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  1. The precision deltas are pretty good SD Bullets as well.
  2. I've shot PD's 124hp for several years in my production rig. They are very accurate and a great price. Great customer service as well.
  3. Thanks fellas.
  4. don't let Jacob in please. unless he shoots SS cause he sucks at SS
  5. loading some 9mm/124gr Extreme hollow points for my CZ 75 compact and wondering what OAL people are loading to?
  6. I got the 75b compact with the rail and am working on it for carry. So include upgrades for carry as well.
  7. I have dealt with Rob a few times as well. He's a good ol guy as well...
  8. do you like shooting or reloading better????????????????????????
  9. I have used PD for a few years and it is a great bullet, even better company to deal with.
  10. absolutely nothing. Lee makes the EGW die if I remember right. it even comes in a Lee box.
  11. my set up.
  12. hornady oneshot is what I use. Works great with the u die in station 1
  13. What is the overall length on this belt please.

    1. dhollis51


      I will let you know when I get home and measure it.



    2. dhollis51


      wife was home.  it is 52.5" from end to end.


      Hope this helps.



  14. Was this at the Memphis match?