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  1. I make them for the billet and forged lowers. It seems some of the early forged PSA Glock lowers had a sloppy fit in the mag tunnel. You can actually pull the mag out, without touching the mag release. I think they then tightened the tunnel too much to try to fix this, and went too far. This is based on what I have seen, and am making a guess, I have no way of proving or disproving this theory. I would not mess with it, and contact PSA and let them fix the issue. All this being said, I really like their billet lower, it is strangely similar to a NFA and JP in the critical areas. I have been very happy with mine, and I know quite a few people that are as well.
  2. Thank you! Much appreciated!
  3. I sell a 3D printed slip on version for a mi-spec lower with a colt insert. I spent some time trying to come up with an aluminum magwell to fit a mil-spec lower an insert, I was not happy with my results. Tolerance stacking between various lowers and inserts made it tough. I think it could be done, but the end user would have to realize there could be fitting involved.
  4. 5.56? Not yet.
  5. Yes, sir. Here it is.
  6. No, I made another version for that. Pm me your email for pics
  7. We must have ran across the same goon.
  8. Don't waste your money. I have one it is not that reliable.
  9. I have a vector arms Uzi that has a .45 conversion. It has the lower that is converted to take grease gun mags. It would make a good truck gun. The trigger reset is a little long for competition, but it is very reliable. It is set up for 9 right now. I use it as my defective round disposal system. It it remotely resembles a 9mm round it will eat it.
  10. Playing with 95 grain precision delta bullets. Below is a group I shot at 50 yards. 2 to 2-1/2" at 50 seems to be a good average. I have not had this good of results with 95 grain coated bullets. I acquired some 90 grain frangible bullets to test, I think they will be more accurate. I tried a few today, I love the recoil impulse at 125 pf. I am going to load some at 130 and check the results. Is there anyone else playing with lighter bullets?
  11. In the raw now. Pm for price
  12. Fresh off of the mill.
  13. Changed a few small design aspects. I am happy with it now.