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  1. Thanks. I really want to get the grip hard chromed but don't want to spend the $$$$
  2. It's fit. Haven't shot it yet but hope to this weekend.
  3. It's not dropping right in mine and needs a good bit of fitting. I was wondering if I got the wrong trigger. They list two on the SVI website and I'm not sure which one speed shooters sells. Is why I'm asking
  4. Thanks
  5. Is this the right SV trigger bow for the Pheonix Trinity evo grip? https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=SVITT&n=SVI-Trigger-Base--Stainless-Steel-Bow-2011
  6. Real job?? You need to quit that and get to work on this.
  7. Usually early in the year.
  8. Maybe Logans or where ever we went. I think Waynebob has his phone still locked
  9. 4 minutes???? dang that was fast
  10. Hahaha. Bet you a dollar you don't go.