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  1. I think I identified the problem. I pulled the inner portion of the M die out and found the mandril had come partially unscrewed again which of course over flares some cases over time. Put some blue locktite on it and ran about 300 cases. So far so good.
  2. Yes, as stated the RT 1200 trim/size die is in station 3 BEFORE the M die. The trimmer has a maximum length of around 1.747 or so (I can't get 1.750 to save my soul due to trimmer moving a bit when turned on). That is the length I set the M die for. A good number of cases are shorter so never get trimmed. Interestingly, I did find the M die mandril stuck in a case I guess from slowly unscrewing with use. Thinking about putting some locktie on it. Another thought I had about this since posting is to get rid of M die and have mouth expansion with a PowderFunnel in the powder die. That has worked very good with pistol rounds. What do y'all think about that?
  3. I have been prepping 223 range brass picked up at matches and have my Dillon 650 set up with a "loading" tool head consisting of partial resizing/decapping in station 1, Dillon RT1200 station 3 and Lyman M die station 5. I have noticed a significant number of cases have the mouth flared too much so that they don't pass the chamber check. I find myself having to reset the M die a fair bit. I suspect the problem is range brass being different lengths and some go further into the die than others causing the extra flaring. Has anyone dealt with this in reloading and should I just not use the M Die for range brass. It sure makes the bullet go in easier when is works correctly. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, M Koury
  4. This from their website: If your MPX does not cycle low velocity rounds, we can help out! This service includes removing the gas block, drilling out the gas port (barrel and block), and reassembly. We only need your barrel sent in. We open the barrel to .0625″ port size. Turnaround is 2-3 days.
  5. Got to the range today with Gen 2 MPX after having gas port enlarged at ZR Tactical and it worked flawlessly for 200 rounds. Ejection was much improved and even locked the bolt back on last round. I couldn't get through an entire mag before without a stovepipe. I shoot 147 Extremes over 3.4 gr Titegroup. Recommend enlarging gas port to those having problems with their reloads. I know several folks can do it. Can't recommend ZR Tactical enough though. In and out in less than a week. I have no affiliation with them just happy to be able to use the same reload recipe for all my guns now.
  6. I sent my barrel and gas block to ZR Tactical this past Monday for port enlargement and got it back Saturday, less than a week!!!! Nice, responsive company with incredible turn around. They even loosen the flash hider for me since I couldn't get it to budge. If their gas port enhancement works as well as their service I should be set. Will give a report when I get a chance to get to the range. mk
  7. I have a lot of brass from rifle competition people don't pick up and started processing. I have prep tool head just like you and added the Swage It. I really like it.Since its new I have been checking my primer pockets with a gauge and it is giving excellent results as far as the gauge goes. The only problem is that the Lyman M die sometimes flares the mouth too much and I have to rerun it. It must happen with longer brass since it doesn't happen with everyone even though I have adjusted it several times. But at any rate the Swage It takes a whole separate step out by doing the swaging on the "prep" tool head.
  8. Well after several attempts to get in touch with Taylor--the last time I thing they picked the phone up and hung up I found ZR Tactical Solutions. They promptly answered an email so I'm going to send my barrel and gas port to them to enlarge the gas port. They have it listed as a service on their site for $75, I guess Taylor has more business than he can handle to not even reply but good for him. ZR states they have a 2-3 day turn around. I'll let you know.
  9. They have been out of stock but recently got more. Still appear to have some as of just a minute ago. I just received a side charging upper from them last week.
  10. Sumtoc, how did you get in touch with Taylor? I have emailed and tried to call to no avail. I want to send mine to him as well. Just don't know how. Thanks, mk
  11. I certainly agree with your statement but I have used my recipe for my handguns and don't want to change or have a different load for just one gun. If I can accomplish that by opening the port a bit it would be worth it. As far as the OP original question about an opinion between the two its just my personal experience that as far as obtaining one of the two and going to shoot the CZ is a more competition ready platform IMO. I love the MPX. It is cool and a blast to shoot. It's just taking more tweaking than the CZ and for almost twice the money I would think it would shoot anything fed to it. But as you rightly point out it is a different operating system and as also pointed out in a different thread on here somewhere Sig probably didn't design it for competition. Once I get it going I can't wait to shoot it in completion with my handloads.
  12. I have both that I have tried to set up for PCC competition. Both are pistols that I SBR'ed. I did make some modifications to the CZ with the HBI trigger spring kit and changed the right sided safety. The CZ has worked without a problem and will shoot any ammo fed to it. It is very accurate. Works with my reloads very well. I love the looks of the MPX but I have problems with FTE with my reloads (147 gr xtreme RN over 3.3 gr Titegroup). It fires commercial ammo without fail. Others have pointed out that the Gen 2 MPX which I have is "undergassed" but improves with a break in period of a few hundred rounds of commercial ammo and mine has gotten better but not 100% yet. I'm considering sending it to have the gas port enlarged which seems to correct the problem. You would think that a gun that costs significantly more than the CZ would work with all ammo. If I were to get only one at this point I would go with the CZ for cost, reliability and easy modification if felt necessary by you. Just my 2 cents. I'm sure others will have different opinions.
  13. When I got back from shooting commercial ammo and cleaned it that gas valve and tappet where filthy and very stiff. After taking apart, cleaning and oiling they feel much looser so I'm hoping this will help. My production load--147 gr xtreme RN bullet over 3.3 Titegroup at 1.160 OAL was shooting better after commercial ammo so hopefully now after a good cleaning it will get even better. Happy New Year to all. mk
  14. OK, here's an update. Got a chance to go to range and shot 250 rounds of 115 gr S&B commercial ammo. Ejected great and no problems. Then tried my reloads again and there was improvement in that I had no FTE. Ejected brass going a little further. Only minor problem is that not getting last round bolt hold back with the reloads. Going to go clean it well including the tappet and oil it up good. Will cont to take it out and shoot commercial until confident in its reliability before shooting in competition. Appreciate everyone's spot on advice. MK
  15. Thanks for the replies. How far out does your gun eject the brass? My brass was hitting just to the right of my right foot. Makes me think not enough gas coming back to operate bolt. Will follow the recommendations above and shoot higher powered commercial ammo for several 100 rounds but don't see how this would improve my reloads ability to cycle gun. These are the same reloads I use for pistol competition and I'm basically lazy and don't want to do a separate 9 mm load for MPX. My CZ 75 and Scorpion work great with them. Have found this problem noted elsewhere but no definitive answer on how to beat it other than "breaking in". At this point with the cost of the gun and the now approved Form 1 have no choice but to continue on. May call Sig after 1st and see if they have any advice. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year. M