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  1. Another vote for this. Great insurance, and cheap too.
  2. It looks like the jacketed bullets have a cannelure that the brass is being roll crimped into, but the Black bullets do not. So when you are trying to put that much of a roll crimp on, and there is no cannelure for the case shoulder to go into, so something has to give, which is the case wall. Try backing off the roll crimp on the Black bullets. Side note, arent the Black bullets you're using coated? If you roll crimp them you will be cutting through the coating, and probably result in a lot of leading in your barrel.
  3. Yes I did. The E3 chrono'd about 134 out of the MPX. Which was surprising that I still wound up with bulged brass. Now in full disclosure, I had just gotten my 1050 w/AmmoBot and was getting it dialed in, so that may have been a factor as well. I intend to play with it some this weekend again with some loads with A#2 and see what happens. --Linky--
  4. This is interesting. I've had some instances of bulged brass from my Gen 2 MPX carbine using my 9 minor loads (3.6gr E3, 124gr Zero). I dont recall ever seeing this with factory ammo. I've often thought of trying a slower powder in the MPX, though I have never had a problem with it cycling. I did call Sig about the bulged brass, and they sent me an upgraded BCG for it (carrier, firing pin, and new fp spring, that the G2 no longer has from the factory), which didnt seem to help a lot. I will load some WST up and see how it runs.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Separate stations also. I ran myself nuts with my LNL trying to get 45ACP rounds that consistently gauged seating and taper crimp in same die. i just set up a 1050 with Ammo Bot for 9 Minor, and doing it separately as well. If you load lead or coated bullets, you really want to do it separately anyway.
  7. Question. " “Double action” – chamber loaded, hammer fully down or de-cocked." Dont most decockers leave the hammer at "half-cock"? Reading, seems to indicate if you have a safety you must drop the hammer fully, or if you have a decocker, half-cock is ok. I had always thought it meant hammer is fully down, regardless.
  8. I started wet tumbling a little over a year ago. Like others, main reason was to cut down on the dust and the media left over in the brass, etc. This winter I made the jump from a LNL to a Dillon 1050 with an Ammo Bot. This jump was pretty significant for a lot of reasons. Relative to this thread, I was having a LOT of issues loading 9mm Minor. At the suggestion of others, I started prepping my wet tumbled/dried brass first (decapping and resizing), which resulted in having waaaaay too many primer pull-back issues. I tried everything, different dies, pins, pins with 45* angles, polishing, vacuum attached to primer tube, etc, etc, etc. Again, at the suggestion of others that had run into similar issue, I went from wet tumbling back to dry tumbling, and my primer pull-backs went to near zero during processing. Apparently, the residue from the primer tends to glue the primer to the case. If I was still loading by hand I doubt I would have experienced this issue, at least I did not loading 45ACP on my LNL. But it manifested itself when I automated the loading process. I have since sold my wet tumbling equipment, and will only go back if for some reason I find it better to dry tumble, decap, wet tumble, dry, size/load. But since that means hauling buckets of brass from the garage to the basement, back up, then back down again, I doubt that will happen. YMMV
  9. This. Been covered before. --here-- .
  10. ARGH In the middle of putting in a CGW kit in my CZ Phantom last night, when I launched the DC lift spring. Dang. Ordered some replacements, will resume when they come in.
  11. I use Hoppes #9 and a brush to scrub/loosen all the crud, then Birchwood Gun Scrubber to blast away all the grung, then hit it with air gun from my compressor. Does a good job for me.
  12. Isnt the slide profile on the Sig 1911s wider than a normal 1911 slide? The one I have is. You might factor this in your decision.
  13. Problem is the availability of recoil springs for the MPX, of any kind, much less OEM. I have not found any aftermarket. It's been a while since I checked, but Sig doesnt seem to want to sell replacement recoil springs. Hopefully this has/will change.
  14. Love mine. Same stock too, very comfortable. MUCH better/solid than the original stock.