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  1. Been kicked around somewhere else and concluded to not be "notch and post."
  2. I would consider that if it would not function with 10 in the magazine, that it was a 9 shot gun, Some SOs might not agree. Could you get one 9 shot magazine to establish that as the capacity?
  3. How are you - anybody - liking that JP? A friend is shopping and the few others we see on the range here do not inspire confidence. Not to mention what I read about "musical buffers" and "revolving bolts" in search of something that will Just Work.
  4. Ha ha When I pass a vision barrer and "discover" a target, I usually open fire on it as soon as I can see the whole target. The hotshots may start shooting as soon as they can see Zero.
  5. No fault line, no cover, no exposure. Sounds like you would have to go past the vision barrier shooting on the move.
  6. I like the downrange camera. Backs of people's heads is boring, hatcams make me seasick after a few.
  7. If you are behind the fault line you are in "cover" and can do as you please. Complete the reload and shoot, in this case.
  8. Exposed: I say: In view of target(s) AND on the wrong side of the fault line. I would add in view of the front face of target(s) at a safe shooting angle.
  9. Early on there was some gaming to schedule reloads by the number of rounds loaded. They banned that, so the geniuses started carrying different sizes of magazine. Then that was blocked. Once upon a time, you could be penalized for "round dumping." I still think they instituted the "flat footed reload" to punish us for complaining about the bogus BS round dumping penalty.
  10. I have done a few. If the travel is long enough, it seems worth it. I don't see dumping more than one shot to set up a slidelock reload.
  11. Bet it will fit. Adds a little weight, if your 9mm has the usual .580" barrel, and maybe a FLGR, you could be pushing the weight limit. I saw a guy giving the SO and MD a piece of his mind, and determined to complain to Les Baer for selling him an overweight gun. Not mentioning that he had accessorized it over the then 41 oz limit. I had to use cheap plastic backed rubber grips instead of my preferred steel backed Pachmayrs to make weight in CDP because my FLG likes FLGRs.
  12. I call it "Ask permission to unload through the muzzle." Kind of like the baseball batter does not call time out, he requests the umpire to call time out.
  13. If I were the SSP Czar, I would apply the IPSC Production 5 lb first shot trigger pull limit. I would allow tape anywhere any amount, cover it up if you like. Stippling, zero, zip, nada, what part of NONE do you not understand? Otherwise: SSP Permitted Modifications (Inclusive list): A. Sights may be changed to another NON OPTIC type. Slides may not be machined to accept different style sights. B. Grips may be changed to another style or material that is similar to factory configuration and do not weigh more than 2.00 oz. more than the factory standard weight for that model. C. Magazine releases, slide stops, safety levers, de-cocking levers, hammers, and triggers, that are stock on one SSP legal firearm may be used on another SSP legal firearm from the same manufacturer provided they are drop in replacements. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Special parts that are available installed only from a factory custom shop are not eligible in SSP. D. Recoil spring guide rods and dual spring recoil systems made of material that is no heavier than stainless steel. E. Frames may be replaced with identical frames from the same manufacturer. F. A slip-on grip sock and/or grip tape, skateboard tape, etc. may be used. G. Internal action work may be used to enhance trigger pull as long as safety is maintained (no visible external modifications allowed). FIVE LB FIRST SHOT MINIMUM. H. Internal reliability work. I. Aftermarket extractors and pins may be used. J. Internal accuracy work. K. Replacement of barrel with one of factory configuration that uses the original cartridge. L. Plastic plugs may be used to fill the opening behind the magazine well. M. Custom finishes may be applied. N. Stock slide cover plates may be refinished. O. Slides may be engraved. Engraving is defined as etching into the slide of logos, letters, and graphics no deeper than the original factory logos. P. Stippling and texturing may be performed on readily replaceable parts of the grip frame such as replaceable back straps and replaceable grip panels. Q. Aftermarket magazines may be used provided they do not weigh more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. R. Aftermarket magazine base pads may be used provided they do not make the magazine weight more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. S. Magazine base pads may be modified by reshaping, texturing, or adding bumper pads provided that they do not make the magazine weigh more than 1.00 oz. over the same capacity factory magazine. T. Magazines that are longer than stock may be used provided they meet all other division requirements.
  14. My Colt 1991A1 9mm is pretty picky about bullet shape. It is not reliable with truncated cone, flatpoints, or even blunt roundnose. Rather than grind on the ramps, I just feed it the rather pointy plated Xtreme bullets. Trial boxes of Bayou coated 124 gr RN and Magnus 147 gr FMJ are doing well so far. It was great when I could get Hornady 147 gr BTRN "blems" cheaply but the blemishes got worse and the price got higher, so I tried other brands.
  15. It is now a three match rule before you can be required to join. There is only one place around here that enforces it and that because they are frequently booked up and requiring a member number to preregister lets them have an objective basis for limiting entries to what the range can handle. I think the NRA practice of Unclassified = Master would give the more serious new shooters incentive to join and classify.