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  1. One installer is Doug Jones. $250 on that 2011. http://www.acc-u-rail.com/ Other shops list them but I don't know if they do the work or send them out.
  2. Just speculating, how about one of the contoured low resistance hammers like the Optimum or Cammer?
  3. CCI MiniMags are 100% thus far in my little Fake Plastic M&P. I am also doing well with Aquila HV in my ACE, even though it is not going to be 100% with anything, just not in the nature of the floating chamber guns. "Minimum match chambers" (actually undersize) are the bane of the shooting games.
  4. I think that would be reasonable for ENHANCED Service Pistol and CUSTOM Defensive Pistol. On the other hand, I think STOCK Service Pistol should be held a lot closer to box stock. Calling a 1.5 lb trigger on a Glock "stock" is absurd.
  5. When IDPA was founded, the ten round limit was THE LAW all over the country. During the AWB 1994-2004, an American Commoner was not permitted to buy a new magazine larger than 10 rounds. We may debate the sense of staying with a rule based on an expired government restriction, but not its original rationale. There is an outlaw match near here with a different approach. Load full up, but you still have to reload sometime during any stage longer than 10 shots. And stages run longer than IDPA, although not as long as a big USPSA field course.
  6. My ESPs are 1911 based and will not hold 15 rounds. I use aluminum mag wells to keep weight down.
  7. Jaeger makes a single spring rod they SAY is acceptable. No separate "slide insert". http://jagerproducts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35&products_id=91
  8. Not really relevant, but amusing; the "bull barrel" was originally heavier than the "heavy barrel" in Winchester Model 70 Target parlance. The gun mutations are so wild that a lot of this trivial stuff could and should be dropped. If I were the barrel czar: A gun of bushing design must retain the bushing. Sorry, Wilson Tactical Elitists. If it didn't start out with a bushing, barrel diameter is free.
  9. Did the gunsmith use a "sonicator?" We may have a clue here. Power tools are not always The Answer.
  10. I can't say. I taper crimp such ungrooved bullets. You might try a light roll crimp and find out.
  11. I think that when a powder tops out below SAAMI MAP, it is because it is not very consistent in that application and the statistical massaging they do would put it over the MPSM or MPLM.
  12. 1. He is in California and does not have the choice in guns (and frames) that we do. 2. He has already said that he would be putting a different slide on his existing California roster frame, and you were the one who recommended he SAY he had changed the frame, not the slide because "sometimes the rules are just stupid." So what do you call doing one thing and saying you did another?
  13. Hard to be convincing with that lie when you live in California. If you want to shuffle parts, just shoot ESP. Not like there is a lot of difference in scores any more.
  14. Sounds to me like he is proposing to replace the slide on an existing frame. Not allowed in SSP.
  15. Been kicked around somewhere else and concluded to not be "notch and post."