it seems this subject comes up and somebody says "this or that ammo didn't hurt my targets, so I want to use it in your match". Major difference in your targets and ones used for most 3 gun matches are that we use a flash type target, which have more mass to move than a strap hung target. Strap targets are well known to last longer just from the simple fact that they take a hit better. BUT, 3gunners have pretty much demanded the use of flash targets for ease of hit verification, espcially at longer distances, and having volunteer ROd that may not have the best of vision. I have tested all that stuff you did, and also 308 ammo. ANY projectile with steel in it, and over speed ammo WILL damage targets. Cool thing is, the stuff that causes damage is CHEAP. A shooter that wants to perform well at a major does not use cheap ammo. Please, leave that stuff at home and bring your match ammo. When in doubt, if it says 556 M193, or the bullet sticks to a magnet, don't bring it. jj
  5. I could give a rats a$$ how many videos are made. I've heard all the excuses and justifications it seems like thousands of times. Fact is they do damage steel targets, and they are our targets, so our rules apply. After spending thousands on steel targets I see no justification for people to save a couple of pennies per round just to punch holes in our targets. Don't bring banned ammo to any of our matches, to include steel projectiles and over speed (M193). Use it and get caught, match DQ. Its in the match rules, please follow them. jj
  6. Wolff has 45 inch mag springs...
  7. Never used a prairie storm or a 3" shell in a 3gun match... Never needed one either.
  8. Barry, We don't usually schedule 3gun matches here in New Mexico during snowy months... 😁
  9. Barry, You need to start coming out here, rains a bit, usually not, but all day all weekend is pretty unusual... Now watch, you will bring one of those 100 year storms out with you... jj Eta; got a couple of slots left for HeMan Nationals, 20-21May!
  10. I don't understand all this whining about this match having "only" 8 stages. Jimmy used to design stages for Rocky Mountain 3gun (among other things), which at the time, was 3 days, 8 stages. And he has already told you that there will be lots of other opportunities to do some shooting on side stages. You can take it to the bank that after a day of shooting at this match you will be D.U.N.! If you have a hankering, go! And have fun! It will be a good time! jj
  11. I prefer close to my eye to have a bigger window to look thru, so I mount the dot as close as I can.
  12. Agreed... And the article was so full of fiction that I laughed my a$$ off... jj
  13. Z, The only time I know I have been consistently swept by long guns is at the nationals by ROs clearing them that are so badly tunnel visioned they can't see what they are doing. They are so much in a hurry to clear that gun that they usually at a mimimum sweep the shooter and clock RO. . I attend a lot of major outlaw matches, and run a couple. Anyone sweeping anyone with any gun goes home at any outlaw match i have been to. To zero into outlaw matches like that comment is just wrong. jj
  14. Imho, if a 550 or 650 is "gettin er done" with consistent, accurate ammo, why go backwards to a single stage? Just a thought... jj