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  1. I tried the super heavy buffer a while ago, I did not like it. Your set up could be different, mine had excessive dot rise and dip with the heavy buffer. I was not using mouse fart loads, but to me, I didn't see a a way get a soft shooting rifle with that setup.
  2. Mine arrived yesterday. It looks like a great value. I was happy how tight it is with the stripped aero upper I am going to use with it.
  3. Thanks to Howard and the York crew for putting on one hell of a match! Definitely worth the 4 hour drive! See you next year. Thanks again Brian
  4. If it eat those pumpkins, it will be just fine for me!
  5. I love light bullets too. Just ordered one.
  6. Has a decision been made on which stage will be used? Thanks
  7. JP extractors are the same design as the cmmg and psa. Holding the cmmg and JP side by side, the JP has a much better finish. I am running the cmmg right now. I am on my 3rd 30 cal ammo can of ammo on that extractor. No problems yet. The stock psa extractor was extremely soft and would hold the tune for about 120 rounds. I didn't do anything to the cmmg except install it.
  8. Can you change mags on the clock?
  9. I purchased a qc10 Glock lower that I am still accumulating parts for the build. The ejector wobbles in the lower vertically. Is this normal for these lowers?
  10. I don't see any reason not to. That is my intention at the local matches that don't have the range to go past 100.
  11. Thanks to the crew who put this on! Great match!
  12. I love coated bullets. I have shot thousands of them. I have tried bayous, blue bullets, and king bullets in my pcc. I am getting leading in the comp with all of them in my pcc. I am running 124 grain blue bullets in my 9 major open gun at local matches without any problems. I might try these for the hell of of it.
  13. What diameter are you choosing when you order them?
  14. Reworked my JP magwell design.