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  1. Wrote to Troy at USPSA, waiting on an answer. It's just that these holsters have a good design, just poorly used. People make mistakes and when they do, it hurts them and others. I know the shooting sports can be dangerous, depends on the shooter. Have seen a lot of scary ones shooting competition over the last 30 years. Mike
  2. I only wanted the USPSA ruling on this. Which I think has been brought out 5.2.6 USPSA Handgun matches Did not want a lot of opinions as to what "I" think. I see a lot of these holsters out there with the mechanism disabled. No worries guys. Thanks, Mike
  3. no I completely understand. Waiting on an official answer from USPSA. Thanks Mike
  4. Here it is: 5.2.6 USPSA Handgun matches will not require the use of a particular type or brand of holster. However, the Range Master may deem that a com-petitor’s holster is unsafe and order that it be improved to his satisfac-tion, failing which it must be withdrawn from the match. Divisions may restrict a specific type of holster. So it is up to the Range Master to determine if it is unsafe or not. Thanks guys. Mike
  5. So there is no real rule in USPSA banning this holster. If the individual club says to disengage it is on them(the club) or on the shooter for disabling the trigger release. We are not talking about IDPA here. Thanks for the input. Mike
  6. What is the real ruling on using these Serpa Holsters with the Trigger lock that needs to be depressed to draw the weapon. I have seen a few of these holsters where the shooter deactivates the release so you just draw and do not depress it to release the weapon. I would think that if there is a mechanism on a holster or magazine pouch that has a strap on it is supposed to be used. Just would like some insight on this issue. Thanks Mike
  7. Are the mags full to capacity? From FullMetalJacket yes they are. 18 +1. Also it will happen with 16-17 +1 in the throat. Mike
  8. Any match handbook or COF's posted yet? Thanks, Mike
  9. Anybody having issues with the MBX 18 round 45 ACP magazines. I really have to slam them into the gun to lock in place. Sometimes I need to slam it in 2-3 times to seat the magazine. I believe they are 141.25 mm in length. Help if you can. Thanks Mike
  10. Depends on the OAL. In my 5" 1911 5.3-5.4 gives me a 172.5 pf for USPSA. OAL is 1.245-1.250. Mike
  11. Can use Winchester 231 or HP-38. Either powder 5.2 grains OAL 1.245-1.250 also check your taper crimp, .466-.468. Should run like crap through a goose. IMVHO. Mike
  12. I use 5 mags. The one in my front pocket I load, then drop mag and insert 1 round to top off. Have a pouch on my belt with 3 rounds on it to top off my first mag. Been doing that for years. Works for me IMVHO. Mike
  13. All I am saying is if it is a high primer, it goes in my practice box. Will not use for a match. Will not try to reseat a completed round. Mike
  14. Have a 450B which I have converted to a 550B with the auto primer feeder and the auto powder feeder. Had an issue of the primers not seating all the way, High primer. Got a shim plate from Dillion and set it under the primer feeder also brought the shell plate down just a little and brought the sizing primer die down a bit. Problem went away. If the cartiage is complete I will not try to reseat the primer. IMVHO, that is just asking for Murphy's Law to rise it's ugly head. You can call Dillion and explain your problem and they can walk you through it to help fix your problem. Thanks Mike
  15. IMVHO: The competitor has a 3 ft radius from his feet for holstering and unholstering. If you are concerned, as you have a right to be, have the MD get involved as you have and in addition to that, have the shooter show you a draw in the safe area to check to make sure they(the shooter) will not sweep themselves or the RO. Have been doing this a very long time (1st match was in 1986), so I understand your concern. Sometimes you can only bring a horse to water, not make them drink. Stay strong and thank you for your help on the range. Mike