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  1. I'm replacing the slide catch with the nitro fin as well
  2. I am looking for contrast it is on a Stock 3. I have silver accents just looking at doing silver for all controls.
  3. Has anyone tried to Polish the black safety and release on a Stock 3 or limited pro?
  4. I think the elite limited is awesome. I made the mistake of switching to 2011. And now looking at switching back. Tanfoglio's just feel right in the hand.
  5. You need to be using is as a thumb rest like it's ment to be. Then it will never get bumped lol
  6. I have noticed on mine it goes in alot easier with the slide dot back a little farther.
  7. What recoil spring are you running. How long have you been using the current mag springs?
  8. Do you store your mags loaded?
  9. Before the last practice session before a major depending on how often you got to majors.
  10. Any damage to your ejector? That one looked like it's not getting kicked out properly.
  11. I have a Limited Pro. It is by far my favorite competition gun I have owned. I have shot berreta, hk, glock, springfield, Para ordnance and probably a few more not popping in my head at the moment. I now shoot the limited pro in production. It fits my hand and seems to shoot so much flatter and faster I feel like I'm cheating lol.
  12. Red it will be. Thanks for the input
  13. Yea I think I prefer production I see another limited pro in my future! LOve my stock 2 in 40 cal. damn accurate. I was between the stock 2 and the limited pro. I went with limited pro because I like the sight radius and the frame made it the same as my limited. It quickly became my favorite to shoot.
  14. Yea I think I prefer production I see another limited pro in my future!
  15. That will be happening for sure!!