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  1. Still waiting... So much for 2-3 weeks.
  2. I haven't had Doug Jones in Michigan do mine but had him do other work. He should be able to do it. He's in Michigan. Does the accurail system also for 1911s
  3. Joe does great work but I think he's having knee surgery now
  4. Oh man! I watched the pros on shooting USA and they weren't even using guns when going through the stages. They just pretend to have a gun. Shoot all that dry fire for nutin.[emoji6]
  5. Nothing beats a Lee[emoji41]
  6. Did the same thing while practicing at my range, my cmore did not fare so well on the cement floor. Needless to say I always check before letting go and lock before moving
  7. Kinda sad really
  8. Just bought mine president's day weekend and the hole drilled but no ball. It's at TT the factory getting it's its ball now
  9. Just limited amount of federal left. So shooting winchester in this gun. Didn't put it on the scale But maybe 6-7 lbs. Have more time to play with it when I get it back
  10. My story starts out going to the local gun store which I had not frequented in about 4 years. It was president's day and I had the day off, I wasn't looking for anything in particular. OK, maybe a CZ tactical sport or a limited Witness. Yes I do like to study the culture of bottom feeders. Fascinating stuff. Anyway I'm browsing and what do I see. Not only a 929 but a 986. I tell myself I'll just hold it, cause I have only seen them on the net, not in person. Man this thing looks good and feels great in the hand. Then I begin to think of all the bad things I've read about them on the net. Then I remember my 627-4 in 38 super and my 627-5 in 357 and the performance and accuracy of these stellar guns. I think well I'll just look at the new one they have in the back. He gets it and hands it to me. I tell myself, I'm just looking. I look at the barrel nice and centered. I look at the forcing cone, pretty clean. The timing is good, crane spins straight. I think lady luck is with me. I want to pull the comp off and look and the crown but don't. I then remember the last time in Vegas when I thought lady luck was with me at the roulette table (that's another story that didn't end well). But this is another day and another story. The trigger is very tough maybe about 10-12 lbs. No! I tell myself. Then I think, I've already got moon clips, this titanium cylinder will spin so easy I'll be a gun wizard with this 929. I shake my head and pause... I announce, "I'll take it". Well I get it home lighten the trigger for Winchester primers and I'm pretty happy. I'm excited I'm going to work up loads and find out the true potential of this pistol (and not necessarily me). I begin to clean it after firing it to get the trigger set up. Then I notice....the detent ball on the crane is missing which locks up the cylinder. Now that is some quality control going on there. Oh well I take it and fire the rounds I have loaded at the range,. I was getting about 2" groups with .355 jacketed 115 zero's and .356 160,s and 135's coated with VV320 and Titegroup. I hope to work this down a lot more. I'll try some .358's when it returns from S&W. Just wanted to share this story for others and the lesson I learned. Remember just because your revolver has that long slender barrel doesn't necessarily mean that it has ball's. Please learn from my story. Your result may vary
  11. Me to factory accuracy was disappointing on mine.
  12. Thanks I thought so just wanted to be sure before I get started.
  13. I just bought a Henning flat trigger which uses the trigger roll pin. Before I install this can I just reuse the old roll pin? Or do I need a new one? It no longer comes with the bolt and nut
  14. +1 lube works wonders on 9 mm
  15. I'm also anxiously awaiting