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  1. I use skateboard tape that I cut to a pattern I have. Clean the grip with alcohol, warm the grip a bit with hair dryer, apply the cutouts. Then I wrap tightly with paracord for the full length of the grip. Let it sit overnight. The wrapping with paracord is like clamping parts while gluing. Using this method, I've never had one come off until I take it off.
  2. Here is the scope I bought from Optics Planet
  3. I had a LT-135 on order back in December. None in stock and they could not give me a timeframe for when they would be making more. I cancelled the LaRue and went with the ADM. I'm quite happy with the quality and really like the extra height.
  4. I'll be watching for the Tooth and Nail product. Hopefully soon.
  5. I wish the forend on my Versa Max was not quite so big I just noticed that Mesa Tactical has a replacement part I assume this would fit I'm my VM Tactical Does anybody have any experience with the Mesa Tactical Mohawk forend for Versa Max? specifically is it any slimmer than the OEM? here is the link
  6. Here is the link to the MI scope mount
  7. To piggyback on this topic, any thoughts on scope height. I see typical is 1.5 (to centerline). I currently have a LT104 and do find that I have to mush my head down to get proper alignment. Midwest Industries is now making a mount that is 1.93. As I understand it, this taller mount may allow for a better head positioning.
  8. Another muzzle brake question . . . . I'm wondering if anyone has experience using Midwest Industries 2 chamber muzzle brake? I've read as many post about brakes as I can find here. And I know there are new ones coming out all the time.
  9. Check out AETI. Doug does very good work. I've never had a problem getting a hold of him Here is the web site:
  10. Aimpoint Pro can be found new for that price. Used ones are a bit less. Aimpoints are rugged and hold their value.
  11. My FF handgard attaches to the barrelnut using Loctite 609. Here is their info on the product My handguard is not CF. it has a couple of "clamping screws". But when I loosened those screws I still had to "break it loose"
  12. I did the same thing. Just kept forcing it. Ultimately the bottom plate broke. I figured if I ever didn't want the TT base pad, that p-mag just becomes "spare parts"
  13. The levers on the Seekins are quite a bit larger and more aggressive than BAD. The BAD also has several lever options in size, type, & length. After several outings I've decided to go back to the BAD. No knocking the function or quality, just not comfortable for me.
  14. I just installed the Noveske cup & Nordic on the clamp. I dug out my VTAC rifle sling & it fit my SG just fine. That will save me from having to buy another sling.
  15. The OEM spring is very stiff, and for me, made loading harder. I replaced mine with a Nordic spring that is trimmed to14" past the tube (that's longer than OEM). The Nordic is a slightly smaller wire diameter & not as stiff. That change made loading a LOT EASIER. For the price of the springs, I just change it on a regular basis (depends on how much you shoot).