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  1. edit: just re read the rules. The shooter wasn't moving, or reloading or clearing a malfunction or transferring the gun between hands. I think if the shot had gone further than 10', he would totally be able to get away with the AD under the rules. However, since the shot went less than 10', his only way out is to claim he was shooting at a paper target closer than 10'. I tend to think that if the gun was not pointed at the target, and he wasn't looking at the sights, he probably wasn't actually shooting at a target closer than 10', but that is a bit of a judgement call. You certainly don't need to actually look at the sights for many targets inside 10'. I can easily see an RM over-ruling a dq.
  2. opening a door or port hatch is not altering.
  3. do you stop doing that stuff because you get old? or do you get old because you stop doing that stuff?
  4. hmmm. i think we need more surmounting in our local matches.
  5. i would trade the TG for beer to someone who likes it. I definitely prefer faster powders than TG or n320 for 45. go buy some bullseye, or clays, or BA10.
  6. I don't use titegroup, but 5 grains of it under a 200gr bullet sounds like a lot. From what I've read it seems like red dot and TG are pretty similar in charge weight, at least for 9 and 40. I think it's probably a waste of time to compare perceived recoil without a chrono to know how fast they are going. depending on primers, around 4.1 of clays made major for me with a coated 200gr SWC.
  7. my sti 1911's have a crap-ton of excess metal in the lower part of the frame, (covered up by the grip). If it wasn't a brand-new gun you could certainly grind on that to make it a more normal profile. I did that with my 9mm to save 3/4 oz or so.
  8. But uspsa pistol shooters want to practice, and aim.....
  9. federal resource agency. our folks carry sigs. everyone who shoots a plastic gun changes internal parts too. Since we agree none of that stuff really matters.... .who cares?
  10. what a silly thing to post. lots of agencies (including mine) carry metal guns.
  11. partly because most AD's aren't actually considered AD's in USPSA. (i.e. early shots when you are pointed more or less towards the target, or bumpfires on the 2nd shot, yadda yadda, yadda.
  12. Well, even if the OP doesn't care, here is what I do: 1. figure out where you have to start. 2. figure out where all the targets are. 3. find the positions you *have* to go to. examine what else you can shoot from those positions. 4. Decide if it's worthwhile to shoot anything from a position you don't *have* to go to, for example if it's much closer or easier shot. 5. Figure out the shortest or easiest route from the start to all the places you need to go. 6. Decide where to reload. 7. Memorize it and visualize it over and over until it is your turn to shoot. as ultimo-hombre mentions above, it is more important to pick a plan you can execute without hesitation than it is to split hairs over what is the shortest or fastest.
  13. what does the rulebook say? appears to give you either option.
  14. but noticeably more humid than in america (i.e., the west).
  15. People who care about HOA wins over handicapped divisions should just enter a special olympics shooting match and be super proud of themselves for 'winning'. Or better yet, do a real life opposing-force scenario with live ammo, and leave the rest of us alone in our little ponds. lulz.