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  1. yeah they are not cheap though, .308 bullets can work sometimes
  2. Hi all, Did the usual search. About to buy a right-handed Grandmaster that has a setup for a righty with the racker and *thumb rest [generic]*. Looking to hear from the other south paws on the best setup to get a pedal on the "right" side. Also, do they made that much a difference? never used one on my Brazos limited gun.
  3. I think you might have a problem with 7/8 on the farther big steel poppers.
  4. I use plated for local matches and practice, JHPs for competitions - load to give same feel
  5. Aftecs run almost forever, have them in mine and sons limited guns. My Brazos come with it - Bob doesn't screw around. I have well over 25k rounds through it.
  6. do you guys find it super cruddy in the gun?
  7. by the 40lbs bags of cc from northern tool or similar
  8. regarding win primers - Tom from Alliant replied to an email that Nobel Sports and Cheddites are reasonable substitutes are a little less hot than win. I used to shoot league trap and have literally shot thousands based on this advice. Another is the wads - certain wads are ballistic similar to each other and 3rd parties specifically make Win substitutes based on this even though they look completely different. Some manufacturer load manuals show this some don't. The thing here is that if you are new to shotshell reloading - don't screw around to much - stick with subbing similar primers to start and then learn the loading process. For instance a super dangerous thing to do is sub a 1oz slug in a 1oz shot load because both compress at ignition differently. I know people do it but its not very scientific! The key here is that "following the book exactly" is a bit extreme even though its is the best advice for new reloaders. When I (and others) go off the reservation its not by a great deal and its usually done conservatively with research that includes touching base with the power supplier, etc, and then with a chrono in hand.
  9. my 4lb spring in my glock lites off wins
  10. like he said...
  11. 55s with 20.5 to 21.5 of IMR 4198. Load by hand and don't run in a rifle gas system
  12. funny ive had the opposite issue with cci
  13. trying to get a consensus. I'll be buying some to experiment but I have many boxes of cci and win
  14. Since federal SPPs are near Unobtanium that leaves Winchester which seem to work fine with light striker springs. What's the word on Fiocchi - I searched and consensus is harder than Federal but softer then Winchester. Anyone out there using these in lightly sprung Glocks?