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  1. It's been set aside for now. I got a new stock 2 I'm going to be using for now. I will figure it out when I get back from vacation
  2. I never have replace the recoil spring so I might just go ahead and do that. Probly will replace the trigger bar also.
  3. The usual parts. I used a Dremal with a little polish compound. Nothing crazy.
  4. I think lone wolf. But like I said it was years ago and it has been working fine. Until I recently polished and cleaned/lubed it. When the slide is back you can see the trigger bar lift up through the gap between the slide and frame. Idk if that is normal or not never noticed it
  5. After market.
  6. I installed a 3.5lb connector in it and extended slide release, mag release in it about 5 years ago. Recoil spring is stock along with everything else. It has around 6-8k rounds fired and about the same dry fired.
  7. It only fired one extra round 2 times. After that it has worked fine. But it doesn't seem normal
  8. I recently disassembled my G17 and polished the trigger etc. took it to a match today and when I pulled the trigger it fired 1 round then quickly another. It happened 2 times and I noticed when pulling the trigger and holding it then racking the slide the slide does not fully return. Here is a video anyone know what's going on??
  9. The stages are on there site http://universalshootingacademy.com/matches/florida-state-championship/
  10. Its supposed to rain sunday 90% chance of thunderstorms. Most likely will rain saturday too. Just a heads up
  11. Nice. I almost ordered one but got a scorpion instead.
  12. Mine allowed it last time i was there 3 weeks ago. Now i got a pcc gun and tried to sign up and now they dont allow it!! Idk what happened.
  13. I was going to shoot a friday night match at my local club and went to sign up online and there was no pcc class. So i emailed the ro and he said they are not going to shoot pcc on weekly matches only on sundays! Anyone elses club doing this? The answer i got was its a club issue and they are working on it.
  14. I got my scorpion and my cmore. First match is this friday! It will be my first time shooting the rifle too. Going to have to get a bore sighter and hope for the best! Anyone reccomend one? I was going to get a 9mm bullet bore sighter and try it
  15. What mag extension is that?