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  1. Thanks guys
  2. Older gun, never seen/done this before. What is it? Causes it? Should I worry? Fyi, cleaned it off and joint looks great. Gaps look tight and normal.
  3. I know this has been beaten into the ground, but my question is more specific. Which one runs flatter? Logic would say the extra weight of the 3 would, regardless of bull barrel. But the only two relevant posts I've every read, the shooters felt the 2 was a tiny bit flatter.
  4. If the guns 100% functional with stock FP, and adding this FP may require the need to fit FPB, wouldn't that make it not "completely drop in"?
  5. Are these for the most part drop in?
  6. Is the warne mount still avail  txt to 9548992819

  7. What kind of trigger pull weights are the factory guns getting?
  8. Is there a possibility this match will get cancelled? For out of towners with hotel reservations, would be extremely unfortunate but I see there's only 39 people signed up with 50 opened slots.
  9. How much does tri topping a slide reduce the weight of a slide versus just a flat top? Anyone have any figures?
  10. Anyone seen an estimate on round count and break down?
  11. USPSA is a 501c(3) non-profit, so that's not necessarily accurate and you missed the point Chuck was trying to make.
  12. Go on? 12 ounces less weight and virtually the same bore axis. That's all you need to know. That's not all you need to know.The x-cal uses a rotary barrel vs the tilt barrel of the CZ/Tagfos. What is the difference in reciprocating mass? What is the moment of inertia of the two guns? ( and how does the moment change while the gun is cycling). Are the guns tuned so there isn't a 'hard' impact when the slide comes back/forward? Then you have to look at the bio-mechanics. grip angle? palm swells? grip texture? You have to examine a gun as a whole, not just a mass/bore axis. A rotary barrel does not extinguish recoil. The rotary barrel induces a horizontal force. However, neither the tilt nor the rotation of the barrel has any significant effect on recoil or muzzle flip. Reciprocating mass does not directly matter. The inertial forces matter. When you shoot ammo of the same Power Factor you are going to have roughly the same reciprocating inertia. Again however, this is largely insignificant. Revolvers have muzzle flip and it is obviously not due to their slide weights. Lighter slides do nothing to change recoil, and the effect on muzzle flip is almost entirely subjective and mitigated by recoil spring tuning. When you look at the actual physics, all that really matters is the mass and the bore axis. I'm including the location of the mass in that. You can't get around Newton's third by wishful thinking. And that opposite force is directed at the bore axis. It is then just a simple matter of leverage. When you shot the x caliber, did you not think it shot as flat as a cz?
  13. Got to love all the passive-aggressive drama....the hair gel and big sunglasses are fitting.