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  1. NPR1 OR NPR2 Nightforce 56 MM 4-22 is great, using on a Savage 101 308 for F-TR. Works for me. Ordered through Sport Optics. Around 2K. Mike
  2. He is right, here it copied and pasted Mike: The two board-approved rulings increasing distance from the belt for all USPSA Handgun divisions have been moved from “released” status to “held”. They will not be in effect until they have been marked as “released”. This is due to a conflict with the USPSA bylaws which prescribe that division rule changes can only be made every two years. In September of 2014, the USPSA BOD approved .357 Sig for Major power factor in Limited and L10 Divisions, effective January 2015 (Appendices D2 and D3, #5).
  3. I use a case gauge, not the barrel. Found it is truer using a case gauge. IMVHO Mike
  4. Have been shooting SS for about 30 years. It comes down to shoot major. I like SWC 200 gr with a good powder behind it like HP-38, WW 231 or Clays. Shooting SS vs Rev the only real difference is the equipment. I use Wilson EMT or 47D magazines (also use them for my EDC). As long as the pistol runs, you can work on the accuracy and relearn your timing. IMVHO Mike
  5. Been there done that. Take a breath. Email MBX and explain what's going on. They will take care of it. Have found I have to down load magazines by one round so I can seat magazines on COF's But am shooting a STI Edge 45 ACP. The MBX's hold 18 rounds but have to slam them hard into the pistol. So I start off with 18 plus 1 then as I reload, use 17 round magazines. IMVHO Mike
  6. You may find if you bring your OAL to 1.245-1.25 the SWC will feed in the Colt. I use HP-38 or WW231 for a Bayou Bullet that is coated. Very seldom do I have a FTF. But I case gauge each round. Drop in drop out. Or I use Clays, not a lot of smoke if at all and barrel stays very clean with either powder. IMVHO Mike
  7. Using 5.3 gr HP-38 with a Bayou Bullet 200 gr SWC. Runs at 870 fps good USPSA load. OAL is 1.245-1.250. Mike
  8. It is faster to move and drop mag and reload IMVHO Mike
  9. Nothing wrong with HP-38. It is Win 231 in another name. 231 has been around along time. So you can use the same reload data. The 147gr and 160gr will be the softer shooting and easier to make minor without a lot of powder. Just start at the bottom and work up to a load that is comfortable for you to shoot, control, accurate, etc. If you were going to use jacketed bullets, SOLO 1000 is a good 9mm powder also. Good luck, keep your powder dry and shoot small, miss small. Mike
  10. Saw this on Facebook. Do not know if I should have put here, but it is a start. I have seen this quite a bit in the last few years. Have shot USPSA for 30 years. Have shot IDPA for at least 15 years. So I know this is a definite problem all over the county. But Mr. Rob Cook has a very good point. The young bloods up and coming need to be able to give back to the sport. Do not know if this should happen, but if anyone is near this club and can help, please let Mr. Cook you will help out. Would not want to see a club die on the vine because someone will not help just want to shoot. IMVHO Thanks, Mike
  11. How about an old 450B? Do you have a lite kit for it? Mike
  12. I have two 450B Dillon Presses that I have had since 1986. I prefer the Dillon for loading 9mm and 45 ACP. I can crank out about 400 rounds an hour. The newer 550 press you should be about to do that and maybe a little more 500-550/hour. Do not know anything about Lee or any other press except a RCBS rock chucker single stage I use for rifle. Dillon has a no B/S warranty policy. If it breaks, they replace it at N/C No questions Asked even if you are the second or third owner. Great company to deal with. IMVHO you can't go wrong with a Dillon 550 or 650. Cost wise look at the 550B. Thanks, Mike
  13. I usually do not use the PLUNK Test, I use a case gauge and find it is a go no go works great. You may have not enough crimp on it also maybe too short. IMVHO Mike