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  1. Trying .40 in your pistol first is excellent advice. Here is my advice if the .40 doesn't work like you want: Make peace with the fact that you love shooting a pistol that shoots a cartridge that is a little more costly than some others---then go rock that 10mm!!! Look at matches as great practice for your carry gun, and forget the brass cost (because it really is NOT that high). Fact is, if you pay $162 per thousand and you walk away from 150 pieces of brass at every match (very unlikely) then after 20 matches you spent a little under $500 on brass. Walking away from the same amount of brass purchased at 1/2 the price---you spent a little under $250 on lost brass. Net effect? Shooting 20 matches with your favorite pistol chambered in God's caliber cost you about $250. Go have fun and ignore the negative nellie's that complain about *your* brass costs.
  2. Matt McLearn McLearn Custom Guns 928-468-8984
  3. Yes I did. Mine went to CZ Custom for the work, but Cajun Gun Works is top shelf. My P07 and P09 have run flawlessly. I have heard great things about the new CZ-P10, but have not seen one in person yet.
  4. You obviously know how to maintain and keep a 1911 running fine, so I say go for it. The idea that a high cap STI, SVI, or custom build can't be made to be as reliable as a polymer striker fired pistol has not been my experience. I own CZ 07/09 and they are great; own Glock 19, 17, 20 and 29 and enjoy them too...but the MCG 2011 style pistols I own are what I carry...and they are 100%. The only advantage I believe a Glock has over them is cheaper mags and lower purchase price (which is why so many departments started and continue to carry Glock).
  5. Nils Jonasson won the Limited Nationals (again) shooting a McLearn Custom; 2nd place Vogel shot a Glock 35; 3rd place Sevigny shot FN-FNS, as I recall. Nils Jonasson won single stack nationals shooting a McLearn Custom. Chris Tilley won the Open Nationals (again) shooting SVI.
  6. They are all ultra-competitive, next-level, awesome shooters. They shoot what they believe gives them the best chance of winning. At least that is my theory:)
  7. In the last 5-10 years has anyone shot an SVI to the win in single stack or limited nationals? Nils has run a McLearn Custom to single stack and limited class national championships; Rob is of course Mr. Springfield and dominated forever; Strader shot a Smith and Wesson (as I recall). Chris Tilley has been awesome with an SVI open pistol...who else?
  8. One of my carry pistols is a 2011 built by Matt McLearn in 9x23. Gun and mags 100%. I would (and do) carry it everywhere.
  9. I would put up a WTB thread on this site. Lots of guns out there drawing dust:)
  10. Enjoy
  11. That is the key: Having fun with what you enjoy shooting. I think too often people tend to believe the tools make the carpenter, or the caliber makes the shooter. I could shoot .22LR through an open pistol and still not be a threat to Nils in Limited.
  12. If I was in your situation I would buy one, send to a top smith and have them polish all internals and do a reliability job. I have had Matt McLearn do this on my carry 1911/2011's, and the results have been great and turn-around fast. Then, I would call your holster maker and get a rig built for it...kydex or leather whichever you prefer to carry. Go get one!:)
  13. +1 I just had a McLearn Custom Gun built in .38SC. Brass is more expensive, but if cost of ammo is what drives shooting (and when I was young it was) then build a nice Ruger rimfire open pistol and go conquer the many steel challenge matches that offer rimfire competition. If there is anything more fun for less cost in shooting...I am not sure what it is. I still enjoy it. Btw, the McLearn pistol is incredible.
  14. Thank you. Congrats to him!